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Attaching COVID Vaccine Card to Health and Vaccine Portlet

We are in the third quarter of 2021, almost two years after the first onset of COVID, but the pandemic continues to affect lives globally! Across the world, fears about the delta variant are leading more businesses, schools, and travel destinations to require vaccination. Regulations and requirements around the COVID Vaccine are constantly shifting everywhere in the world, and employers are figuring out how to stay on top of the situation. Employers, businesses, and governments ask you to prove your vaccination status, a profoundly personal and political subject in some countries and states.

SAP had provided a simple custom MDF Object-based solution in 1H2021 Release: Health and Vaccine Portlet for our existing SuccessFactors customers to track and Health and Vaccine data as part of Return to Work/Office.

This blog will share use cases, and configuration steps to add the Vaccine Verification field my colleague Jaya Krishna Palakusi and I have prototyped in our demo instance.

First, an important disclaimer: SAP is not providing any COVID Vaccine-related legal advice for our customers. We are simply showing how you can utilize SAP SuccessFactors to manage and track Vaccine validation-related requirements if it’s permissible by local/federal authorities to do so in the location of your business !

Employee Vaccine Validation

One of the critical changes we have seen in the last six months is that many Governments have mandated Vaccines for Federal/State employees and have empowered Employers to track and validate employees’ vaccine status. We have seen two common scenarios for vaccine validation :

  • By Providing a Vaccine document

         – Employers may ask employees to submit proof of vaccination; preferably, a copy of the card/document received post-vaccination. E.g., in the US, CDC provides a small white vaccine card.

  • Via Mobile Apps with QR Code

– Many apps developed by various vendors are available to track vaccination status and aid during travel. the Europe, EU Digital COVID Certificate.

– The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation was entered into application on 01 July 2021. EU citizens and residents will now have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

Taking these recent global changes into account, in this blog, we are providing steps to create an attachment field for employees to attach vaccine cards or documents, verification fields, and related workflows/notifications in the existing Health & Vaccine Portlet.

Note: The Attachment field was not provided with the portlet when it was released first during 1H2021 because there was ambiguity over employers asking for vaccine cards. However, much has changed since then. Many health and work authorities such as EEOC and ADA in the US have revised and supplemented their original vaccine-related mandates.

Although the US EEO laws themselves do not prevent employers from requiring employees to bring in documentation or other vaccination confirmation, this information must be kept confidential under the ADA, like all medical information. Please refer to the EEOC site for more details.

Vaccine Verification Fields in SuccessFactors Portlet

The Vaccine Validation process in SuccessFactors is manual, i.e., to be done by one of the HR Admins after an employee provides proof of vaccination.

The steps provided in this blog about Vaccine Validation and Vaccine Card attachment will not be available as a solution to download from Upgrade Center. We have provided the design details and a configuration guide in this blog. If a customer has an HRIS team, they can follow these steps to add these enhancements or work with a Partner or SAP Professional Services team.

Please don’t raise a SAP Support Ticket requesting to add these new enhancements. 

I want to recap that the Health and Vaccine Portlet in SuccessFactors is a Custom MDF Object; this is not a new product from the SuccessFactors HXM Suite.

Vaccine-related requirements are evolving rapidly and are very different for every organization: based on the type of business and where they are located. Keeping these crucial points in mind, we have provided a quick and effective method for our existing SuccessFactors customers to track such information.

The delivered Health and Vaccine Portlet is a template that customers can use as-is or enhance to fit their specific requirements. To learn more about why we went with the MDF Custom object approach and more details about the portlet, visit my Blog – Health and Vaccine Status Tracking Block/Portlet in SuccessFactors.

Prerequisites to enable Vaccine Verification Fields

  • Employee Central and Role-Based Permissions (RBP) must be enabled and implemented to configure the Vaccine Validation fields.
  • The SuccessFactors Health and Vaccine Portlet has already been enabled and implemented in the customer instance.

Design – Vaccine Verification Process

Figure-1 shows the design steps of our current prototype. We came up with these fields after talking to many of our existing customers based on common requirements. You can add more Fields, Workflow, Business Rules, and Notifications as per your specific needs.

Figure 1- Vaccine Verification Process in Health and Vaccine Portlet

  • For Vaccine Validation purposes, you could add four new fields to the Vaccine Tracking sub-portlet
    • COVID Vaccine Card (Attachment field)
    • Vaccine Card Verified =  (Dropdown values Yes/No)
    • Vaccine Card Verified By:
    • Vaccine Card Verified On:
  • These new fields are visible to employees when the Vaccine Status = Fully Vaccinated
  • Trigger a notification to the employee, asking them to upload their Vaccine Card when Vaccine Status= Fully Vaccinated.
  • Employees must have Edit access to the COVID Vaccine Card field only. You may decide to give Employee’s View only access or no access to the remaining three fields.
  • After Employee Uploads the Vaccine Card, an automatic configured Workflow is sent to the HRBP/ADMIN, assigned to the employee based on already configured dynamic group settings. The workflow process should work just like the existing workflow for other tasks.
  • When HR admin receives the workflow, they will validate the vaccine card by opening the attachment and confirming the dosage dates entered by the employee, employee name, and Date of birth.
  • After Successful Validation, HR admin changes the field Vaccine Card Verified = Yes, and Save the entries.
  • Vaccine Status field changes to = Vaccine Verified
  • Finally, a Notification email is sent to the employee and Employee’s Manager confirming the employee’s vaccine validation is complete, without any actual vaccine-related data:        Sample text in our demo system: Congratulations! The HR team has validated your Vaccine Card. We appreciate and respect your efforts to keep the workplace safe!                                           

