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What’s new in BRIM in 2021

With SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, SAP is providing a solution for a flexible implementation of the entire quote-to-cash process, especially for high volume, subscription or usage-based scenarios. 

Let’s have a look on some highlights, SAP has provided in 2021 to better serve the needs for these use cases and how we are supporting our customers transformation journey with future-proven business cases.  


Enhanced Solution Business Capabilities including subscriptions 

Moving away from pure product businesses is a current trend. Additional services are wrapped around physical products and can be sold as a bundle. Different components can be part of one contract but must be treated in different ways. Physical deliveries must be initiated, and a service contract might monitor services and their consumption. And subscriptions contain the entitlement to use specific elements – being it physical or virtual. 

SAP is supporting this concept based on the Solution order, a new object in S/4HANA Cloud. With the 2102 release, Service in SAP S/4HANA Cloud is now also integrated with SAP Subscription Billing. If a subscription is part of a solution order, SAP Subscription Billing takes over and takes care of relevant follow-on processes.   



Increased Pricing Flexibility 

Flexible pricing options are a key aspect in subscription-based scenarios. This is essential to provide competitive offerings on the market. Companies need to react quickly to changing market conditions and agility is key to set up new business scenarios in a flexible way.  

We are proud to introduce the new Price Calculation functionality as a new component within SAP Subscription Billing. More sophisticated pricing configuration options are available now. Subscription pricing is put to a next level with regards to flexibility and supported use cases.  


Subscription Order Management and the integrated process with SAP Entitlement Management 

SAP Entitlement Management has been developed to address any type of entitlements. Entitlements are anything that the customer has the “right to use” based on his contract, for example a specific amount of downloads, hours to use a specific software etc. SAP Entitlement Management covers the entitlement modeling as well as managing these entitlements throughout the entire lifecycle.  

Based on the new integration with Subscription Order Management, entitlement information related to subscription contracts can directly be submitted to SAP Entitlement Management, where the relevant entitlements will then be managed.  


Cost structures with SAP Convergent Invoicing 

In addition to the comprehensive features in SAP Convergent Invoicing, SAP now offers to consider cost posting in Convergent Invoicing. This supports the entry and posting of the cost of goods and services sold. The cost amount can then be used for cost recognition. This new feature improves visibility and accuracy in controlling and profitability analysis. Enhanced cost controlling for digital services including services involving third-party and partner-based services is now possible.  



Improved integration with SAP Cash and Liquidity Management  

Subscription and contract-based scenarios come along with new requirements for liquidity analysis. Instead of a single payment related to the purchase of a specific product, incoming cash spreads over the entire contract lifecycle, can also be usage specific and is more difficult to predict. And of course, treasurers want to have all these details reflected in their reports to take the right decisions. In Cash Management, relevant information from different sources will be updated as part of the “one exposure”. This exposure is built up based on different business transactions in FI-CA. Document postings as well as changes and payments have an impact on these values. Installment plans and promises to pay can be reflected as well.But also, information of unbilled revenue is an important factor to improve cash prediction. As of 2021 we therefore also integrate information from Convergent Invoicing based on billing plans and billable items to improve cash flow analysis with relevant information as soon as possible.  


Please see our new video for some more details on highlights in 2021:



If you want to learn more about SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation solutions: 

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      Author's profile photo Mohan Devaraj
      Mohan Devaraj

      Hi Anne, Thanks for your update. Is there any development for integrating the Third Party Taxation tool at CI/CA box itself for calculating Taxes?  i.e as standalone FICA+CC+CI+CM or absence of CRM/SOM/FI/MM/SD.

      Your response is appreciated!!

      Author's profile photo Heidi Zhao
      Heidi Zhao

      SAP BRIM does have standard integration with most popular third party tax SW. do you have any specific issues with tax software integration?

      Author's profile photo Sankar Krishnaswamy
      Sankar Krishnaswamy

      Hi Anne, Thanks for your great insight into SAP BRIM for s4hana 2021 and earlier versions. I am particularly looking at config guide for s4hana 2021 for BRIM especially integration points SOM to CC, Digital Route, (usage data monetization), CI (FI-CA and FI-AR (if any)) , any special handling for Public sector accounting and finally configuration for AI and ML on payment reconciliations.


      All I could find from SAPPARTEREDGE is Oct 2019 document on integration of SAP BRIM.

      I can be contacted at cell 408-393-3315

      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Anne-Christin Ahrens
      Anne-Christin Ahrens
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Sankar,

      please see our community page, which also includes some links to latest documentation for different products:

      SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management | SAP Community

      To leverage ML for payment clarification, SAP Cash Application add on for contract accounting can be used. This is also possible in combination with our public sector solution (PS-CD).

      Hope that helps!

      Best regards,




      Author's profile photo Sankar Krishnaswamy
      Sankar Krishnaswamy

      Thanks Anne for your prompt reply. I will look at the link you provided and will revert if needed.

      Thanks again