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Product Information
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SAP Cloud for Customer – Docusign with BTP

DocuSign’s easy-to-use digital transaction platform lets users send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud.

DocuSign is the fastreliable way to electronically sign documents and agreements on practically any device from almost anywhere in the world. Whether you’re signing a school permission slip or a contract for your kitchen remodel, using DocuSign is so easy, you’ll never go back to paper.

Business Use Case

Used DocuSign across the sales organization to send customers order forms, contracts, NDAs, etc. It addressed the need to have valid digital signatures applied to a variety of legal documents. Also used DocuSign for internal employee documents such as stock option grants, onboarding documentation, quarterly bonus documentation, etc

  • Sales contracts
  • Vendor/supplier agreements
  • New customer forms
  • Change orders
  • Customer approvals
  • Employee onboarding
  • Intellectual property licensing & other legal agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits

  • Speed Things Up ⚡ With eSignatures and digital documents turnaround times are faster than ever
  • Increase Productivity 🔥
  • Better Employee Experience 👍
  • Improve Compliance ✅
  • Increase Security 🔐
  • Reduce Operational Expenses 💵


  • SAP Cloud for Customer
  • SAP BTP Cockpit
  • Cloud Identity Services

SAP BTP Cockpit


SAP Business Technology Environment & Services

The DocuSign CX Integration requires some services that you need to provide within your Global BTP Account

Service Plan Runtime  Environment
SAP HANA Cloud hana-td Cloud Foundry
SAP HANA Schemas & HDI Containers hdi-shared Cloud Foundry
Destination lite Cloud Foundry
Connectivity lite Cloud Foundry
Authorization & Trust Management application Cloud Foundry
Authorization & Trust Management apiaccess Cloud Foundry

Shared Services

The DocuSign CX Integration requires some services that you need to provide within your Global BTP Account. We suggest to set them up in a separate sub account

  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • Cloud Identity Services (alternatively any other corporate identity provider will work)

DocuSign CX Integration

 BTP Pre requisites 

  • Create subaccount
  • Enable Cloud Foundry environment
  • Create Space
  • Add Quotas to Subaccounts
  • Go to your global account -> Entitlements -> Entity Assignments
  • Configure Entitlements à Add Service Plans
    • Cloud Foundry Runtime
    • SAP HANA Schemas & HDI Containers
    • SAP HANA Service
  • Share Database with Space
  • Create mapping: choose the org and space you want to share the database with
    • Add Service Instance: Go to your Sub Account -> Services -> Instances



  • Allow your SAP Sales Cloud Domain to embed the login page in an iframe via POSTMAN


  • SAP Sales Cloud Single Sign-On
  • OAuth 0 Client
  • Configure OAuth Identity Provider in SAP Cloud for Customer
  • Configure the OAuth Client for OData Access
  • Prepare DocuSign Account Integration using MTA extension
  • Deploy DocuSign Integration (i.e Deploy MTA & Deploy mtaext)
  • SAP BTP Trust Configuration
  • DocuSign Integration
    • Maintain Redirect URIs
  • DocuSign Admin UI
  • Create Mashup

C4C Flow

  1. Login to C4C
  2. Create Mashup for SalesQuote(administration-> Mashup Authoring)

     3.Goto Sales Quote –> Add above mashup  and Click on New Envelope

     4.Goto attachments tab – > Please add document that to be signed

     5.Please click on create button

     6..Click on send

    7.Login to Gmail

    8 click on Review Document

   9 click on finish


  10. Different status from docusign ,that are received back from DocuSign

11.Goto Attachments tab to see the certificates file had attached


Conclusion: We had Integrated the C4C with DocuSign BTP



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      Author's profile photo Andrey Vishnevskiy
      Andrey Vishnevskiy

      Looks like a marketing material to me. With 0 details.

      What is "DocuSign CX Integration"? How can we get it or where do we find the source code? What is the purpose of HANA Cloud here?

      Author's profile photo Mike Yang
      Mike Yang

      Great introduction to DocuSign and overview of the CX Integration (aka SAP Signature Management by DocuSign 3.0, add-on for C/4HANA solutions). Thanks for posting it!

      Author's profile photo Marius Maier
      Marius Maier

      Thanks for this interesting post. I was able to deploy the app and get it almost running - there is an OK documentation in the Service Marketplace/ Perhaps you can answer 2 Questions.

      1. I deployed the app (1.0.8, provided by Mike Yang, hope this is the latest version, the one in the service marketplace is not working!), I expected that the destinations in BTP (mentioned in the config file) should have been created - It seems not. Is this the usual behaviour? Could you please post a picture of the destinations that have been created in your environment?I created the destination to C4C (to the oauthsaml client) manually.
      2. The app is not loading any envelopes (though I created some drafts), and the buttons are greyed out. So I assume this is related with the BTP -> C4 Destination, do you have an idea how to fix this? Is there some troubleshooting info?

      Thanks, Marius


      buttons greyed out

      Author's profile photo Pvsb prasad k
      Pvsb prasad k
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Marius,

      I also worked with Mike Yang 🙂 to integrate this application in my environment.

      Please check the following.

      1.Docusign -> Is this set for prod env or demo env

      2.make sure the same had set in C4C Admin Config can check the logs in BTP destination





      Author's profile photo Michael Gawlik
      Michael Gawlik

      I have embedded the mashup in the Contract Object, but I am not allowed to add recipients manually. Tried to find a setting "Allow to add recipient manually" for contract envelopes in the Admin Mashup, which is similair to the one for quote envelopes.

      But my admin mashup only shows settings for "General Account Settings" and "Envelopes for Sales Quotes". There seem to be no filters set for the settings. How can I activate the settings for Contract Envelopes and other objects?

      By the way, how can one get the version 1.0.8 which is mentioned in a comment above? I only have the version 1.0.0 from the SAP downloads.

      Author's profile photo Pvsb prasad k
      Pvsb prasad k
      Blog Post Author

      As per my knowledge this integration exists only quote. DocuSign for Contract is not available as of now