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Author's profile photo Simona Marincei

2111 release of Intelligent Automation for SAP Business ByDesign includes Document Information Extraction at no extra cost

Yes, we did it again: for the benefit of our customers SAP Best Practices for Intelligent Automation for SAP Business ByDesign provides now full access to Document Information Extraction service at no extra costs. In release 21.09 of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, the Cloud Studio is integrating the Document Information Extraction from SAP AI Business Service in its automations to extract data from documents. You can find more information Additional Licensing Implication here.

As such we have redesigned bots that are using the Document Information Extraction service to use the IRPA incorporated version of the service, and we recommend updating the bot to the newest version to make full use of these feature advantages:

Don’t forget that Document Information Extraction from SAP AI Business Service is supporting the following languages and countries.



Two more hand free business cases:

And that’s not all, we have come again with two more hand free business cases for SAP Business ByDesign:

As you know Managing inventory levels across different sites and efficient purchase order creation are key tasks for any business. Although SAP Business ByDesign already supports the automatic creation of stock transfer proposals based on a demand situation or target inventory levels, this might not be sufficient to reflect all aspects of the supply chain.

What about stock transfer requirements that are determined outside of the SAP Business ByDesign system? They need to be entered manually!

To reduce the manual and time-consuming task, users can now easily store their stock transfer demand in an Excel and use the new Automated Stock Transfer Order bot.

Likewise, as customers also need to manually create purchase orders. So, instead of a manual upload, users can now use the new Automated Purchase Order Upload bot that automatically picks the excel file and creates purchase orders in SAP Business ByDesign.


How to start?

You may like to visit our previous blog or take a look on our SAP Help Page. Especially due to your questions and feedback we have improved our Provisioning for IRPA documentation (including a new chapter dedicated to IAS provisioning) and the FAQ page.


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      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel









      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne

      Do I have to train the document extraction service to correctly identify the purchase orders. I've tried five different types of PO and the sales order is created but no materials found and no account found either. The logs show that no account or materials are found and all the pre-requists bots / communication arrangements are working. Am I missing a step to train the DOX service to correctly map the Purchase orders?

      Author's profile photo Simona Marincei
      Simona Marincei
      Blog Post Author

      For the account ID have you run first the Mater data enrichment bot? It is described in the documentation as mandatory step for the proper Account ID identification. On the product side we have no enrichment yet so we are working only with the scanned Product Name and Product ID from the PO which need to be same with what you have in your ByD system. If they are not you have the option to set the bot to create the product as a free text item and then you can correct it alone. Also for testing take care to set the Confidence level to minimum to see what values are really extracted from DOX (good or bad in the testing you want to have them).

      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne

      The only thing else to try was lowering the confidence level to zero and it still created the sales order as above.  I have also ran it a second time with an alternative PO and then I get errors in the log. I have noticed this a few times during testing any ideas?



      Error log



      Author's profile photo Simona Marincei
      Simona Marincei
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Richard, I believe you should open a ticket. From what I see in the log you have 2 problems:

      1. the product description returned by DOX is not existing in your database. If you have accepted the creation of a free text material you should see both the scanned material name and ID and compare it with your list of products in DB. This will show you if there is an bad scanning or if indeed the material is not existing.
      2. there is a ODATA call error which need to be investigate. I can't really say why your ODATA call is failing (that'S not related with the bot that's may be related with the setting and the use of OData for your ByD service.

      I hope this help, if not please open a ticket.

      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne

      No problem Simona all part of learning and testing. Thanks for this 🙂

      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne

      Automated STO Update

      Please ensure that a Folder named "STO" is created first in the ROOT directory with the subfolders as per the Tech spec (page 6) with out this folder the BOT cannot find the "ToBeProcessed" Folder. I debugged the BOT to discover this it looks like this step is missing from the tech spec. Happy Automating

      Author's profile photo Simona Marincei
      Simona Marincei
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for your feedback Richard. I'll look into this

      Author's profile photo Janarthanan Ramamoorthy
      Janarthanan Ramamoorthy

      My POD bot debug mode is not uploading any files into BYD System, The log status said no file uploaded.

      Any Idea how to resolve this

      Author's profile photo Sergio Fernandez
      Sergio Fernandez

      Hello Janarthanan,

      Thanks for sharing the message. As I can see from the 5th row in the log, the automation was not able to able to pick the file from the local folder.

      I would suggest checking the following steps:

      • Validate if the Config file is maintained pointing to the right folder(s) in the path specified, as example: ...\Proof of Delivery\MC9785\ToBeProcessed
      • Validate if you have the structure of Document type + company code + ToBeProcessed folder created

      You can also take a look at the technical specification and the video in Help SAP

      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne

      Supplier Invoice Upload - General Question

      I have noticed that when the extraction of documents has been ran, the Invoice PDFs files are extracted including any other documents and images. I have found that the company code folder starts to get very large and it appears that the upload to BYD actually stops uploading the supplier invoices. If I clear the non supplier invoice documents/images the bot when re ran will start uploading the PDFs again. Has anyone else experienced this?

      Author's profile photo Lluch Homs
      Lluch Homs

      Yes! We face the same.

      We have to "clean" this folder manually...

      Author's profile photo Richard Bourne
      Richard Bourne


      I have a solution to this. I copied the Automation into a new project and amended it to only move attachments with PDF extensions. I now have zero maintenance on the folder.