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SAP Conversational AI November 2021 Release Highlights: iOS Mobile SDK, Tenant Security Headers & More

Hi SAP Community,

We are excited to share the newest features released in SAP Conversational AI as part of the November release, just in time for #SAPTechEd 2021!

Feature of the month ⭐️ Mobile iOS SDK

Enable easier and faster integration of SAP Conversational AI chatbots developed into your own iOS-native applications with our new mobile channel and new open-source mobile SDK for iOS! It provides an outstanding user experience, similar to the one provided by the SAP Conversational AI Web Client.

Watch the two demos below, read our documentation or listen to this podcast with one of our developers to get started!

Tenant Security Header (for Enterprise Edition Users Only)

Strengthen the security of your account! Tenant administrators have now the ability to set security headers for individual tenants. This helps to manage:

  • Content Security Policy: Control the domains where channels like Web client or other relevant channels can be framed.
  • Access Control Allow Origin: Control the domains which can perform cross-domain Ajax requests in web applications.

Read the documentation to learn how to set it up or watch this demo!

Runtime API

Ask a question to the chatbot with the new endpoint /ask!
/ask is a runtime API to interact for retrieving top answers from your chatbot.

Check Runtime API >

Bot Version Lifecycle Management Using APIs

Handle the version lifecycle activities using APIs and automate the bot delivery process! We provide three new API endpoints for managing bot versions that can allow the release administrator or bot developer to:

  • Create or fork the new version of a bot
  • Read the key details of all available versions of a bot
  • Delete the selected version of a bot

Read API docs >

New Languages for FAQ Documents

FAQ bots are getting smarter! They are now supported in additional languages. You can upload FAQ documents in Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian. You can also use the Runtime APIs /ask to interact with chatbots in newly supported languages.

Upload FAQ docs >


Save time by downloading more than 10,000 logs at one time! You can divide your logs per week or per month. You can also use the ruby script to automate the download of all of your logs.

Read NLP API docs >

Conversation Logs Management API

Retrieve the logs for a single conversation with the bot with a new endpoint!
As a bot owner or an organization admin, you need to authorize bot developers to use specific endpoints to enable the feature.

Go to your bot Settings > Danger Zone and select the second option under Authorize API Access. By default, this option is enabled for the existing bots, however, you need to select this checkbox for new bots created after the November release.

Learn how it works >

Deprecation: OAuth Tokens for API Calls

All API calls for bots created after February 2021 release now require OAuth tokens to be passed along with the bot tokens.

Read more >

Deprecation: Data Policy – End-User Type

The option to choose the type of end-users while creating an intent-based bot, has been removed as this setting is not evaluated by the platform and no additional processing is done by SAP Conversational AI.

There is more…

Stay up-to-date with additional improvements and deprecations by reading our changelog.

SAP TechEd 2021 is here! 🗓

Join thousands of developers, IT practitioners, and professionals on November 16–18 and sharpen your chatbot-building skills!
We are thrilled to offer dedicated sessions on SAP Conversational AI once again this year.

Register now >

Get started with SAP Conversational AI 💬

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      Author's profile photo Yasin N
      Yasin N

      Hi Paul

      Really great blog it will be very helpful for anyone want to engage more with SAP bots technology,

      is their any released SDK for Android?


      Author's profile photo Jean-Yves Guyomarc'h
      Jean-Yves Guyomarc'h

      Hi Yasin,

      Thx for the feedback! Nothing planned on the Android side for an SAP Conversational AI SDK.

      BR - Jean-Yves

      Author's profile photo Yasin N
      Yasin N


      Hi Jean,

      Noted with thanks.