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Support Spotlight: Avoid common pitfalls in A/R Invoice Cancellations

In this blog post we will look at how to overcome some common items that will improve your daily work when cancelling A/R Invoices in SAP Business One.  

We will go through five scenarios where the system might block the cancellation transaction and provide you with solutions. 

Let’s see how to check and solve the different messages? 


Scenario 1 

The following message will appear: Cancellation is not possible; posting date exceeds limit of XX days allowed for cancellation 


In this scenario the system will limit the cancellation of documents, only within a defined number of days in relation to the Posting Date.  

This date range is set in Administration → System Initialization → Document Settings → General tab. We can define it in field “Max. No. of Days for Canceling Marketing Documents Before or After Posting”. 


Ensure that the A/R Invoice you are trying to cancel has a posting date within the defined number of days. Otherwise review the value of this setting in order to cancel the document.  


Scenario 2 

The following message will appear: You cannot cancel fully or partially paid documents; cancel payments first 

In this scenario the system will not allow the cancellation as the A/R Invoice has already been either fully or partially paid.  


If you want to cancel this A/R Invoice, you need to cancel the payment first. 


Scenario 3 

The following message will appear: You cannot cancel manually reconciled documents; cancel reconciliations XXX first 

In this scenario the system will not allow the cancellation as the A/R Invoice has either  been partially or fully reconciled. To be able to cancel the document you will need to  cancel the reconciliation first. The reconciliation number that needs to be cancelled will  be included in the message.  

You can also right click on the A/R Invoice and choose Applied Transactions. There you  will be able to find the reconciliation records. 


Below you can see the Applied Transaction window where you can access the individual reconciliations and cancel them.  


Scenario 4 

The following message will appear: Cancellation is not possible; cancel target documents first 


In this scenario the A/R Invoice has been copied to a target document for example an A/R Credit Memo or a Return Request. The system will not allow you to cancel it. You will need to cancel the target document first.  

Right click on the A/R Invoice, choose “Relationship Map” and you will find its target document.


Scenario 5  

The following message will appear:  Cancellation is not possible; document added prior to release 9.0 or based on documents added prior to release 9.0 


In this scenario the A/R Invoice or one of its base documents was created prior to version 9.0. 

For example, a Sales Order was created in version 8.82. After upgrading the system to version 9.0 or higher, the user copied it to Delivery and then copied the Delivery to an A/R Invoice. When the user tries to cancel the A/R Invoice, the system will not allow it and display the above message. 

This is the correct system behavior. Instead of cancelling the document it can be copied to an A/R Credit Memo. For more information on this scenario please check SAP Note 1783681 – Release Restrictions Note for SAP Business One 9.0 


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