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Author's profile photo Beyhan MEYRALI

SAP PM – PP Integration Planned Maintenance & Capacity Planning


Capacity planning is essential part of production planning. And for that we need to know availability of our work centers. Getting MRP results related to those work centers gives you idea about load of work you need to plan but we also need to pay attention to planned maintenances of those work centers. In order to make a realistic plan.

Thankfully SAP PM and PP can be linked organically to reflect planned maintenance orders to PP capacity plans. And SAP PP can feed SAP PM as well, as mentioned below.


SAP PM and PP link can be created on two areas.

First, SAP PM Equipment/PRT(Production Resource / Tool(IE01,IE25)) & PP operations(CA01,CA02) can be linked to create measurement documents for measuring points of PRT equipment. By using measuring point you can create plans(IP41) and automatically schedule maintenance orders(IP30). For that please check this SAP Blog Post by Sandeep Praharaj.

And the second, which is also reason why I write this blog post, to make, SAP PM Maintenance to appear on CM21/CM21 PP capacity planning. You need those following settings, if you want PM Order to be considered by capacity planning.

Please follow those steps below;

1- IE01 -> Create an equipment and fill workcenter information. Workcenter should have capacitiy planning data “Relevant to Finite Scheduling” must be checked.

Check Capacity settings of Workcenter – Capacities Tab(Choose Machine) -> Capacity “Relevant to Finite Scheduling” setting.


2- IW31 -> Create Maintenance Order for equipment and set System Condition to “0”

Please pay attention to;

  • Maintenance order must be released
  • Equipment work center is not related to order maintenance workcenter.
  • Maintenance Order duration is considered in CM21 / CM25.


And now, you can check the capacity in CM21 or CM25 and you will see the maintenance order.


So, with those small changes on our equipment and maintenance order, now we can see true capacity of our work center. In that way, Instead of making plan for whole duration, although whole duration is now available in reality, now we can make more realistic capacity planning with consideration of maintenance orders for our work centers.

Feel free to ask questions or if you have any feed back to provide, comment below. Please share if you think that can be useful.

Hope that helps.

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      Author's profile photo mauricio alonso jaramillo alvarez
      mauricio alonso jaramillo alvarez

      Hi Beyhan, It´s a very good explanation!

      Author's profile photo Vignesh Veerasamy
      Vignesh Veerasamy

      Great one Beyhan MEYRALI

      Clearly articulated.

      Major challenge is the PP Workcentre integration with PM Workcentre - clearly explained in above.

      Vignesh V

      Author's profile photo Jie Peng
      Jie Peng

      I try it in system follow , but I can't see maintance order in CM25, what's I need to to if want show in CM25?

      Author's profile photo Deepak Doddagoudar
      Deepak Doddagoudar

      Neat and precise explanation Beyhan.

      But there is one point, I feel, should have been covered here - Dont we have to set the Indicator for 'Reservation by PM" against the system condition '0' in the configuration?

      Please correct me if I am wrong:)



      Deepak Doddagoudar

      Author's profile photo Beyhan MEYRALI
      Beyhan MEYRALI
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Deepak,

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I am here to correct you.

      System condition 0 is, by default, set to Reservation by PM.Unless somebody changed it.


      Author's profile photo Deepak Doddagoudar
      Deepak Doddagoudar

      Hello there Beyhan:),

      Ah ha... THank you for correcting me.

      Now I see why it is checked in my Client system.



      Author's profile photo Venu R
      Venu R

      Hi Beyhan,

      This is a very interesting topic, and great insights provided by you.

      I have a quick query, from plant maintenance perspective, can we perform capacity levelling utilizing FIORI apps?

      As more clients are leaning, to only using Fiori apps, the functionalities of CM21 or CM25 which were used for capacity levelling by Plant maintenance users are no more available from Fiori perspective.

      I am unable to find a suitable replacement from Fiori apps perspective.

      The apps Manage work center capacity (F3289), capacity scheduling table, and capacity scheduling board cannot be used by PM, as we have to set 'Area of Responsibility' initially, which from plant maintenance perspective cannot be assigned.

      Please provide your comments on the same. Or any suggestions to tackle the situation.




      Author's profile photo Anand Jain
      Anand Jain

      Hi Beyhan,

      It was a good explanation,

      Can you share me process where I can plan PRT as work center, and make capacity Planning accordingly to it also,

      Case is:-

      1. Let say I have one WC with Setup for 15 min and Process of 45 Min,
      2. At the same WC we are using a PRT which will be used for 65 Min.( 5 min extra for cleaning and indexing)
      3. Also this PRT cannot be used more than 10 time, so life is max 650 minute of operation.
      4. Also this PRT need to be procured.

      Now I want to plan and schedule the work

      Can you help me how to config this scenario.



      Anand Jain