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Author's profile photo Ansar Iqbal

Validate Vat Registration and Tax Number 1 for EU countries

Introduction: In this post, I will discuss how standard SAP can validate VAT registration code and Tax number 1 during business partner creation. Without a need to call VIES Website.

Business process overview: During SAP business partner creation I want to know if the Vat registration is accurate or not.

Problem: During Business Partner (BP) creation in SAP, by standard country config SAP will only check length of VAT and if the VAT starts with appropriate country code, for which it looks at tax category of business partner. Rather I want SAP to also check if VAT code is correct as well.

Below is the screen shot of current configuration of DE (Germany). Per this config SAP will make sure the VAT registration is exactly 13 character long by looking at checking rule.

If I try to create a business partner with a VAT registration code as DE000000000 (11 Characters) SAP will accept as this is all current configuration is tell SAP to do. See below screen shot no errors found.

I will now do configuration for Germany to have SAP check if the VAT registration code is accurate or not.

Configuration requirement:

SPRO –> General Settings –> Set Countries –> Set Country-Specific checks

Here I will select country code DE (Germany) and click on details

Here I will flag other data which is nothing but letting SAP start validating VAT and other tax numbers in SAP and SAVE.

Test: Now I will try to create Business Partner in SAP with VAT as DE000000000. Let’s see if SAP will allow it as this is not a valid VAT code.

Result SAP outputs a hard error stating that VAT is invalid.

Therefore, instead of building a web call to vies website I can do this simple config to validate VAT during Business Partner creation.


Happy learning!

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      Author's profile photo Julija Skapova
      Julija Skapova

      hi Ansar,

      does this switch also activate the check if the VAT Nubmer should be entered in the first place? Or does it just validate the entered number?




      Author's profile photo Ansar Iqbal
      Ansar Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      This validates VAT number format only. To activate if the VAT must be entered please follow field status variant for vendor account group.

      Author's profile photo Roger Lindelauf
      Roger Lindelauf

      Hi Ansar,

      The check you describe is a check to see if the structure of the VAT registration is correct (checking algorithms).

      In the EU however you need to ensure that the VAT ID is valid, existing, active and assigned to the correct BP. That is why you still would need to perform a VIES call.

      The SAP check is still insufficient



      Author's profile photo Ansar Iqbal
      Ansar Iqbal
      Blog Post Author

      You are right this doesn't make a call to VIES website. For that developer can help to build. I will update it.

      Thank you for this.

      Author's profile photo Sathish Palani
      Sathish Palani

      Is there any similar way to validate US Tax Number by making webservice call