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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 2.0​ What’s new 2110​

Hello Community, 

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2110 release available, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for you.

Release Agenda – What’s new 2110

Cloud Components

Cloud Studio

  • ​S/4HANA On-premise Web Application​ recorder
  • New methods in Automation’s Expression Editor
  • Interact with User Tasks formatting via Automations
  • Application’s Screen preview display in Automation editor 
  • Automation canvas navigation updates

SDK packages

  • PDF SDK updates 
  • Outlook SDK updates
  • SAP UI5 SDK Updates 
  • Core SDK updates 

Cloud Components 

 S/4HANA system Recorder in Web GUI Applications

  • SAP Web GUI recorder supports recording of Web GUI pages inside an iFrame
  • Web GUI embedded inside  S/4HANA On-premise Web Application​
  • Used to display a Web page within a Web page
  • Not applicable for S/4HANA Cloud system
  • Unified experience recording on SAP Web GUI

New methods in Expression Editor of Automations

  • Use Javascript Standard built-in objects and functions inside Expression Editor instead of adding Custom Scripts 
  • New methods added for String object in expression editor 
    • charAt()
    • charCodeAt()
    • endsWith()
    • fromCharCode()
    • includes()
    • localeCompare()
    • match()
    • repeat()
    • startsWith() 
    • toLocaleLowerCase()
    • toLocaleUpperCase()

Customize User Tasks formatting via Automations

Edit the size rendering of User Tasks in Automations by setting height, width and position parameters to improve the display of UI popups when running your bots

Screen preview display in Automation editor

  • Easily add screens in the Automation flow with screen preview displayed
  • Hover over the screens list to view the screen thumbnail

Updated on-screen interactions in Automation canvas

  • Improved on-screen interactions techniques when designing automations to better view content in the canvas
  • Unified experience with Application editor
  • Navigation component replaced with more intuitive techniques to navigate on the automation canvas
  • Zooming component simplified and improved with more capabilities including Zoom to Fit and Zoom 100% 

SDK Improvements

Get enrichment Data for Document extraction in PDF SDK

New Activities in PDF SDK to support data enrichment provided by Document Extraction Service (DOX)

  • Upload and better manage your master data in “Document Information Extraction” service
  • Better data matching of business entities like sender, receiver and employee in your documents

New activities in Outlook SDK 

Enhanced file uploader control in SAP UI5

Use “File Upload” activity to upload bank statements when automating SAPUI5 Applications​

Synchronous Click activity in Core SDK for UI Automation 

Click Sync activity executes a click action on a control synchronously to ensure the execution of actions as defined in the Automation sequence

Duplicated activities excluded for SAP Win GUI 

Activities in SAP Gui SDK extended from the Core SDK will not appear twice in the list of activities


Public Store

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Thank you and stay tuned, the release of this version will happen very soon ! 

What’s New  

What’s New 

To learn more about other SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enhancements, please refer to the What’s New page. 


For more information on SAP Intelligent RPA 

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