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Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET

SAP analytics Cloud, see latest news from Microsoft Office integration

With the latest Q3 2021 release, you can benefit from SAP Analytics Cloud new model type in Excel, to cover complex requirements. This includes the flexibility to plan or report in Excel using a large number of currencies.

We also introduced the option to “Show repetitive member names” in the grid which fasten integration with Excel formulas or Pivot table creation.

New Model Support in SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft Excel

You can now use models of the new model type “Model with Measures” for your analyses and planning.

So it is now possible to retrieve and display data created on a New model type for Analytics and Planning scenarios.
Data contained in the New Model type as Measures ( decimal, integer, exception of aggregation….), Calculated Measures, Conversion Measures and dimensions can then be consumed in Excel environment .

Amounts can be retrieved in Local currency (LC) , defined Group currency (GC) or converted in to any desired currency. Complex calculations from the model can also be retrieved.

New option “Show Repetitive member names” in SAP Analytics Cloud, add-in for Microsoft  Office table.

On the builder pane, end-user can now choose to show repetitively Dimension’s member names in the table.

This will help the end-user to benefit from Excel capabilities, e.g. it will support smoothly integration with Excel Index formulas or Pivot table creation on top of SAP Analytics Cloud Data as no header cell will remain empty in the grid.


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      Author's profile photo Vibhav Nallan
      Vibhav Nallan

      Great article! Could you please let me know when this add-in will support models using a BW Live or SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Live connection?

      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author


      Yes ,great news ! SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Live connection is planned to be released to customer by end of this week ( around Oct 6). Then  you will benefit from the add-in  Excel strengths on top of DWC sources.

      Next live source we do plan to support is  S/4HANA Cloud. Others sources as BW are in our backlog too but not for mid -term direction. You can have a deeper look in our road map  .



      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author

      SAP Data Warehouse Cloud live connectivity is available now ! See this blog. for further details.


      Author's profile photo Vibhav Nallan
      Vibhav Nallan

      Hi Jeanne, one other question. Does this add-in support models in DWC with Input Parameters? Appreciate any light you could shed on this.




      Author's profile photo Basavaraj Roddanavar
      Basavaraj Roddanavar

      Hi Vibhav,

      Models in DWC with input parameters are not supported in ocean currently.

      Even native SAC model with input parameters are also not supported.

      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Kris Stono
      Kris Stono

      Hi Jeanne, is there any view as to when the Live source to S/4HANA Cloud would be available? I had a look at the roadmap but can't see any mention of this yet.

      Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated.





      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kris this is planned for H2 22 . Best Jeanne

      Author's profile photo Beyza Menguec
      Beyza Menguec

      Hello Jeanne,

      What a great article it is!

      I have also same question in my mind, when will BW Live connection be available? In the roadmap we only able to see next quarter. Do you have any rough delivery date?



      Author's profile photo Saeid Gharakhaninia
      Saeid Gharakhaninia

      Dear Jeanne,

      Thx for your nice posts.

      We do have the SAC live connection installed on BW4HANA system. And the excel analytics cloud is also installed.

      After sign-in in excel sap anaytics cloud, when I want to add a Tabel, I get the standard system models. It is Samples.

      I am getting the models we created in SAC.

      I don't know what I am missing.

      Is the live connection functionality available or is this what you mean by availability planned for H2 22 ?



      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author


      currently we read data based on acquired models and  the first live source we do support is Data Warehouse Cloud .

      We do plan for more live source support but we are going step by step and  next one planned to be supported is S4Hana Cloud .

      BW/Hana  support are known requirements but not yet planned concretely in our road map.



      Author's profile photo Ramachandran Ramachandran
      Ramachandran Ramachandran

      Hi Jeanne


      I am still not able to connect to Live Model from S/4 Cloud. As per the roadmap this was supposed to be  in the last week release.


      Note : I can connect to S/4 Cloud but still dont see the Live models yet.....Does anything need to be enabled?

      Jeanne BIGONNET



      Author's profile photo Jeanne BIGONNET
      Jeanne BIGONNET
      Blog Post Author


      with the latest delivery (2022.20)  from last week you should see it now.