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Preparing for Abap in the Cloud, Installation Eclipse ADT and Setting for SAP BTP

Hi Everyone,

In this blog post, I will explain installation Eclipse with ABAP Development Tools ( shortly ADT) and Prepare SAP BTP for ABAP in the Cloud.

Firstly, you should go to the Java Homepage and install Java . Please check your Java version should be up to date.

Then , you can install Eclipse For Java Developers

Once, you install Eclipse and Java (please check your system configuration 32bit or 64bit),Then We Can easily install ADT  inside the Eclipse.

You should open the Help Window then navigate to Install New Software section, it will open this window. It will be download easily…

#note: Work with :

Then You can use ADT with the Open Perspective button which painted yellow.

It will open a pop-up, Perspectives, you can choose ABAP then you can go for coding in ABAP.

From now, we just prepare our Eclipse ADT, then we have to activate a cloud account to use.

We can go with SAP BTP trial account, if you don’t have one, don’t worry in this blog post include this also.

You should go to this link :

You would go to sign in with your SAP e-mail and password.

then click the trial home

Then you can go to the trial Account.

You can create a subaccount in the yellow push button, I have subaccount which name is  trial.

If you have problem with creating subaccount and space you can use this link : 

Just click the subaccount,  go to the Services->Instances and Subscriptions

Then we have to create an instance

Then click the button to create an instance, choose your properties, write a name for instance .Then click create.

Write your sap login e-mail

Then you can click next, check your instance, it can be take a while, please wait.

 There will be just one step, This is connect Eclipse ADT with SAP BTP.

It can be easily done by step by step,

Firstly, You should open the eclipse, then push the button which name is File->New->ABAP Cloud Project then choose the Second Radio Button

Then write your sap login e-mail and password, don’t forget to choose Region.

Then, choose the drop-down box items, which we create in the BTP .

If everythings going okay, it will be open a pop-up screen. Just clicking the button with Blue frame, it will automatically ,open your  browser and  you have access to the cloud😊

In this blog post, We implemented step by step Installation Eclipse with ADT and configurations of  SAP BTP for Eclipse ADT. This is just a must to start ABAP in the Cloud,  In the next step we can start to develope ABAP in the Cloud projects.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments section or my personel account,If you have any further questions feel free to ask about the topic in our SAP Community . I am  waiting your feedbacks or thoughts. Please, share your opinion.

You can follow me, if you liked the blog and stay tuned about the SAP ABAP .

Best Regards,

Uğur İlhan

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      Author's profile photo Törehan Gören
      Törehan Gören

      Hi Ugur,

      Well done, Great work...Keep it up!!! its very useful for beginners..


      Author's profile photo Uğur ilhan
      Uğur ilhan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Törehan,

      Thank you for your opinion and support !

      Best Regards.

      Author's profile photo Sean Whelan
      Sean Whelan

      Hi Ugur,

      Nice and easy to follow.  Good job!

      Published my first HTTP service to it after setting up and it worked a treat.


      I'm not really the Basis type here, can you tell me how to et a non-trial version?





      Author's profile photo Uğur ilhan
      Uğur ilhan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you for your nice opinions.

      I think you have to buy a licence to get a non-trail version. I am not sure how to buy, sorry.

      Best Regards.

      Author's profile photo Vinit Jain
      Vinit Jain

      Hi Uğur ilhan



      Cannot connect to the Service Instance. The service is currently not available

      I am getting this error while doing ADT configuration

      Author's profile photo Uğur ilhan
      Uğur ilhan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vinit,

      Sorry about the late answer,

      Actually sometimes it happens,  if you don't use often, it automatically happens. this is my though so that my suggestion is create service instance from scratch.

      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Sampson Faniyi
      Sampson Faniyi

      Thank you Uğur ilhan. I found this helpful

      Author's profile photo Uğur ilhan
      Uğur ilhan
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for your opinion,

      Best Regards