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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding: 2H 2021 Release Snapshot

There’s been a lot of excitement around the enhanced new hire experience, available on the latest Home Page with the 2H2021 release. In addition, there are several other enhancements coming your way, all aimed at further simplifying the processes and experiences for admins, HR and hiring managers to ensure a positive experience for every new hire and internal hire.

While all of these items – plus a few more – can be found on the What’s New Viewer, the below provides a quick snapshot of the highlights and benefits to expect in a few key areas:

User Experience Enhancements  

Enhanced new hire experience on latest Home Page: With this release, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved new hire experience available on the latest Home Page. Following the design and experience principles of the reimagined Home Page, the new experience streamlines onboarding by guiding new hires through a series of prioritized tasks and information. New hires can quickly view the status of required and optional tasks, such as ‘Due in 5 days’ or ‘Complete’, making it easy to stay on track.

With the Onboarding Engagement Cards, tasks and information are grouped into key categories based on your Onboarding configuration, such as Help us to know you better, Your onboarding guide, and Your compliance forms.

Check out Bianka Woelke’s video for a quick demo of the new hire experience:

Enhancements to Onboarding Dashboard (New): We previously released a new onboarding dashboard to provide a more comprehensive view and efficient handling of tasks. While this onboarding dashboard (new) is currently available for opt-in, it will become the default in the future and therefore, we continue to provide enhancements. This release includes the following (see demo video here):

  • New filtering options: Start Date (From) and Start Date (To), Hiring Manager (by name), New Hire Type (internal or external hire), Process Tasks, and Task Status (note: New Hire (by name) delivered in 1H2021)
  • New sorting options: Start Date, New Hire, Hiring Manager

 Access to learning course for new hires, prior to start date: New hires can now access assigned learning courses before their start date, helping to accelerate the onboarding process and acclimation to the company and role. From the Home Page, they can easily view the assigned courses and number of days in which they are due, as well as navigate to Learning to see which courses they’ve completed.

Qualtrics email surveys for internal hires: A new survey touchpoint is available with SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle during the Crossboarding process (Event: Internal Hire Process Completed). This allows surveys to be automatically distributed to measure the sentiment of employees going through the internal hire process. (note: Enabling this feature requires a Qualtrics license for Lifecycle projects).

Configuration & Process Enhancements

Internal hire process – future manager access to information and tasks prior to start date: With this enhancement, a future manager can now access internal hire details in the Onboarding Dashboard, Onboarding Dashboard (New), and To-Do before the hire’s start date. In addition, they can proactively manage new hire tasks, such as Schedule Meetings and Recommend People, to ensure their new employee will have a smooth transition into their new position. The internal hire manager relationship is applicable for internal hires from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and external Applicant Tracking Systems.

Onboarding restart process – option to retain new hire information or update from Recruiting data: The following confirmation options have been added, allowing you to align the restart process to your business requirements: (1) After the auto-restart, you can configure whether to update the Onboarding start date and hiring manager values from Recruiting or retain the existing values. (2) After the manual restart, you can configure whether to update the Onboarding new hire information either from Recruiting, or retain the existing information entered during the Onboarding steps (for example, New Hire Data Review and Personal Data Collection).

Enhancements to Rehire on New Employment flow: Several improvements have been made to simplify the process and user experience associated with the rehiring of previous employees into new roles. This includes the addition of matching details on the UI, such as date of birth, national ID and user records available to participants in the rehire process. Records of no-show candidates and cancelled onboardees are now available in the Rehire Verification dialog box, with the option to choose Rehire with New Employment for a cancelled onboardee. In addition, the value No Show has been added in the event reason field, a new rehire welcome template is available, and The Perform Rehire Verification To-Do page now displays work location instead of a rehire’s number below an onboardee’s name.

Recruit-to-Hire data mapping process – mapping of Pay Component no longer required: In the previous version, fields for Pay Component Recurring and Pay Component Non-Recurring were mandatory in the R2H tool and if all mandatory fields were not mapped, the New Hire Data Review task was not created. With this enhancement, the Onboarding process for new hires is not lost if the fields of Pay Component Recurring and Pay Component Non-Recurring are not mapped in R2H to pass their value from Recruiting to the New Hire Data Review page and the Manage Pending Hire page. An error is created in the BPE flow if you don’t map the fields to pass values from Recruiting, and no corresponding value is set in the Foundation Object.

Business Process Engine – automatic upgrades with major or patch releases: Previously, admins were required to manually upgrade the default flow in the Business Process Engine with each release. Now, the Default Onboarding Process flow is automatically upgraded when a major release or a patch release is deployed, including new standard steps or blocks and enhancements to existing process steps or blocks.

Public Sector Management cost objects available in onboarding process: For a Public Sector Industry feature enabled company, you can now enable Public Sector Management Cost Assignment and use Public Sector Management cost objects for onboarding a new hire or a rehire on new employment. This allows participants of Onboarding, such as managers, to provide cost objects, such as fund, grant, budget period, and functional area, for the new hire or rehire on new employment during New Hire Data Review and Manage Pending Hires. Note that Internal Hire Process and Offboarding are not supported at this time.

Compliance Enhancements

Enhanced USCIS Form I-9: With this release, the system help icons in the USCIS Form I-9 now include instructions from the PDF version of the form to provide additional guidance to users. In addition, several enhancements have been made to Section 1 and Section 2 of the form to improve the user experience. For example, validation messages have been added to several fields, other fields have been made editable, and confirmation/error message emails are now triggered following the completion of Section 1 (see full list of enhancements here).

Additional compliance forms for Canada and New Zealand: We’ve added the worksheets for Canada’s federal and provincial Personal Tax Credit Return Forms, 14 forms in total that are available in both English and French. For New Zealand, 3 forms have been added (KS2 KiwiSaver deduction form, Tax code declaration, Tax rate notification for contractors). See the full list of supported forms here.


We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our path to HXM with our Onboarding customers.  For a full view of the 2H2021 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, please refer to the What’s New Viewer.

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