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Author's profile photo Shiba Sundar Mishra

Review of recommendations in SAP S/4 HANA from ASPM through workflow integration


RCM engineer carryout many assessments like FMEA, RCM for an equipment. As a result of these assessments, recommendations are created in ASPM system by RCM engineer. The recommendations can be in the form of below in ASPM as recommendations categories. Though these recommendations categories are exact identification of action to be taken by the back end maintenance planner, however these action can only be taken manually in S4H system. Here the maintenance planner’s SAP user ID is assigned to maintenance planner group of a planning plant.


Recommendations Categories

The identified recommendations can be only implemented back in S4 HANA backend system. To have this integration, from 2108 release onwards, one standard workflow is triggered, and WI is generated in backend system. Maintenance planner will check the recommendation and manually implement the same and complete the WI.

The steps to achieve this integration from ASPM to SAP S4H system was not available in any blog post, hence thought of writing this blog post. I hope it will be helpful.

Please refer the help document for more information.


Basis workflow configuration in the backend system should have been completed (SWU3).


SWU3 Configuration

Configuration related to syclo config panel (/syclo/configpanel) and


Syclo Config panel BAPI assignment

In syclo admin ( /syclo/admin) should be carried out as per the highlighted screenshots. The highlighted item is only for recommendation object.


Syclo Admin configuration

Backend configuration (workflow and organization unit)

Tcode and steps Screenshots


Workflow –


Open the workflow definition (WS01800170).

Double click on “Review for Recommendation Data”


SWDD Setting -1

Click on the control tab and button near Agent assignment.

Following screen appears.

Agent Determination in SWDD

Agent assignment should be green.

Go back to workflow definition diagram and double click on “Trigger Workflow”

Check if the status is active or not.


If it is inactive, we have to activate it by adding the below entry into the table(SWFDVEVTY2) through SM30.

Based on the above entry, event linkage will be activated.

Organization unit set up


Tcode: PPOC

We need to create new org unit and new position and assign SAP user ID who will receive the WI. Save the entries.

Tcode: PFOM

Assign Planning plant and planner group to org unit.

Please check in SPRO-> SAP NetWeaver->Application Server->Business Management->SAP Business Workflow->Basic Settings (Organization Management->Maintain assignments for SAP organizational object types

Below two entries should be there.




Click on change

Select the Maint. Planner position and the click on F5.

Maintain the planning plant and planner group in the pop up.


Data flow from ASPM system to S4 is as below.

RCM or FMEA assessment -> Publish the assessment ->Recommendation ( implementation in Progress) -> event will be triggered in ASPM-> it will be queued in KAFKA event queue->event federator(Java Application)-> Queue will appear in /syclo/admin monitor

Step System Description Screenshot

PM Review

Status of the recommendation is changed to “Implementation in Progress” by clicking in “Schedule in Maintenance” button

2 Syclo monitoring tool


Inbound transaction monitor.

It appears in inbound queue.

2.1 Syclo monitoring tool you will get the work item number in reference attribute 1
3 S4H SWIA ( Tcode)
4 S4H My Inbox Fiori App
5 S4H-> ASPM Based on the recommendation, maint. engineer will take action like add new task list, changing task list then click on “Recommendation Implemented”
6 S4H-> ASPM Based on the recommendation, maint. engineer can reject and click on “Recommendation Rejected”

This will also generate a queue in S4H.

7 S4H-> ASPM Based on the recommendation, maint. engineer will request for more information and click on “Request for Information”

8 ASPM Recommendation status will change to “pending additional information required”












Reliability engineer will provide required info by editing the recommendation. Again the status needs to be changed to “Implementation in Progress”.

WI will be received in S4H. Maint. engineer will manually take action and click on “Recommendation Implemented”

10 ASPM Status will be changed to ”Implemented”

Please note that Planner group and planning plant of the equipment should be maintained same as per configuration. It means user maintained for a planning plant and planner group will get the workflow work Item.

in this blog we could learn the pre-requisite configuration steps for Recommendation integration from ASPM to S4H backend system though workflow.

Please leave a message/feedback if it was worth.

see you again….

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      Author's profile photo Pardha Reddy
      Pardha Reddy

      Dear Shiba,

      Trust you are staying safe and doing well!...thank you for the information, we have done the configuration as per SAP help document but still got stuck with work flow function...Is there any note that we should refer for the workflow setup?

      we were wondering if you could help us about the property value details and work flow configuration in SWU3 for "Recommendation".

      we have updated the property value details as shown below,


      RCMD Property value


      I assume that the standard work flow should be available by default in the system with respect to standard task 1800227.Isn`t it? or should it be maintained exclusively to review recommendation in SAP ERP?

      It would be great if you could throw light on the work flow setup for recommendation review function...




      Pardha Reddy.C

      Author's profile photo Shiba Sundar Mishra
      Shiba Sundar Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pardha,

      I am doing well.

      i hope you have followed the steps mentioned in sequence.

      There are setting to be done in S4H side, Syclo config panel and Syclo admin.

      In addition to your screenshot, you need to set the URL_PATH as per the blog screenshot.

      This integration is currently working only for the recommendations generated as a result of RCM or FMEA assessment.

      There is no way other than inbound queue monitor to check if the message generated from ASPM or not.

      Please check the standard workflow(WS01800170) is available or not.

      I hope this helps.



      Author's profile photo Pardha Reddy
      Pardha Reddy

      Dear Shiba,

      Thank you for the quick reply!...I appreciate your support!.

      Yes, we did the configuration set-up in EAM/SYCLO as per the SAP help document.We have a typical business case over here, where, as a reliability maintenance team member, I would like to recommend maintenance planner to initiate/execute certain Tasks/Instructions , so as to perform basic maintenance checks and for that we have created "Recommendations" with-out FMEA/RCM assessment...

      as we don`t see the work item in the maintenance planner business workplace, we are in assumption that, system can not trigger work flow, if the recommendations are not from FMEA & RCM assessments, Isn`t it right?

      If it is true, I would also want to understand that, how does it make a difference for a maintenance planner to carry out the "recommendation" with or without FMEA/RCM assessment?...I understand that, the assessment recommendations are specific to the failure mode and related effect, however there could be recommendations without assessment as well.

      It would be great if you could throw light on this aspect?




      Pardha Reddy.C

      Author's profile photo Shiba Sundar Mishra
      Shiba Sundar Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pardha,

      I am suggesting you to follow the steps mentioned in this blog which I have tried to document end to end. Please check each steps and prerequisites mentioned.

      Please check /syclo/admin -Inbound transaction monitor for any queue in 'completed' status. if it appears then ASPM is able to send the data till syclo inbound layer. if not then ASPM or intermediate layer is not able to send the data. Please also check in S4H system workflow configurations are complete by a basis consultant.

      This is the current limitation that workflow only triggers for recommendations which are generated form RCM and FMEA(if integration doesn't work for FMEA, need to apply note 3014855).

      You are correct, recommendations can be stand alone also which RCM engineer wants maintenance planner to carry out certain actions through recommendations and sometimes recommendations can be from OEMs. However currently it is a limitation of the integration.

      I hope it helps.


      Author's profile photo Pardha Reddy
      Pardha Reddy

      Dear Shiba,

      I really appreciate your support!...we have ECC 6.0 EHP 8 in place and yes, I did complete all the settings and prerequisites as per SAP Help document.

      I was in assumption that we could even trigger stand alone recommendations too and now I understood the limitations with the current release...

      Thanks again , Stay safe and take care!



      Pardha Reddy.C