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Author's profile photo Iver van de Zand

SAP Analytics Cloud – Criticial Capabilities and Features

SAP Analytics Cloud is SAP’s flagship end-to-end analytics product. It is unique by combining Planning, Business Intelligence and Predictive capabilities in one, cloud driven tool.

Critical Capabilities and Features

In this video – created in October 2021 – we demonstrate the critical capabilities and features of SAP Analytics Cloud focused around a number of specific areas. We touch on Augmented Analytics, Analytics Catalog, Collaboration, Modeling, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Reporting.

But there is more; this same video also shows the interoperability with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Data Intelligence.

Bookmarks to specific product functionality

The video is a full 60 minutes but you can directly skip to the area of your interest using the bookmarks. Use the bookmarks below to skip to a specific feature.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:12 Smart Discovery
  • 04:19 Smart Insights
  • 06:18 Data Change Insights
  • 06:43 Smart Grouping
  • 07:22 Forecasting/Smart Predict
  • 14:20 Search to Insight / NLQ
  • 17:43 Content Catalog
  • 21:04 Commenting and Collaboration
  • 22:59 Performance Monitoring
  • 25:33 Lifecycle Management
  • 28:03 End-User Promotion
  • 29:23 Watermark
  • 30:22 Blending
  • 32:13 Wrangling
  • 34:43 Public Dimensions
  • 35:20 New Model
  • 37:04 SAP HANA Data Anonymization
  • 39:12 SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Connectivity and Modelling
  • 42:12 SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Intelligent Lookup
  • 44:08 SAP Data Intelligence Data Preparation
  • 45:52 Data Visualization
  • 46:21 SAP Digital Boardroom
  • 47:00 Visualization Interactivity
  • 49:48 Visualization Extensions
  • 51:05 GEO Capabilities
  • 53:15 Custom Widgets
  • 54:06 SVG Usage and Infographics
  • 54:56 Reporting and Pagination
  • 56:02 Report Export
  • 56:31 Prompts and Variables
  • 57:59 Report Scheduling



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      Author's profile photo Aleksey Salinin
      Aleksey Salinin

      Iver van de Zand thanks for video!

      Is the Watermarks functionality available in the Q4 2021 release?

      Author's profile photo Nick Verhoeven
      Nick Verhoeven

      Sure is, see:

      Author's profile photo Aleksey Salinin
      Aleksey Salinin

      Nick Verhoeven  mean Text Team Signature?

      Author's profile photo Nick Verhoeven
      Nick Verhoeven

      Yes 🙂

      Author's profile photo Isabelle Thore
      Isabelle Thore

      Iver van de Zand Nick Verhoeven Just to be clear, is this only for SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise, or all the functionality available with SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded edition? Malavikha A

      Author's profile photo Nick Verhoeven
      Nick Verhoeven

      Hi Isabelle, the features depicted are all based on the enterprise version of SAC. Some are also available in embedded, but that would be system dependant.