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Champion Data-Driven Decision Making at the SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum: Accelerating Outcomes

In the past two years, the disruptions and changes to the world have been exponential. This is no different in the digital world of data and analytics where change is more present than ever. As we continue to search for ways to keep up and adjust with the fast paced changes of the digital world, the SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum: Accelerating Outcomes aims to help audiences stay informed on all the latest in data and analytics and ensure that in these times of change, you never fall behind.  

With over 23,000 registrants, this virtual event brought together people from all over the world. Much like the key pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform, it’s clear that people recognize the value of having an intelligent enterprise that emphasizes the importance of data and analytics working closely together.   

Hosted by the multi-talented CEO and writer extraordinaire Ramon Ray, the virtual forum kicked off in mid-September with a global keynote featuring insights from industry experts. Thought leaders provided insights on the data and analytics challenges, trends, and strategies of today. Attendees looking for hands on experience with SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics portfolio had the opportunity to then participate in workshops for each product throughout mid-September to early October. Here are some highlights from each session: 


Without the right set of unified data and analytics solutions, it’s impossible for companies to get business value from complex data. Hearing from some of Intel and SAP’s top executive team, the Keynote speakers provided insight into how to get started with tackling this challenge. 

The first speaker Tina Rosario, Chief Data Officer stressed that simplicity is key and emphasized connecting data to business purpose, encouraging audience members to reflect on their own data journeys and how harnessing data can lead to new insights. Striving to be a data first organization is essential when becoming an intelligent enterprise, Tina emphasized that “Being data first means that data should be a driver of innovation, in the driver seat, where all new ideas start with data.” 

Identifying what it means to be an intelligent enterprise, the next speaker Haridas Nair, reinforced that integration is key for business success. It’s essential for businesses to be well equipped with the latest and greatest unified technology to unlock the value of the data held in business systems and simplify your data journey. 

“What are the characteristics of an intelligent enterprise? What we find is that intelligent enterprises tend to use advanced technology and best practices in their agile integrated business processes.” – Haridas Nair, Global Head of Cross Product Management for SAP HANA Database & Analytics (SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum Keynote)

Following Haridas, Ragunath Ramanathan dived further into the key components of the intelligent enterprise, introducing a significant statistic to kick things off.  

“Historically, companies used to see data as a by product of their business. They suspected it had value, but didn’t know how to use it properly. Too often, data is stuck in silos or is unused, according to research firm Forrester. Between 60 to 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unutilized, but data is at the heart of the digital business as we digitize.” – Ragunath Ramanathan, Chief Revenue Officer (SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum Keynote)

Elaborating on this, Ragunath stressed the importance of taking advantage of every aspect of your data and how overlooking data could lead to missed opportunities and new ideas. Without the right resources, it can be challenging filter through all your data and that’s why choosing a unified data and analytics solution is essential to tackling this issue.  

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SAP Data Intelligence: Integrate, Catalog, and Manage Your Data

Senior Director of SAP Data Intelligence Silvio Arcangeli provided an informative and insightful presentation on why data management is so difficult and how modern data management needs Data Orchestration beyond integration. Silvio was able to capture the attention of the audience and stress the benefits of having SAP Data Intelligence in your portfolio and participants left confident in: 

  • Turning data sprawl and tool sprawl into vital insights  
  • Understanding how SAP Data Intelligence enables you to process and integrate distributed data 
  • How SAP Data Intelligence catalogs distributed metadata, enabling a searchable data fabric
  • How you can streamline, operationalize, and govern machine learning innovations 

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Solution Workshops

Getting Business Insights from Your Data with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: 

In this workshop series, several industry experts provided their own insights on how SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an essential solution for managing your data. By way of a presentation, followed by a demo, the event was very hands-on for the audience and easy to digest – ensuring the audience was left with a clear understanding of: 

  • Creating business data models 
  • Data modeling with the Business Builder 
  • Working with SAP S/4HANA data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Using business content from the Content Network 
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Collaborative Database Development in SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database: 

For the SAP HANA Cloud workshops, the audience was exposed to another hands-on experience with industry experts. With a hands-on demonstration where attendees can follow along on their own screen, the audience learned the best ways to give them a head-start by way of: 

  • Lifecycle management of development projects 
  • HDI containers and table types 
  • Cloud Application Programming (CAP) applications 
  • Automating project deployment with Continuous Integration & Delivery (CI/CD) 
  • Project templates for team members 

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SAP Analytics Cloud Workshop: Interactive Reporting with Enterprise Analytics and Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud: 

In this workshop series, experts talked in depth about SAP Analytics Cloud and how to create dashboards quickly and easily. In this hands-on experience, the audience learned about all things SAP Analytics Cloud and how to: 

  • Create custom reports highlighting KPIs with design best practices 
  • Get quick answers from your dataset using augmented analytics  
  • Add predictive forecasts to visualize potential outcomes 
  • Blend different datasets in your dashboard 

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Why Should You Register to Watch? 

In case you missed the event series, you can register and watch any of our workshops, webinars and keynote on-demand at any time. SAP’s Unified Data and Analytics is a key pillar of SAP Business Technology Platform: a platform that gives organizations powerful capabilities to build, integrate, and extend applications, as well as derive insights from data – with agility and speed. This platform goes hand in hand with facing the current challenges of the data and analytics landscape and can help businesses tackle their data challenges.  

Register for the SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum: Accelerating Outcomes to discover the full potential of your data and create innovative outcomes that keep you at the forefront of your industry. 

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