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SAP BTP Services – Most Commonly used for SAP Commissions

What is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)? 

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the platform for integrating and extending your SAP landscape. One of the pillars of our multi-cloud strategy is to provide an open platform with the possibility to cross-consume services from different environments. This way customers can combine best-of-breed innovative technology with SAP’s business-centric services tailored for the Intelligent Enterprise journey.

  • Supports integration, creation of value from data, and extensibility of SAP and third-party application and data assets
  • Provides technology access with the ease of use, a simpler and harmonized experience, and a focus on rapid business innovation
  • Brings together existing solutions with new development services, including low-code and no-code and marketplace capabilities
  • Handles technology complexities and offers flexibility and choice, supporting on-premise, hybrid, and cloud scenarios

What is SAP Commissions (Sales Performance Management)? 

SAP Commissions is a high-performance, scalable SaaS solution that enables organizations to streamline and operationalize incentive compensation management across their organization to improve operational efficiency, reduce or eliminate overpayments, shape profitable selling behaviors, and increase incentive compensation ROI.

  • Rich dashboards for a positive sales and sales management experience
  • Ability to build, manage, and optimize sales incentive plans across roles and relationships
  • Secure sales incentive management with role-based security, permissions, and dashboards

Why SAP Commissions a best fit for SAP BTP? 

Developers can automate and optimize using all the required BTP services for sales performance management processes and business outcomes with consumer-grade user experiences. Also increases your development productivity within less time.

  • Data Processing
  • Data Retrieval
  • Orchestration
  • Creating Custom Applications for the end user
  • Scaling Microservices for the applications
  • Automating manual activities

List of SAP BTP Services benefits for Customers/Partners – implementation for SAP Commissions

SAP Cloud Foundry runtime lets you develop polyglot cloud-native applications and run them on the SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment.
SAP Launchpad service enables organizations to establish a central point of access to SAP (e.g. SAP S/4HANA), custom-built, and third-party applications and extensions, both on the cloud and on-premise.

SAP Integration Suite connects and contextualizes processes and data while enabling new content-rich applications to be assembled faster with less dependence on IT. Pre-built integration packs along with existing investments can be composed to deliver new outcomes with less involvement by integration experts.

aka Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)

