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Author's profile photo Will Young

The Emarsys Autumn Release 2021 is here!

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce that the Emarsys 2021 Autumn Release is now live!

Below is an overview of the highlights – and this time we have added a load of video snippets from our amazing product enablement team!

To get a detailed tour around the new functionality, I recommend that you watch one of our release webinars, now available on demand:

Our slogan for this release is ready for anything. Our new features can be grouped into those on general release and those on restricted release for pilot customers.

But before I continue, a quick notice to say that there will be 2 dedicated training sessions for the new functionality, which you should certainly try to attend:

And of course you can read up on everything in more detail in our product documentation.

New functionality on general release

  1. Usability & Accessibility
  2. Email – Simplified Email Template Creation
  3. Loyalty – New External Events / Refer a Friend / Invitation-only Tiers
  4. Mobile – Geofencing / Flutter Support / Advanced In-app Reporting
  5. Web Push – Real-time Personalization / Revenue Attribution
  6. SMS – MMS Support / Revenue Attribution

1. Usability & Accessibility

We have made two small changes to the user interface:


Emarsys is committed to developing a friendly, inclusive platform for our users with or without disabilities. To this end we are continuously extending the number of products and features which can be used with screen readers and with keyboard navigation.

User interface design

We have made some minor changes to the look and feel of the interface, to incorporate some stylistic elements of the SAP branding.

The main change to navigation is that the profile icon and account settings are now in the top right corner rather than in the left sidebar menu.

2. Email – Simplified Email Template Creation

We have added a new default email template to every account, to make it faster and simpler to create your own custom templates.

Not only does it contain a much wider variety of content blocks, crowdsourced from our best-performing customers, but each of these can easily be further customized to suit every use case.

3. Loyalty

New External Events

We have added a number of new events to trigger Loyalty programs.


The new Loyalty External Events

Invitation-only Tiers

You can set up tiers by invitation only, and assign a single or a batch of benefits to your loyalty program members for a specific time above their usual tier benefits.

Refer a Friend

With the Loyalty Referral Program you can offer your members incentives to invite their friends to join, and offer those friends discounts when they do.

4. Mobile


Set up geofences on the Emarsys UI for your mobile applications and trigger real-time push messages when the mobile device running the applications enters any of the physical locations covered by them.

Flutter Support

The Flutter plug-in for SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement makes it easy to use the Emarsys Mobile Engage features directly from a Flutter application.

Advanced In-app Reporting

You can now identify which Interactions or Automation Center Program triggered your In-app event.

5. Web Push

Real-time Notifications

Web Push Notification is a push message contacts receive in the desktop or mobile browser. Push Notification Message will appear on the active browser or on the desktop if the browser is minimised. If the browser is closed, the message will be queued until the browser comes online. The primary use of browser notifications – to engage with contacts even when they are not on the customer’s site.

Revenue Attribution

The Web Push touchpoints are now available in the Revenue Attribution Service and on the Revenue Analytics page.

6. SMS

MMS Support

Revenue Attribution

New functionality on limited (pilot) release

If you are interested in participating in any of these pilot programs, please contact your Success Manager or your Partner Manager.

Please note that the documentation of pilot products may require you to log in to the Emarsys Help Portal.

  1. SAP Commerce Cloud Integration
  2. Store Reporting
  3. Asset Separation
  4. Improved Testing for Automations
  5. Mobile – Huawei Mobile Services Integration

1. SAP Commerce Cloud Integration

This integration offers automatic syncs of customers, events and products with Emarsys. Once set up, you can use Emarsys to create complex automated tactics, smart contact segments and more.

2. Store Reporting

The Store Dashboard and Store Overview pages have been replaced with the Store Reporting page, which comes with a completely refurbished user interface.

3. Asset Separation

4. Improved Testing for Automations

5. Mobile – Huawei Mobile Services Integration

Next steps

Our next major release will be in early 2022. You can follow ongoing development during the next cycle on our Product Updates page.

Your feedback is important

Most of what we develop is driven by you, our customers. So if you have any questions or comments about anything in this blog, please post them on the community.

That’s it for now, make sure to follow our tags on the community to stay up to date. Full details can be found in our product documentation.

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      Author's profile photo Kathrin Heyd
      Kathrin Heyd

      Hi Will, thanks for sharing.

      If you are a customer/partner and want to learn more about Emarsys and engage directly with the development teams, you can sign up to the Emarsys SAP Customer Engagement Initiative Projects here - they are open for registration till Nov 12: