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Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec

Proration and Number Formats in Variable Pay

In this recording we look at the importance of having decimals on key Number Formats in Variable Pay (defPercentage, defProration, defMoney…) by using the example of the Proration standard field always showing at 100% even though the employee’s start date and end date for the assignment are less than 100%.



Please find below a screenshot of the recommended Number Formats in Variable Pay for the Business Goal section and the Assignment Details. Having #,##0.00## on fields showing Weights is important in case the goal weights loaded by customers have decimals.



Finally please find below the explanation of the calculation of the Proration % in Variable Pay which can also be downloaded here.



All the best,

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      Author's profile photo Ritanshi Bansal
      Ritanshi Bansal

      Thanks for Nice Blog Xavier. Very userful!


      Can you pl let me know how to stop proration for bonus target amount in case employee is in LOA status?




      Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec
      Xavier Le Garrec
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ritanshi Bansal

      If you want to stop proration for employees on LOA you just need to make sure that the Main Record Rule (inclusion rule) on the template doesn't specifically exclude LOA records.

      If you are unsure where to find the main record rule please watch #1 of this blog :

      All the best



      Author's profile photo swagatika panda
      swagatika panda

      Hi Xavier Le Garrec

      Thank for the blog.

      I have a query. Is there any upper limit for number of decimals that we can use in VP/Comp? Recently I got a requirement to have 6 decimals for Proration%, I am yet to configure it.




      Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec
      Xavier Le Garrec
      Blog Post Author

      Hi swagatika panda

      In Variable Pay you can define an unlimited number of Number formats with as many decimals as you want and apply a different one for each field including the Proration one.

      In Compensation it's a little bit different, there is only one format that can be applied to the Proration standard column which is the one below (defProrationFormat) so you would need to add 6 decimals there.


      All the best