Open Connectors & API Management

SAP BTP, Kyma runtime is a fully managed Kubernetes runtime based on the open-source project “Kyma”. This cloud-native solution allows the developers to extend SAP solutions with serverless Functions and combine them with containerized microservices. The offered functionality ensures smooth consumption of SAP and non-SAP applications, running workloads in a highly scalable environment, and building event- and API-based extensions.
SAP Business Application Studio (the next generation of SAP Web IDE) is a powerful and modern development environment, tailored for efficient development of business applications for the Intelligent Enterprise. Available as a cloud service, it provides developers a desktop-like experience similar to market-leading IDEs, while accelerating time-to-market with high-productivity development tools such as wizards and templates, graphical editors, quick deployment, and more.
SAP Job Scheduling service allows you to define and manage jobs that run once or on a recurring schedule. Use this runtime-agnostic service to schedule action endpoints in your application or long-running processes using Cloud Foundry tasks. Use REST APIs to schedule jobs, including long-running jobs asynchronously, and create multiple schedule formats for simple and complex recurring schedules. Manage jobs and tasks and manage schedules with a web-based user interface.
SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation lets you automate enterprise business processes. Design process automations with the Desktop Studio by creating end-to-end scenarios. Import these scenarios into the cloud Factory powered by SAP BTP to configure and execute them with Agents. Agents running on workstations can work as a Digital Assistant (attended automation) or as a Digital Worker (unattended automation).
SAP AppGyver offers a no-code app development platform that creates applications for the Web and for native mobile use. It has powerful visual development environment that is extraordinarily user-friendly. It allows business users without prior coding experience to build sophisticated applications that work seamlessly across all operating systems – all without writing a single line of code. On the other hand, professional developers will enjoy a significant boost in productivity by being able to work on the higher abstraction levels provided by the visual tooling.
SAP Conversational AI offers a single intuitive interface to train, build, test, connect and monitor chatbots embedded into SAP and third-party solutions, a high-performing natural language processing (NLP) technology and low-code features to ensure faster development. Simplify access to information and deliver personalized human-like conversations. Scale businesses by reducing development efforts and costs within support teams. Enhance user satisfaction by automating tedious tasks.
SAP API Management helps customers share digital assets and processes beyond traditional applications and websites. It enables developer communities to consume digital assets in new channels, devices, and user interfaces with ease. APIs available in this package are related to API Portal, Developer Portal for Neo, and API Business Hub Enterprise for Cloud Foundry.
Access APIs seamlessly across heterogeneous landscapes using one API platform
The HTML5 Application Repository service for SAP BTP enables central storage of HTML5 applications on SAP BTP. The service allows application developers to manage the lifecycle of their HTML5 applications. In runtime, the service enables the consuming application, typically the application router, to access HTML5 application static content in a secure and efficient manner.
SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery lets you configure and run predefined continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that automatically test, build, and deploy your code changes to speed up your development and delivery cycles.
SAP Authorization and Trust Management service lets you manage user authorizations and trust to identity providers. Identity providers are the user base for applications. You can use an identity authentication tenant, an SAP on-premise system, or a custom corporate identity provider. User authorizations are managed using technical roles at the application level, which can be aggregated into business-level groups and role collections for large-scale cloud scenarios.
SAP Alert Notification service for SAP BTP offers a common API for providers to publish alerts and for consumers to subscribe to these alerts. It is designed to send automatically real-time notifications and alerts about events that may be of interest to the business and operations.
The Destination service lets you retrieve the backend destination details you need to configure applications in the Cloud Foundry environment
SAP Mobile Services enables you to develop, configure and manage mobile applications that provide mobile access to enterprise data. Mobile Services key features include: app content lifecycle management, push notifications for timely enterprise data updates, support for on-device storage of enterprise data (offline apps), app security, and app monitoring and usage reporting.
SAP Workflow Management allows you to digitize workflows, manage decisions, gain end-to-end process visibility, and configure processes in a low-code approach. It allows users to build, run, and manage workflows. It allows users to digitize and automate decision-making. It enables process excellence, process transparency, process transformation by providing one view of the process. Users can configure the process flow without the involvement of IT to improve process efficiency.
SAP HANA Cloud is a data platform-as-a-service that offers the power and performance of SAP HANA natively in the cloud, including full capabilities to manage data storage, federate, and run powerful applications. Using SAP HANA Cloud, you can set up and run a data management platform and data lake and then bind them to applications running on SAP BTP or elsewhere. You can access SAP HANA Cloud using a variety of languages and interfaces, as well as build applications and data models.
SAP HANA service allows you to leverage the in-memory data processing capabilities of SAP HANA in the cloud. As a managed database service, backups are fully automated and service availability guaranteed. Using the SAP HANA service, you can set up and manage SAP HANA databases and bind them to applications running on SAP BTP. You can access SAP HANA databases using a variety of languages and interfaces, as well as build applications and models using tools provided with SAP HANA.
The SAP Feature Flags service allows you to enable or disable new features at runtime without redeploying or restarting the application. You can use feature flags to control code delivery, synchronized rollout, direct shipment, and fast rollback of features.
SAP Connectivity service lets you establish connectivity between your cloud applications and on-premise systems running in isolated networks.
SAP Credential Store service provides a repository for passwords, keys and keyrings for applications that are running on SAP BTP. It enables the applications to retrieve credentials and use them for authentication to external services, or to perform cryptographic operations and TLS communication. SAP Credential Store is exposed to the applications via a REST API.
SAP Automation Pilot provides out-of-the-box high-quality automation such as application restarts and reconfigurations, database restarts and updates, application and database health statuses, RCA, recommended actions, and more. Complex DevOps tasks are made simple without the need of having deep SAP Business Technology Platform knowledge. In addition, recommended actions are automated by using the SAP Alert Notification service for SAP BTP (sophisticated integration to immediately react on incoming alerts) or any other alerting system.

Available Data Center across the world


This all sounds great, where can I start to learn more about BTP? How do I enable my developers? 

SAP has multiple channels through which you can learn about BTP, build apps and leverage the latest and greatest services of our technology platform. Some of these channels are: 

  1. Tutorials Navigator for SAP Developers 
  2. OpenSAP – The Open Online Courses from SAP 
  3. SAP HANA Academy – The YouTube channel with 73k++ subscribers helping customers and partners learn more about SAP BTP. 
  4. Official SAP BTP Help Documentation 
  5. Microlearning
  6. BTP Blogs

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