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Introduction to the Live Session Series: SAP Commerce Cloud – System Administrator

On behalf of the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE Team, it is my pleasure to introduce you in this blog post to the live session series: SAP Commerce Cloud – System Administrator.


What is it about?

In this series, you will learn detailed knowledge of relevant system components and tools that are related to SAP Commerce Cloud’s infrastructure (aka. SAP Commerce Cloud in the public cloud, or SAP Commerce Cloud Version 2 / CCV2), architecture, installation, configuration, monitoring, development, integration, and data management.


Who is it for?

This live session series is intended for System Administrators or Dev-Ops Managers, who need to set up, install, configure, test, monitor and trouble-shoot SAP Commerce Cloud CCV2 Servers, as well as for IT Project Managers with the need of acquiring a broad range of information for maintaining Application Servers within SAP Commerce Cloud projects.


What does it offer?

The live session series consists of 4 days, with 2 hours on each day, Instructor led live sessions via SAP live class (e.g. zoom), with general introduction to the essential knowledge of SAP Commerce Cloud from the perspective of System/IT/Operations Administrators, as well as a lot of real-time demos of the introduced system and components.


  1. Day 1 session – Welcome Newcomers: introduces the functional scope of SAP Commerce Cloud (in Public Cloud), the different user web applications for customers and business users and the functional architecture as well as an overview of the key Enablement Resources.
  2. Day 2 session – Cloud Infrastructure and Portal: gives an introduction to the technical architecture of the cloud portal for SAP Commerce Cloud and shows how to operate the infrastructure and tools (cloud portal GUI) for the major administrator tasks.
  3. Day 3 session – Logging Monitoring and Developing: covers how to access the log traces for a Commerce Solution via Kibana and use them to find out problems or get alerts when a pattern appears; as well as how to use Dynatrace APM (application performance monitoring) to monitor the different components of your infrastructure.
  4. Day 4 session – Integrations and Data Management: talks about the different integration options and tools for SAP Commerce, and describes how to implement the data management operations and how to create and restore snapshots.


  • Questions & Answers will not be a strange word at all through out the live sessions.
  • Further resources/material are also provided at the end of the sessions for more in-depth self study.


How can you book it?

The live session is available on SAP Learning Hub. You will need to have a subscription in order to register for the live session there.

There are 2 ways to access to the registration page of this live sessions series (as well as the schedule of the next occurrences of the series):

  1. You can go to SAP Learning Hub, and search for “sap commerce administrator”, the series should be among the first results with the course code: LS_CE_COMMERCECLOUD_EN under “Learning Content”
  2. You can also use the direct link here, but please remember you need to be logged in on SAP Learning first to use the link: Live Sessions: SAP Commerce Cloud System Administrator.


Please Note

for better understanding the series’ content, it’s recommended to also attend the:

  • C4H33E SAP Commerce Cloud – System Administrator Online Training (former HY300e)

before or after the live session series.


Last But Not Least

If you want to know more or get informed with the update of the live session, please follow the blog post by clicking on the “follow” button on the left.

Thank you for reading! and see you next!

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      Author's profile photo Syed Aziz Haider
      Syed Aziz Haider

      Hi Cui, thanks for such informative sessions.

      I was wondering where I can find the presentations which you demonstrated during these sessions.

      P.S: since I am watching recordings, I was not able to follow the links which you might have shared during the sessions.

      Warm Regards

      Author's profile photo Samuel Yang
      Samuel Yang

      Hi Syed Aziz Haider

      Hope you already received the link to the presentations.

      Author's profile photo Syed Aziz Haider
      Syed Aziz Haider

      Thanks Samuel Yang . Yes I've got them 🙂

      Author's profile photo Victor Manuel García Fernández
      Victor Manuel García Fernández

      Could you please share me the link to the presentations?

      Author's profile photo Rahul Mukherjee
      Rahul Mukherjee

      Latest learning hub shows only 1 session (1 of 4) for all four days. Please check if its a wrong update from backend.

      Author's profile photo Cui Jian
      Cui Jian
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rahul,

      probably just a system error and it should be ok now, or?

      The live sessions for Q3 (July-September) are being registered only recently due to internal delay, should be all normal very soon.