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Devtoberfest 2021: Looking Back on Week 5 and Forward to Week 6

This is a summary of Devtoberfest week 5 and a preview of the final phase before SAP TechEd 2021 begins – the frontend week.

Week 5 “Data && Analytics” Recap

Times were never more exciting for developers working with data. Data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers all have an essential role in building Enterprise Data Landscape using SAP technologies today and tomorrow – and this week was dedicated to them.

The week was packed with engaging meet-the-author sessions of best-selling data and analytics books, an ask-the-expert session, and presentations about various topics such as data science, enterprise data landscapes, and the development of data visualization. Of course, there were tutorials to complete and a coding challenge to earn points for the contest. Last but not least, the week closed with two Fun Friday sessions focusing on HOW to teach kids coding (first and second session).


Devtoberfest – Week 5: Data and Analytics – Coding Challenge

Looking Ahead to Week 6

The frontend is the only project component that your business users will ever interact with directly. Consequently, its implementation will shape the first impression of your project – So make it count!

In this topic week, we look at some general topics that impact your frontend. Each session will focus on upcoming industry trends and relate SAP’s frameworks and services to its developer ecosystem. As this topic area to so incredibly wide, we’ll concentrate on web-based frontends. This also avoids certain limitations on the development requirements that would come with native application development.


I’ll kick off the week on Monday with some general tips on how you can measure AND IMPROVE the performance of your web apps – and with this session, I’ll also open the coding challenge of the week.

Then, we’ll have two sessions on Tuesday. One is about Microfrontends and the other about GraphQL. Both sessions will cover what these buzzwords are and what you can do with them in your everyday job.


On Thursday, Filip will open the European day with a session about the Web Components standard and how to build your own web Components – similar to what SAP did with UI5 Web Components.

Speaking of which, in case you use the UI5 Web Components for React, you don’t want to miss Michelle’s presentation later that Thursday. She will introduce you to popular libraries that help you to do proper state management in React-based apps.


Coding Challenge

This challenge is about web app performance optimization. The basis is a web application that displays all current services available on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have the best loading performance. The Lighthouse performance score is way below 10 out of 100. Luckily, this is not the fault of the framework used but happened due to a bad implementation and disregard of common best practices. It’s up to you to fix this web application and to push the performance score above 70.

The first session on Monday will cover this topic and introduce you to the submission process of this challenge. Therefore, the link to this challenge won’t work until Monday morning (9 am CET time).


Devtoberfest 2021 Frontend Week Coding Challenge (the link won’t work before Monday)


Make sure to have a look at the points earning activities before we close the contest on Friday!

As a reminder: All tutorials that you can complete to earn points, including the ones of previous weeks, can be found on our GitHub page.

Fun Friday Activity

Our last Fun Friday Activity will mainly be hosted by Kevin Muessig and me, but you can also expect other developer advocates to have cameo appearances 🙂.

For this event, we’ll test your knowledge about (SAP) technology and the content we covered during this Devtoberfest. So it might make sense to review sessions you have missed so far before joining either one of the pub quiz sessions. We hope that anyone interested can find one session that they can fit into their schedule.

I’m very much looking forward to this upcoming week, and I hope to interact with you in the YouTube chat, on Twitter, GitHub, or anywhere else on the internet 🌍.

I’m very much looking forward to this upcoming week and I hope to interact with you in the YouTube chat, on Twitter, GitHub or anywhere else on the internet 🌍.

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