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SAP Internet of Things now includes powerful services for the IoT Edge

Leading analysts predict that 70% of enterprises will run varying levels of data processing at the IoT edge by 2023 and 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2022, confirming the importance of investing on edge computing. Furthermore, we have witnessed an increasing trend of customers wanting to use IoT data with consistent execution in both, Edge and in the Cloud, across many use cases, and therefore decided to include powerful Edge capabilities within our SAP Internet of Things offering. This step sets the foundation for flexible processing of IoT workloads in cloud and edge as needed by the customer’s use cases for both light weight and heavy industrial applications. At the same time customers can now benefit from the flexible consumption model we are offering for SAP IoT.

From the August 16th release, SAP IoT benefits from a new containerized edge which, with its new architecture, brings new business value in many ways. SAP IoT Edge allows to orchestrate containerized services and applications centrally from the cloud. IoT Edge runs on lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) which provides a layer of abstraction across heterogenous infrastructures at the edge. SAP IoT Edge is available for your customers today and contains the following powerful capabilities with more to come!

  • Cloud-orchestrated edge: Deploy and manage the lifecycle and configuration of containerized core and extension services at the edge, from the cloud.
  • Edge gateway service: Connect to devices securely, buffer IoT data locally when disconnected to the cloud, and send back commands to fleets of devices.
  • Persistence service: Support secure, local database access for applications and offline edge dashboards.
  • Extension logic at the edge: Enable dashboards, machine learning models, and other services in any programming language to be packaged as containers to run locally at the edge.
  • Smart Sensing for edge computing provides low latency responses while tolerating intermittent cloud connectivity and bandwidth limitations for Smart Sensing that permits automatically identifying physical objects through events, enriching them with business context and integrating them into business processes, without human intervention.

These are just some of the major benefits introduced by the new SAP IoT Edge that will deliver supply chain resiliency with autonomous operational processes and an increased productivity. Make sure to stay tuned to learn more on the upcoming new features and reach out to us for deeper discussions with Q&As.

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      Author's profile photo Romano Soligo
      Romano Soligo


      Could  I connect SAP IOT Edge (on-premise) with DMC (on cloud) via Sap IOT (on cloud) ?

      Because DMC in Edge configuration doesn't allow extension on the the Edge Node (on premise)


      Author's profile photo Romano Soligo
      Romano Soligo

      Please ignore my comment, because the product will be retired. Se link below.