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Managing supply chain disruptions intelligently with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Disruptions are all over in the news

While listening to the news, reading articles, or looking at blog posts you can steadily follow severe stories about supply chain disruptions, from product shortages to supplier constraints, cargo ships delays, sudden demand spikes, logistics crunch, or even labor shortages and so on. Suddenly all people on the street know about the importance of the supply chain for their daily life and the Boardrooms and C-level executives recognize how crucial the supply chain function is for their business.

Nevertheless, the question remains for the Supply Flow Analysts and Supply Chain Planning experts: how can we best manage supply chain disruptions caused by the strong imbalance of (strong) demand and (short) supply?

How can SAP Supply Chain Control Tower help you in managing disruptions more smartly?

The goal for a company is to manage the impact of global disruption to achieve a resilient supply chain. Get visibility on one hand, but also understand the impact and respond faster to exceptions. In the end, combine insights with effective resolution and so achieve a cycle of detecting, analyzing, and acting upon disruptions. SAP Supply Chain Control Tower is based on the SAP Integrated Business Planning platform and has as such the advantage to get hold of all the planning data existing there. Additionally, you can take instant advantage of combining it with the capabilities of other IBP modules by leveraging needed planning algorithms, simulation and scenario capabilities, different SAP IBP apps, and so on. Besides that, you can navigate to other systems if needed for further insights and changes.

The SAP Supply Chain Control Tower delivers supply chain monitoring with intelligent visibility and options to smartly respond to supply chain alerts via guided resolutions and initiated actions. You can get intelligent insights and warnings on supply disruptions from alerts, analytics, and dashboards. It enables you to sense, identify, and manage critical issues efficiently through alerting functionality. Use best practice guidance with procedure playbooks linked to alerts. Ensure corrective actions and response through cause-and-effect analysis and what-if simulations along-side offered via other IBP capabilities including contextual navigation to other systems, if needed. Finally, you can collaborate with external supply chain partners by using a single business network like Ariba SCC integrated into SAP IBP to extend your planning and visibility process.

Key Capabilities of SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

  • Sophisticated alert management
    • Flexible Custom Alerts, with machine learning for outlier detection
    • Provide exception-based supply chain planning
  • Intelligent Visibility app
    • Geographic view of product networks with search and alert visibility. With Intelligent Visibility, you can visualize alerts, supply network lanes, embed analytics in SAP IBP, navigate to other SAP IBP areas or other systems, e. g. SAP S/4 HANA or SAP Digital Manufacturing, SAP TM, SAP LBN, etc.
    • Connect the dots a bit more aggregated holistically across domains
  • Procedure playbook app
    • Procedure playbooks help you to solve supply chain issues by documenting best practices and standardizing processes between different teams in the organization
    • Leverage resolution proposals smartly linked to alerts
  • Business Network Collaboration
    • Supply-side planning collaboration via Integration to Ariba SCC (Business Network)
    • The benefit of extending planning and visibility beyond the four walls

Use Case Examples for the Intelligent Visibility app

Let us have a look into five use case examples, how the Intelligent Visibility app provided by SAP Supply Chain Control Tower can help you in your business.

  1. Manage supply planning issues by connecting the dots via SAP IBP (Intelligent Visibility), SAP IBP Response & Supply, and SAP S/4 HANA System. Planners can identify alerts, impacted orders, and root causes for delays in a single view with navigation to the impacted order in SAP S/4 HANA or ECC System. This improves on-time delivery of customer orders and visualizes where problems occur in the supply chain.
  1. Navigate from SAP Integrated Business Planning to SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights while retaining the context. Monitor so the planned productivity and the quality of the product and the delivery with respect to the defined threshold of any specific time. Get more info on historical production – why is the production receipt so low?
  1. Integration from SAP IBP with SAP Enterprise Product Development for 3D visualization of products and locations. 3D visualization is an excellent way to see where the product fits into the finished good and evaluate how important is that if something goes wrong with the planning.
  1. Leverage Order execution visibility with SAP Logistics Business Network to gain extended insights into critical inbound shipments. Contextual navigation from SAP IBP to SAP Logistics Business Network Freight Collaboration and SAP Logistics Business Network Global Track and Trace provides you with insights into shipping statuses and disruptions that impact planned customer orders. Planners gain insights into the current transportation status for inbound shipments that potentially impact customer shipments and internal operations.
  1. Use Intelligent Visibility in SAP IBP to analyze the footprint calculated based on the production receipts of the long-term production plan multiplied by the footprint of the product / location. Provide visibility regarding greenhouse gas emissions for long-term production plan. Combine SAP Product Footprint Management with SAP S/4 HANA and SAP IBP.

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      Author's profile photo Malika Boubguel
      Malika Boubguel

      Thanks Volker! this is a good summary of the recent innovations we have been working on in the last couple of releases!