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AMC for SAP ASE – How to install AMC on Windows

Prepare yourself for SAP TechEd 2021 and start learning today. This is a blog post series about the new and innovative Administration and Management Console (AMC) for the SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 (SAP ASE) database. Stay tuned for one new blog post about AMC every week until SAP TechEd starts.

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In this blog post we will see how to install AMC on Microsoft Windows operating system, explain the content in the installed AMC directory, and see how to setup AMC to run as a Window service.

Installation steps

AMC can be installed using the SAP ASE installer. Follow these steps:

  • Run the SAP ASE installer
  • Select the Custom option in the ‘Choose Install Set’ page
  • Check the box which says Administration and Management Console
  • Continue till you reach the page ‘Configure New SAP ASE’
  • Check the box which says ‘Enable AMC’
  • Optional: You can also change the value of AMC Server Port. The AMC application will run on this port.
  • Complete the installation.


The installer also starts the AMC application. Once the installation is complete, you can access the AMC application in a web browser at http:\\host:port where host is the machine name or IP address and port is the value of AMC Server Port given in the installer.

Open the directory where SAP ASE is installed. The folder called AMC is the folder where files related to the AMC application are present.

The log directory contains the log files for the AMC application like AMC.log and log files created by the AMC service. The scripts directory contains bat files which are run by the AMC application. The log directory here contains log files of the scripts execution. The file AMC.jar contains UI and Java code for the AMC application. The file contains the configuration related properties which are used by AMC.jar. The files amcservice.exe, amcservice.xml, install.bat and uninstall.bat are related to AMC service.


Except for, do not edit any file in the AMC directory!
Script to run:
  • Stop the AMC application by running stop_AMC.bat
  • Start the AMC application by running start_AMC.bat
Do not run any other bat file located in the scripts directory as these are supposed to be run only by the AMC application code.
To simplify start and stop of AMC and avoid manually running the scripts, you can install AMC as Windows service. Run the file install.bat located in the AMC directory. This will create a Windows service called SAP ASE AMC and also start the AMC application.
Any questions? We have created a learning video for this topic, which will guide you step-by-step with detailed screens.
Have a look:

All infos are also always available in the AMC User Guide in the SAP Help Portal.


The learning journey for AMC will continue next week. Stay tuned and stay safe!


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