Design Suggestions for Role-Based Permission (RBP)

  • Employees must have access to the Vaccine Card attachment field
  • You could give View access to Employees for the remaining fields, i.e., if their Vaccine Card was verified, Verified by, and Date of verification.
  • Managers must not have access to the COVID Vaccine Card/Doc attachment field of Employees. But they may have View access to the remaining three fields for their direct reports. You can also decide not to give access to any of the Vaccine Verification fields to managers.
  • HR Admins/HRBPs must have Edit access to the Vaccine Card Verified/Verified By/Verified On the field and View access to the COVID Vaccine Card Field.

Configuration Guide

You can access the detailed Configuration Guide to configure and add the above fields in the Health & Vaccine Portlet: Health and Vaccine Portlet Configuration Guide. The Vaccine Verification-related configuration starts from Page 32.

Please note that this configuration guide is intended for customers or consultants already familiar with Employee Central configuration and Admin Center activities, e.g. Configure Object Definition transaction, configuring workflows and templates, working with Business Rules. This configuration guide is not meant to teach basic Employee Central configurations.

How it works?

1. Employee Step – Attachment Upload via Desktop and Mobile

After completing all configurations, the COVID Vaccine Sub-tab in the Health and Vaccine Portlet looks like Figure 2. In this example, the Employee’s Vaccine Status = Fully Vaccinated.

Figure 2- Vaccine Verification Fields

  • Customers can change the label of these fields if needed.

Employees can upload COVID Vaccine Card via Desktop or through a mobile app (iOS or Android) if SuccessFactors App is enabled and Employer uses SuccessFactors Mobile functionality.

1.1 Uploading via Desktop

Figure 3 shows that employees can go to Health and Vaccine Status Tab in People Profile from desktop/laptop login and upload a scanned and saved picture of the COVID Card.

Employees can upload either a .PDF or .JPG or. PNG image of the COVID card.

1.2 Uploading via Mobile (iOS or Android)

Vaccine Cards or Documents are sensitive medical records. If an employee chooses not to save the Card image on their desktop/laptop, they can directly take a picture from the SuccessFactors app and upload it to the portlet.

  • Open SuccessFactors App with Mobile iOS/Android device and go to People Profile.Figure%203-%20SF%20App%20People%20Profile


  • Click on COVID 19 HEALTH and VACCINE STATUS tab and select Vaccine Status. You will see the Vaccine Status sub-tab. Scroll down to see the Vaccine Verification Fields Figure%205-%20Vaccine%20Status%20tab
  • Click on Upload, and the standard options open up. You could attach a picture of the Vaccine Card from your photo library or take a photo and upload it to the portlet directly.


  • When you have completed the Upload, Click Save, and it will show you the workflow.
  • The workflow is sent to the employee’s HR Admin/HRBP as defined in the system based on your existing RBP settings for dynamic groups.

2. HR Admin Step – Verifying the Vaccine Card 

  • The employee has uploaded and saved the Vaccine Card under Health & Vaccine Portlet in People Profile either via Desktop or Mobile. In this example, Brian Paulsen uploaded his Vaccine card.

  • When saving, he can see that the request is going to the HR Admin Group (assigned based on his department) for validation and approval.                                                                                         
  • HR Admin Madison Franklin picks up the request and reviews the workflow details. The workflow will show in the To-Do Tile, just like other workflows. This is how the workflow looks like :                                                                                                                                                                       


  • Madison opens the attachment, verifies the vaccine card or document dates, and matches them with Brian’s entries in the portlet. Madison also reviews Brian’s First Name and Last name, a DOB maintained in People Profile, to confirm that it matches the card.
  • Once done, she clicks on Update and changes the Vaccine Card Verified to Yes, enters her name and Date on the Verified By and Verified On the field.                                                                      
  • Madison Approves the request, and the workflow is completed. You can notice the Vaccination Status field changed from Fully Vaccinated to Fully Vaccinated-Verified.    

3. Emp/Manager Notification – Vaccination Verified

  • Employees can also see the same Update in the People Profile tab.


  • You can configure a custom Notification for both Employee and Manager when the Vaccine Card is validated in the system. Here’s an example of what we have configured:


The advantage of a custom MDF Object is that you can enhance and modify it as needed. You could add more fields, workflows, notifications, etc., to track and report your employees’ Health and Vaccine status. The fields in Custom MDF Objects are reportable and can also be used in Integration Center (IC) for Integration purposes.

If you wish to enhance the Health Status tab, you could use similar configuration steps and include an attachment field to store Negative COVID Test results. You could also add a new date field in the Vaccine tab to track Booster dates.

