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Configuration: Leverage Deeplinks with SAP Mobile Start for a Great Mobile User Experience with SAP SuccessFactors

Hi everyone,

My colleague Dennis Koehler recently shared with you how you can add native apps to your content in the SAP Mobile Start app. Now, I would like to introduce how you can leverage deeplinks to seamlessly integrate native apps into SAP Mobile Start.

Deeplinks allow you to open native apps on a specific screen instead of the general start screen of an app. This improve the overall user experience and eliminates unnecessary steps because the deeplink helps the user to directly get to the right context. The called app needs to supports deeplinks – otherwise it won’t work, unfortunately.

Other than that, it’s very easy to leverage deeplinks. Take the deeplinks provided by SuccessFactors for example. All supported deeplinks for SAP SuccessFactors mobile can be found in the SAP Help Portal. The deeplinks have a common structure, whereas the last section provides the navigation target: bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=TARGET

Here some examples, don’t forget to check the SAP Help Portal page for all options:

Deep Link URL Mobile Application Page Description
bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=launchApp For iOS, the most left side tab menu page. For Android, the Home screen. Launches to the Mobile app screen.
bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=teamSpace The Team screen Shows the Team tab (menu) if available.
bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=goals The Goals screen Shows the Objectives screen.
bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=profile  Profile screen Shows the logged in user’s profile screen.
bizx://?urlType=deeplink&deeplinkType=orgChart Org Chart Shows the Org Chart.

When you open the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app from SAP Mobile Start without using a deeplink, it opens the regular start screen by default. Here’s how you can get to the “OrgChart View” with only one click, simply by applying a deeplink.

It only takes three steps!

  • Create a native app entry in the Content Manger of the SAP Launchpad service site m If you are not sure how to do this, have a look at this blog
  • In the properties tab, enter the deeplink into the URL to Launch App field and save.


Sitemanager – Content Manager


  • Tap on the My Org Chart tile in SAP Mobile Start. It now automatically navigates to the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile OrgChart screen.


Opening Org Chart of SuccessFactors App from SAP Mobile Start

Tip for pros: You can also provide several tiles in SAP Mobile Start that point to different targets of the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app. Like that, you can establish one tile targeting the My Org Chart, one targeting the general page, and one that navigates to the Profile. This will help user to navigate directly to the needed screen within the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app.

Easy as that – native tiles with deeplinks in SAP Mobile Start! 😊
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