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Transform Your Business with SAP Business Technology Platform

How do we drive growth in a world of disruption? Face the new realities of shifting business models, supply chain chaos, and intense financial pressure? Redesign working setups accordingly, while supporting employee health and well-being? Minimize costs and maximize innovation? Ensure the business stays future-proof?

These are just a few of the urgent issues that business leaders tell us they face every day.

Combatting ever-changing market and economic conditions

Today, every business must be agile. You must be able to make sense of staggering volumes of data to anticipate market trends and become an insight-driven company. You need to invest in technology to automate tasks and integrate processes to connect the business end to end, including suppliers and partners, with full visibility. And, you must innovate relentlessly, faster than the competition – all while dealing with constant change and being mindful of the vital need to develop more sustainable business practices.

Many companies lack the flexibility required to adapt and respond to change:

  • Their employees and customers are confronted with different interfaces and follow convoluted procedures to get to what they need, while the business struggles to retain customers and increase employee engagement.
  • Business processes are fragmented across siloed applications and organizations are using error-prone manual tasks to fill the missing links, adding cost and latency to operations.
  • Digitalization of new processes is progressing slowly as complex landscapes and outdated technologies delay innovation and prevent the smooth integration of new and old.

To thrive in our rapidly changing world, you need to deliver successful business outcomes in an accelerated, agile, and efficient way. Across the globe, companies in every industry are dealing with unprecedented levels of disruption. Whether in sales, marketing, supply chain, finance, or human resources, you must find solutions quickly to keep your business running smoothly while supporting your customers and employees. These challenges, when dealt with optimally, can yield significant business opportunities that increase efficiency and productivity, cut costs, and greatly increase an organization’s ability to deal with change.

Achieve business transformation with a unified, open, comprehensive platform

Business transformation is about improving company performance by continuously improving employee skillsets, providing business users with capable systems, ensuring the availability of high-quality data, and establishing business processes that enable and support the achievement of company objectives. Our customers achieve business transformation with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

SAP BTP is the unified, business-centric, and open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. With unrivaled development efficiency, it empowers SAP developers, customers, and partners alike to integrate, create value from data, and extend in SAP landscapes. To achieve this, we bring our existing technology products together with new capabilities (e.g. low-code/no code, marketplace) in one place available through flexible consumption models, such as Pay-As-You-Go.

SAP BTP provides the flexibility and independence you need by delivering technology to move assets to the cloud, integrate the IT landscape, and configure and extend SAP and third-party applications:

  • Unified: To meet customer demand for a more intuitive, simple platform, SAP BTP offers a unified experience that spans a wide variety of scenarios around integration, creation of value from data, and extensibility for processes in 25 key industries.
  • Business-centric: SAP BTP features are focused on improving the business outcomes companies can achieve. The platform offers process- and data-specific tooling that helps organizations rapidly build and extend SAP applications. Business services and prepackaged content help users meet domain-specific requirements and develop focused data analysis scenarios.
  • Open: Companies need flexibility when it comes to how they deploy and run business processes and IT systems. Because SAP BTP is open, organizations can choose how to build and extend – on a hyperscaler cloud infrastructure, in SAP data centers, or on their own premises.

Because SAP BTP handles the technology complexities, companies can focus on solving specific problems as they build on core processes and strategic application and technology investments. The platform gleans new insights from enterprise data and from industry or external data – insights organizations can rapidly tap into. And, SAP BTP simplifies access to the partner ecosystem through a marketplace, so companies can get additional content and extensions that fit their needs as part of their platform journey with SAP.

Creating powerful business outcomes

Customers can achieve agility, business value, and continual innovation through integration, data to value, and extensibility of all SAP and third-party applications and data assets:

  • Integration: A large volume of data existing in a variety of nonstandard formats can be of significant business value, but first, it must be integrated from multiple sources or applications. Even if your IT landscape hosts a highly diverse mix of on-premise and cloud solutions, you can integrate niche applications across vendors, legacy applications, various platforms, and open-source technologies to deliver a unified user experience.
  • Data to Value: While data volume grows year after year, companies continue to struggle to make use of it and create significant business value. Gain a united view across on-premise, cloud, SAP, and third-party data assets and create advanced insights to make real-time decisions and decide with confidence.
  • Extensibility: Today’s dynamic marketplace requires that your business adapt and differentiate itself swiftly by intelligently refining and enhancing processes with software that follows business logic. Achieve rapid innovation by customizing applications to meet your unique needs with app dev capabilities, business process management, and intelligent business services.

With an open architected platform, you can easily extend your IT landscapes, bridging on-premise and cloud landscapes to build new functionality, while leveraging your existing investments. The platform is unified in its data and processes, technology, functionalities, and user experience. This not only reduces data movement, but also preserves data integrity and reduces the total cost of ownership.

SAP BTP contains all the ready-built, end-to end tools (integration packs, connectors, digital content and business workflows, industry content and process workflows, analytics, etc.) to accelerate development and to achieve faster time to value. The platform lets you build new innovations and functionalities into your existing products, thereby giving the optimal user experiences and solutions for the future.

Find more information about SAP BTP below:

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      Pol moores

      Transforming a business into a digital-savvy organization doesn't have to be difficult. You just need to be sure that every step leads to important business results and helps you achieve your goals. Thank you for sharing your information on the fight against ever-changing market and economic conditions. Also, I'm interested in what you think about the android enterprise browser, whether it is needed to improve efficiency.