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Author's profile photo Luan Wagner

Preallocated Stock in SAP S/4HANA Cloud WM

It may happen you have products that are urgently needed for goods issue but are not yet available in the warehouse. These products might be required, for example, by production or customers.

With preallocated stock you can forward the stock directly from the interim storage area for goods receipt directly to the interim storage area for goods issue. This minimizes the time of disruption by skipping putaway to final bin and then stock removal in another step.

Limitation: The system can process preallocated stock for general inbound processes only. It means synchronous goods movement is not yet supported and an inbound delivery must be created.


  1. Enable preallocated attribute on the Putaway WPT.
    Supply Chain > Warehouse Management > Cross-Process Settings > Define Warehouse Process Type:Fig%201.%20Define%20Warehouse%20Process%20Type.png

    Fig 1. Define Warehouse Process Type.png

  2. Activate change documents for preallocated stock (suggested): Allows you to activate change documents to track changes to preallocated stock for a warehouse in the warehouse monitor.Supply Chain > Warehouse Management > Internal Warehouse Processes > Activate Change Documents
  3. Define preallocated stock references categories (optional): Allows you to define reference categories to group documents or information relevant to preallocated stock.Supply Chain > Warehouse Management > Internal Warehouse Processes > Define Preallocated Stock References


50 PC of a material are urgently needed in production supply area, storage bin PROD-SUPPLY. We will create a preallocated stock entry requesting this material to forward the incoming stock directly to the production supply area, disregarding the putaway behavior.

  1. Create a preallocated stock entry in the Warehouse Monitor app > Stock and Bin > Preallocated Stock.

    Fig 2. Warehouse Monitor app.png


    Fig 3. Create Preallocated Stock entry screen.png


    Fig 4. Warehouse Monitor app, Preallocated Stock entry.png

  2. Create inbound delivery to receive the product. This delivery has 100 PC whereas the required quantity in the PSA bin is 50 PC.

    Fig 5. Warehouse Monitor app, Inbound Delivery created.png

  3. In Change Inbound Deliveries – Deliveries app, post goods receipt and create the putaway warehouse tasks.

    Fig 6. Change Inbound Deliveries – Deliveries app.png

  4. Open the created WTs. 50 PC were created for storage bin PROD-SUPPLY (preallocated stock entry) and 50 PC for storage bin S001-01-01 (standard putaway behavior)

    Fig 7. Process Warehouse Tasks app.png

After confirming the putaway WTs, the preallocated stock entry is deleted. If the inbound delivery was not enough to fulfill the preallocated stock quantity (e.g. if the inbound delivery was for 40 PC), the preallocated stock entry would still remain waiting for the remaining 10 PC.

Additional Information

SAP Warehouse Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2105 Development Overview

SAP Help Portal Process Preallocated Stock:

SAP Help Portal Configuration for Preallocated Stock:

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      Author's profile photo Eric Carlson
      Eric Carlson

      Hi Luan - nice post giving some detail on this functionality!  Any continuation of the blog exploring what happens once in the preallocated stock bin?  I assume there is still outbound delivery and stock removal occurring next to ship the material out?  Eventual tie into aATP processes would be ideal, we will see how this evolves.  Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Luan Wagner Rodrigues
      Luan Wagner Rodrigues

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t planing on a continuation for this blog post.

      You’re right though, now the stock is available in the required bin and a stock removal (in case of outbound delivery) or a consumption posting (in case of production material request) should happen.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Jens Koyen
      Jens Koyen

      Hello Luan,

      Thank you for including this light cross-docking feature in Cloud WM and describing the process in detail. This will certainly come-in useful for our Cloud customers' warehouse activities.

      However, we tried the setup for a trading good scenario, meaning the bought item is urgently needed at the goods issue are S920 and unfortunately following above steps were unsuccesful. Could you please review the steps below:

      1. We have flagged WPT S110 for "Preallocated stock allowed"
      2. We have created a "CROSS-DOCK" storage bin in in our goods receipt area S910 (also tried with a CROSS-DOCK bin in a storage type that is part of our PACI)
      3. When creating putaway warehouse tasks in the Warehouse Monitor, we receive the message "Process-Oriented Storage Control" is not relevant. Unsure where this information is coming from as this feature does not exist yet in Cloud WM.
      4. Moreover, we are capable of creating the putaway WT's in the "Change Inbound Deliveries - Deliveries" app, but then it just runs on the standard PACI and the system initiates putaway into the warehouse.

      Based on the above steps, do you know which setup is still missing to ensure this process works?

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Kind regards,
      Jens Koyen

      Author's profile photo Luan Wagner Rodrigues
      Luan Wagner Rodrigues

      Hi Jens,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I ran into this error message before but I thought it had been corrected in 2108CE. Can you please open an SAP incident to check the customizing in detail?

      Best regards,