There are lots of possibilities to expand and enhance the portlet for Return to Office/Work planning. However, we suggest you work closely with your Legal and Compliance team to ensure any fields you are planning to add are within the purview of your Corporate and Local/Federal Compliance policy.

Related Blog : Health and Vaccine Status Tracking Block/Portlet in SuccessFactors People Profile 

and Collecting Vaccine Data from Onboardee with SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding



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      Author's profile photo Siddharth Rajora
      Siddharth Rajora

      This ll definitely help many customers and its so easy and flexible to implement, thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Sanghamitra Karthik
      Sanghamitra Karthik
      Blog Post Author

      Siddharth Rajora  Thanks Siddharth!

      Author's profile photo Barket Ali Zafar
      Barket Ali Zafar

      Thanks Rinky Karthik for nice Sharing ,Appreciated ,Many Thanks

      Author's profile photo Angela Wheeler
      Angela Wheeler

      Hi Rinky Karthik do you know if SAP has plans to enhance this so that the data can be captured during the recruiting and onboarding processes? Currently we are unable to map to a custom MDF, I hope that this may change in the near future to make the process of capturing this kind of information more complete.




      Author's profile photo Sanghamitra Karthik
      Sanghamitra Karthik
      Blog Post Author

      Angela Wheeler  , I posted a blog yesterday about capturing the vaccine data from Onboardee. Please take a look, I hope its helpful.

      Author's profile photo Angela Wheeler
      Angela Wheeler

      Thank you Rinky Karthik I am aware of this process, though it is great to have such a detailed guide to work with.

      Customers REALLY want to have this capability from Recruiting, as that is when they are capturing the information, so hoping for some enhancement soon that allows us to map to custom MDFs. Do you know if this is on the roadmap?




      Author's profile photo Sanghamitra Karthik
      Sanghamitra Karthik
      Blog Post Author

      Angela Wheeler , The Portlet is not an HXM Suite product, so there is no defined roadmap. We have prototyped the two new use cases (Attachment and Onboarding) based on the many feedback received from customers  and partners. For Recruitment, customers can always add the vaccine fields in the application, if they wish to capture. However, this isn't something we are planning to prototype as of now.


      Author's profile photo Angela Wheeler
      Angela Wheeler

      It's the support for mapping from RCM to ONB/EC that I'm asking about, I saw it mentioned in something to do with the release that there would be support for mapping to custom MDFs - this is what we need, and I'd love to know when that might be expected. Easy to create custom fields in Recruiting but pointless if we can't map it onwards.


      Author's profile photo Marcus Köster
      Marcus Köster

      There are still people refusing a vaccination - instead they have to do a test before the go to plant / office. This needs to be tracked by the employer. DId anyone already implement this scenario?

      Author's profile photo Wiebke Sandmann
      Wiebke Sandmann

      Thanks Rinky Karthik,very good infomation. Was extremly helpfull for our implementation. We are live and happy with our solution.  

      I am looking for a possibility for a customer MDF object (COVID Vaccination) to automatically change the vaccination status after a certain period of time (bussiness rule).

      An example:
      If the date of vaccination is older than 270 days, then set the vaccine status to unvaccinated.

      With ONSAVE-rules I can set alerts and notifications, but unfortunately I can't change value of a field in the MDF object

      MassChanges are also of no help, as they cannot be scheduled on a regular basis.

      Do you have an idea for me?

      Best Regards
      W. Sandmann

      Author's profile photo Sanghamitra Karthik
      Sanghamitra Karthik
      Blog Post Author

      Wiebke Sandmann ,

      I am glad the portlet was helpful! You could always create a Business Rule (schedule via IC) to check the Second Vaccination Date (or first as applicable) to change the Vaccination status and send a notification to employee. I won't suggest changing it to Unvaccinated (which would imply that they were never vaccinated), but rather something like - Re-Vaccination needed or Booster applicable in your region.

      I am tagging Jaya Krishna Palakusi  who is our EC lead who built the Portlet, and he may have some ideas.


      Author's profile photo Wiebke Sandmann
      Wiebke Sandmann

      Hi Rinky Karthik,


      Thanks for the quick and helpful answer.

      I’ve got another problem.

      We implemented Covid / Health and assigned many many rules and workflows. We are very satisfied with the application and its possibilities and have built many processes. An employee may only record in the ESS via a workflow. The COVID objects are "pending data = Yes". If an employee enters new data and this has not been approved yet, the data is visible in the history with the information that the data is still in the workflow. However, if the employee goes to change /create a new record in this situation an error message "Effective date must not be null" appears. As an administrator, I understand what is causing the error message. However, the normal user does not understand this. He thinks he could see his data again this way.

      As the implementer, do I have the option of replacing this error message with a different one or set a new one?

      We have set up many rules, therefore a lots entries appear for the user with the  "RULE-Name: Effective date must not be null".

      It would be nice, If I can send a message “Data in WF, you can’t create new Data at the moment”

      Do you have a solution for this?

      Best regards
      W. Sandman