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Collection of recent new features in Web Assistant

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Don’t have time to browse through release notes every couple of weeks? No worries, you don’t have to go hunting cool new features in release notes. The Web Assistant brings awesome features directly on your screen – sometimes it might even be hard to catch up on all the awesomeness!

In this blog post, I’d like to share a couple of really nice release highlights that have gone live over the last couple of months. Sure, it’s cherry picking – if you want to pick your own have a look at the Info Center page showing the most recent features and updates for Web Assistant. By the way, this is also linked directly in Web Assistant, so that authors in editing mode can directly access this overview from within Web Assistant.

Get ready to be surprised and let’s start the count down with awesome feature #10.

#10 Customizable hotspot icon colors

Two parameters were added that allow customers to change the hotspots icon colors.

After setting the parameters HSIconFg and HSIconBg, all hotspot icons will use the customized foreground and background color instead of the theme’s default colors.

This is exciting for those authors out there having to comply with very strict corporate identity rules. Plus it looks great!


Default (left) changed to comply with CI (right)

#9 New UI language: Thai

Thai was added as new UI language for Web Assistant. This means we now have an even longer list of supported UI languages, all of which are listed and kept up to date in the Web Assistant Integration Guide.

#8 Step list icons in guided tours

While editing guided tours, icons that indicate the type of step (e.g. start, stop, information, important) are provided in the step list, for better orientation.


This makes editing guided tours easier for authors

#7 Auto start of guided tours from any step

The auto start feature works for all steps of a guided tour, which allows users to jump right into the step-by-step instruction on any page that is part of the process.

If you directly open a page that is in the middle of the tour, the tour starts automatically at the corresponding step. Currently, this function requires that the content is stored on the SAP Enable Now Manager. Standard content is not yet supported.

Look out for Web Assistant linking improvements in the next big 2111 release!

#6 Bubble offset for guided tours

Authors can now use a bubble offset in guided tours. This was a big one for authors, because it now allows authors to decide where the guided tour bubble should pop up.

Previously, bubbles in guided tours were always positioned directly next to the element, which sometimes lead to an undesirable overlap.

With the bubble offset, authors now have a way to position the bubble further away from the element for a better appearance.

#5 What’s New infobar display duration and new text

These two improvements to the infobar add a lot of flexibility to the usage of the infobar.

The What’s New infobar remains visible and is no longer closed automatically after a predefined display duration.

Note: You can use the following parameters to define the display durations for the different information types:

  • infoBarTimeout=3 (default: 3)
  • infoBarTimeoutError=10 (default: 10)
  • infoBarTimeoutWhatsNew=10 (default: 0 = until user confirmation)

As our “What’s New” feature is used for various purposes, the original text was replaced with a more generic text:

Customers have been using the What’s New area for many different purposes

#4 Improved preview in edit mode

In preview mode, the gray layer now only covers the step list and the edges of the screen, so the bubble and highlight appear similar to the final output.

This is one of my favorites, because it really improves the authoring experience and makes it very clear where the user should click. The focus layer for users has also been one of the major features this year.


New focus layer – now also for authors

#3 Fallback language

If you’ve come across my blog about translation and languages in Web Assistant, you’ve read about this feature already.

The list of fallback languages can be configured individually for each user language. Availability of languages will be checked in the specified order based on the user language, and the best match will be shown to the user.

In addition, the global fallback language can be configured, if they prefer, for example, British English over American English as the fallback for all languages that are not provided.

#2 Editing dialog window improvements + Simplified hotspot editing

This is new and it’s big. The editing dialogue has been made much simpler and even better to use.

  • The title bar has been removed to save some space and to draw attention to the actual settings.
  • We have reduced the number of tabs. All related settings are now displayed on the same tab page within expandable groups.
  • The appearance of several checkboxes has been changed to a more modern toggle switch.
  • The option to change the tile order has been removed from the dialog window to not overload it with too many settings. You can still change the tile order directly in the help panel.


The editing options are now closer together and easier to change

You can also see that the hotspot styles can now be chosen directly and the real estate of the pop-up can be used more efficiently.

#1 Simplified recognition quality indicator

Really, this is my favorite. The more technical recognition indicator (which was already great, but harder to understand) has been replaced by an easy to use, color coded quality indicator. For authors, this makes it much easier to see directly which UI elements are fit for hotspots and which aren’t.


Recognition Quality Indicator Colors

Need some time to let that sink in?

Well, don’t take too long – the next Web Assistant release containing more awesomeness is just around the corner. In fact, you may already want to take a sneak peek at the next preview (canary) deployment – have a look at this blog post to find out how. Hint: One came out today, Oct. 14th 2021!

And one more thing – if you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a new button called “Quick Tour” in your SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Web Assistant. Try it out! It’s a quick tour of your SAP S/4 HANA UI, especially useful for new users.

These are just the highlights – make sure to check the Web Assistant feature overview for the latest news.

Prepare for more awesomeness coming soon!

Take care,


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