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Display Equipment Health in Dispatch and Monitoring app of Resource Orchestration in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

In this blog post, I would like to share detailed information on how SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud can be integrated with Shop Floor automation tags in order to display Equipment Health status in Dispatch and Monitoring of Resource Orchestration.


But first, let´s review a couple of concepts:

Resource Orchestration

Resource Orchestration is a cloud-based scheduling tool within SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution that enables production supervisors and shop floor controllers to control and monitor events on the shop floor. You use this application to schedule and dispatch operations to appropriate work centers, and resources for further processing on the shop floor. It provides immense flexibility to the shop floor supervisor to perform limited planning and scheduling of operations to effectively utilize the resources on the shop floor. This tool provides a complete overview about the load assignment of a resource on your shop floor. The production supervisor then allocates or deallocates the operations assigned to the resource based on various factors such as order priority, demand situation, resource availability, and so on.

The production supervisor can respond to the events on the shop floor at the earliest, by displaying the events that occur during the execution such as machine break down or in case of labor availability/unavailability.

The production supervisor can use this tool to plan labor schedules and resources in your shop floor more effectively and improve the shop floor more productivity.

Source: SAP Help Portal.

Dispatch and Monitoring

Use this app to monitor, schedule, and dispatch operations to resources on the shop floor.

This app provides a complete overview about the load assignment of a resource on your shop floor. The overview displays the workload information which includes dispatched and non dispatched operations.

Source: SAP Help Portal.

Health Indicator

Indicates the equipment health indicators mapped with the resource. The equipment health indicators are mapped to the resources in the Manage Resources app, under the Machine Model tab.

Source: SAP Help Portal.

Machine Model and Connectivity

Machine model acts as the digital twins of the physical world. Its entities represent machines, facilities, transportation or other physical means that enable shop floor processes. These entities are called Equipment objects in the machine model.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights uses the equipment object as it is implemented in SAP’s Asset Core component and enhances the functionality with a few manufacturing features.

With respect to SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, the equipment reflects all aspects of its physical counterpart which are necessary to describe and run shop floor processes.


Now that you know a little bit more about Resource Orchestration, Dispatch and Monitoring app, Health Indicator and Machine Model and Connectivity, let´s see how they can work together for Equipment Health status monitoring in Resource Orchestration.


Create Templates

In Templates app, create an Indicator named ‘Health’, an Indicator Group with ‘Health” Indicator inside, and an Equipment Template with the Indicator Group assigned.


Templates app


Create Health Indicator


Create Indicator Group


Click Edit and add Health Indicator


Create Equipment Template


Add the Indicator Group


Create Equipment Template with Indicator Group and Indicators


Create a new Equipment and Configure Health Indicator thresholds

In Equipment app, create a new equipment based on the Equipment Template previously created.


Create new Equipment based on Equipment Template


In Monitoring tab, select the ‘Health’ indicator and click Configure Indicator.


Configure Indicator


Configure Indicator details, including the Number of Thresholds, Max and Min values and Threshold Status including range, color and description.


Configure Indicator


Publish the Equipment and set Health value manually

Click Publish to publish the Equipment, then select ‘Health’ indicator and click New Manual Entry to set Health score value manually to a value in the Online / Green threshold like ’75’.


Publish Equipment and set Health score manually


Check Health Indicator is Green / Online.


Check Health Indicator is Green / Online


Assign Equipment to Resource

In Manage Resources app, at Machine Model section, assign the Equipment previously created to a given Resource and click Save.


Assign Equipment to Resource


Enable Display Asset Health display in Dispatching and Monitoring app

In Dispatch and Monitoring app, click Settings icon at top right corner.

In Scheduling tab, switch to ON the Display Asset Health option.


Enable Display Asset Health display in Dispatching and Monitoring app


Refresh Dispatching and Monitoring app and check Health column value as Online for the Resource which you assigned the Equipment with Health indicator attached.

You can click the Online Health Status to see Asset Health KPIs details, including the KPI Value you previously set manually in Equipment app.


Check Health Column for Resource


Update Health score to Warning

Back to Equipment app, Monitoring tab, select ‘Health’ indicator and click New Manual Entry again.

This time, set a lower value like ’35’, to match a different threshold like ‘Warning’.


Update Equipment Health score again


Refresh Dispatching and Monitoring app again, and check Health column value as Warning.


Check Health Column for Resource


Link Health Indicator to a Shop Floor Automation Tag

In Manage Equipment Connectivity app, Health Indicator can be mapped to a Data Source Tag of a Shop Floor System via a Service Provider using PCo, so the Health value is automatically read from Shop Floor Equipment in real time.


Link Health indicator to an automation Tag

In this blog post, you learned how to display Equipment / Resource Health status in Dispatch and Moniting app of Resource Orchestration in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

To enable that, you created required template objects, a new equipment, configured thresholds and enabled it in Dispatch and Monitoring settings.

Do you like this post? Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Or, if you have any questions, please check SAP Community Q&A Area, or comment down below.


Manoel Costa

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      Author's profile photo Rajavigneshwaran Ramakrishnan
      Rajavigneshwaran Ramakrishnan


      In the Scheduling tab, switch to ON the Display Asset Health option.

      [Vignesh] Display Asset Health option is not showing in the Dispatch Monitoring 2.0 app.


      Thanks & Regards



      Author's profile photo Sunita Sarkar
      Sunita Sarkar



      I am not able to add the Indicator as per the Indicator group in the Monitor Tab of Equipment app. Can you please let me know what I have missed and Which role is required for it.



      Thanks and regards,