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Author's profile photo Roman Gorbenko

SAP PO. JDBC Adapter for MS SQL Server and Oracle. Step by step guide.

Logical Prerequisites.

Do you want to connect SAP PI/PO (ver. 7.5 in this Scenario) to an external database (MS SQL Server and Oracle in this Scenario)

Step 1. Check installed JDBC/JMS drivers in SAP PO

          j2ee port: 5<instance number>00
b.In the dropdown menu select Libraries
c.Filter for the component name
Example before installation.

Step 2. Download related JDBC driver

Step 2.1. Resolve dependencies

N.B. Be aware of the dependencies between the SAP NetWeaver version, the required JVM and the supported JDBC driver. Always use the JDBC driver version that is compatible with the JVM version of your SAP NetWeaver release.
For example
Support matrix for MS SQL Server
Support matrix for Oracle
Check JRE version
N.B. You can check the Java version for your SAP PO system
NWA > Configuration > Infrastructure > System Information > select the Instance in the list and this is what you should see:

Step 2.2. Download driver.

Compare this information with JDBC specification support and download a compatible driver

Step 3. XI 3RD PARTY component.

Step 3.1. Java Support Tool utility

Download java-utility Java Support Tool
It is a very useful version viewer (and not only) for SAP PI/PO systems

Step 3.2. Check current component version

Check release, SP, and Patch version for component  XI 3RD PARTY

Step 3.3. Download component

Download component  XI 3RD PARTY with the same Release, SP, and Patch version as on Step 3.2

Step 4. SDA-file creation.

Step 4.1. SDA Maker Tool utility

Download sdaMakerTool.jar (file attached to KBA Note #1028961)
1028961 – How to prepare axisproviderlib.sda for Adapter Framework

Step 4.1.Creation process

Input: XI 3RD PARTY component and JDBC driver
Output: file
Installation options:
  • SUM
  • Telnet
  • NWDS
Further steps for Telnet scenario and Linux as operation system

Step 5.1.Telnet connection and deployment process

a.SSH connection to SAP PI/PO server
b. Upload file from Step 4.2 to folder
su – <sid>adm
telnet localhost 55408
and sign in as an Administrator user
execute the following commands:
add deploy
deploy /usr/sap/<SID>/J<instance>/j2ee/temp/ version_rule=all on_deploy_error=stop
N.B. Workaround for remote telnet connection:
2445893 – How to access NetWeaver AS Java via Telnet from any host

Step 6. Checking procedure

Step 6.1. Check deployment log

cat  /usr/sap/<SID>/J<instance>/work/deploy.0.log
Output example:
[offline] (156) :Offline Phase Deployer – Deployment of component [] has finished with [OfflineSuccess]#

Step 6.2. Check library after deployment

Procedure the same as on Step 1
Output example:

Step 7. Integration Builder settings

Integration Builder – Communication Components Without Party
Bussines System
Business System from your Scenario
Create Receiver / Sender Communication Channel
Under JDBC Driver, enter the Java class of the JDBC driver.
Oracle – oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
Under Connection, specify the address with which you can open a database connection using the JDBC driver.
MSSSQL – jdbc:sqlserver://[serverName[\instanceName][:portNumber]][;property=value[;property=value]]
Oracle – jdbc:oracle:<drivertype>:@<database>
You can use this communication channel for example in Proxy to JDBC Scenario –


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided.

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      Author's profile photo Chiling Yao
      Chiling Yao

      A great and informative blog! Thanks,


      Author's profile photo Pushpankar Tripathi
      Pushpankar Tripathi

      Hi Roman,

      It is a nice blog. I was able to setup proxy to jdbc scenario in our PI system following this blog. the connection works fine with local user account.

      Now there is a requirement to use AD user in place of local user account. We are facing error while configuring that. We are using below connection string -


      We are getting below error -

      JDBC message processing failed; reason Error when attempting to get processing resources: Unable to create new pooled resource: DriverManagerException: Cannot establish connection with the registered driver. returns: Failed to load MSAL4J Java library for performing ActiveDirectoryPassword authentication..
      : Failed to load MSAL4J Java library for performing ActiveDirectoryPassword authentication.


      I tried to look for MSAL4J library in sap portals and also on MS portals but could not find the file to download. Can you help me with steps to configure AD authentication for proxy to jdbc scenario. Also, where can i get this missing library file. Thank you in advance 🙂