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SAP Mobile Start is the beginning – and a lot more: How SAP’s app strategy is set to change mobile business

The new SAP Mobile Experience is one of our most important technology initiatives ever.

Sure, you’ll say, that’s what he has to tell us. As the head of SAP’s relatively new development unit “SAP Mobile Experience & Engineering”, I can’t help myself. And what’s new about „mobile” anyway? SAP has been delivering apps for some time now, people are already thinking about the time after the smartphone.

So what’s about this “Mobile Start” thing?

When it comes to software for companies and their employees, we need to be aware of one thing: Never before has the gap between what users of mobile devices and consumers know and expect on the one handside –– and what is being offered to them in their professional environment on the other –– been as large as it is today!

Current studies show us that many people across society are excellently equipped with smartphones or tablets. They use apps as a matter of course in every situation in life. They communicate and share information in the family, at school, in everyday life. Mobility is everywhere and in ever larger circles. But all those possibilities that people enjoy still come up against barriers in the professional environment. This is true in Germany, but also in many other countries.

Enterprise mobility and the use of apps in the field (sales units, healthcare, utilities, and many more) or in other everyday work are not yet where they could be in many companies in the 2020s. Even though the conditions are better than ever. But those who do not keep up with the current development will very quickly face the risk of being left behind.

The pandemic has only made visible and accelerated what has long since begun: Modern user behavior means the freedom to work everywhere in an excellently integrated and continuous manner. Enterprise mobility must deliver this freedom. And in the field, it’s not about bringing complex CRM or ERP tasks to mobile, but facilitating a more liberated way of working, while maintaining continuity with the business systems you use.

“Micro experiences” welcome you in a new SAP world

Our “SAP Mobile Start” app is an entry point into this new SAP world. It stands for a vision that we are emphasizing more strongly than ever before with a strategy we call SAP Mobile Experience. Basically, this stands for a contemporary, intelligent work approach with an app suite from SAP that bundles and simplifies SAP functions for mobile use.

Doesn’t sound too ground-shaking yet, but we have taken a much closer look than before at existing usage scenarios and open possibilities –– and we’ve designed Mobile Start so that you can adapt it individually and easily for a range of personas, for example in project management or a finance environment. During the user research we did, and which of course also affects all the other apps we provide and are going to develop, we put a special focus on so-called micro experiences: elegant features that not only make certain moments of work easier for you, but also make your business applications more enjoyable through fluid gestures and beautiful input functions. With micro-experiences, your work not just becomes more efficient, it becomes more creative and intelligent.

These “moments that matter” show that it’s more about the how of doing work today. Because whether or ifwe can bring business functions to mobile is no longer the question: We have SAP Business Technology Platform and the standards that make it way simpler to create appealing user experiences. In the background, unseen by end users, is SAP’s strong technical development experience and the significant industry knowledge we are proud of at SAP. In the foreground, we make sure we don’t discourage anyone by being too complex or top-heavy. Users are our focus, so we have established more direct and agile feedback cycles since a while – and at the same time designers play a more prominent role than ever before.

A fresh breeze and continuity at the same time

SAP Mobile Start already demonstrates important elements of this new mobile user experience strategy. It breathes fresh air and continuity at the same time. The new SAP Mobile Experience we envision is both element and acceleration of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise strategy – a model that strives for a smarter, more mobile workstyle in addition to the data-driven kind of enterprise steering we are going for.

Making the intelligent enterprise work thrives on a smooth technical integration. With our mobile approach we want to deliver the proof that integration can come with an attractive experience.

So what does this mean for you, our customers, and for our markets? Watch Will Powell, Director of Innovation Consulting at Deloitte, and myself discussing these and other fascinating questions in the webcast “Top 5 Ways how SAP Mobile Start Supercharges Operational Performance”.

Here you find the replay of the webinar.

I wish you entertaining insights into our vision of a new Mobile Experience by SAP!



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