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AMC for SAP ASE – Workload Analyzer Functionality

Prepare yourself for SAP TechEd 2021 and start learning today. This is a blog post series about the new and innovative Administration and Management Console (AMC) for the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 (SAP ASE) database. Stay tuned for one new blog post about AMC every week until SAP TechEd starts.

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The Workload Analyzer option for SAP ASE 16.0 allows you to capture, analyze, and replay a production workload non-disruptively. You can then use the captured workload to diagnose problems, and understand and manage configuration changes.

Workload Analyzer also allows you to replay captured workloads to measure and analyze application performance under different conditions.

Use the Workload Analyzer option to:

  • Identify problematic queries, such as queries with a long response time.
  • Identify client activity patterns, such as the number of requests per IP address.
  • Measure the performance of captured workloads in different server configurations.
  • Compare query and overall workload performance between different server configurations.
  • Evaluate database upgrades and understand the benefits from new options.
  • Diagnose product problems by replaying functionality in a controlled environment.
  • Pinpoint potential issues such as why certain queries are running slowly.
  • Determine the longest running query.
  • Test new features and run them against a captured workload to verify performance.
  • Capture the workload on the target server that is running the replay to compare performance against its original replay.

The following diagram illustrates a general workflow for workload capture, analysis and replay:

You can use the graphical UI from AMC or the wlacliutil command line utility to use the Workload Analyzer functionality. In this blog post we want to see how it works with AMC.

You will find the Workload Analyzer functionality in the ‘Configuration’ path on the left.

When this module is starting up it will check, if your SAP ASE license includes the Workload Analyzer option, if the SA/SSO role is assigned to your user and if the installation is complete.

Next step: Connect the Workload Analyzer to the repository server to enable capture, replay and compare operations. You will see a positive feedback, when the repository server is connected.

We have implemented a wizard, which will guide you through the process to start a capture and to analyse your capture files. This includes the following steps:

  1. Enter Capture Name & Comments
  2. Enter Capture Configuration Parameters
  3. Confirm & Submit Capture

As part of the preparation you need to specify some parameters:

  • Enter the file directory path to save our PCAP files.
  • Specify:
    • Capture File Size (MB)
    • Threshhold Time (seconds)
    • Overhead Percentage (%)
    • Capture Time Limit (seconds)

Review the details you entered and click on the ‘Submit’ button to start the capture process.

Finally you can use the ‘Start Analysis’ and ‘Show Analysis’ buttons to generate and see your Capture Analysis Dashboard. In this screen you will see detailed analysis of your capture like session details, request details, error details and other details of our capture.

Have a look at this introduction video. There is much more to say about the analysis screens and of course we need to cover the replay functionality as well in another blog post and video.


All infos are also always available in the AMC User Guide in the SAP Help Portal.


The learning journey for AMC will continue next week. Stay tuned and stay safe!

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