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Tips of RFC analysis from BOOMI

Last time checked one issue which is the delivery document created from one PO (convert from one PR)& been split into multiply delivery because the partners of each item from PR are different. As the PR was created through RFC called from the BOOMI side, the first key step to investigate this issue is to get the parameter of BAPI: ‘BAPI_PR_CREATE’.

No authority to use RFC tracing and related TCODE like ST05, it’ll be quite helpful if we can get input parameters of PR creation BAPI from the BOOMI side.

Step 1. Identify which RFC had been called from the BOOMI side

The best case is you already know this integration between SAP and BOOMI very well and are familiar with all function modules being called from each other. Then just use the search function with the name of RFC at the Build TAB from BOOMI. Here we can get the RFC name as operation and its options setting at Connectors which contains the BAPI name as well as input/output profile which is data mapping.

If not familiar with the RFC name, have to do a fuzzy Search at SE37 or this Build page and hope your system follows the good principle of naming rule : P

Step 2. Find the process name against this RFC

Then click the triangle button under this operation and click ‘Show where used’ will get the Boomi process name which is the key to trace the RFC processing.


Step 3. Find the Boomi Execution against that specific RFC call

Use the process name get from step 2, and search this process at Integration->Manage->Executions.

After comparing with the order creation time at SAP, and filtering an appropriate time range with considering system& network delay, we will get the possible entry to perform the RFC call at BOOMI.

Last Step. Get the document transfer from BOOMI to SAP

Go to the detail page and click ‘View Document’, here we can get everything about input parameters for that BAPI.

With this info, it’s time to do real work next 😀

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