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What is the function of Release Blocked Invoices app?

There have been many queries on the SAP Fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”. So, I decided to write a blog post about it. In this blog post, I am going to explain the basic functionality and cover the “how to use it?” along with steps.

The SAP Fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”  is used to, as the name says, release the blocked invoices. An invoice can get blocked for multiple reasons due to the difference in one or more items. To proceed with payment, blocked invoices need to be released (please consult the purchasing department or supplier before releasing the block).

Blocked invoices can be released using this app in two ways, either manual or automatic.

  • In Manual option, you can select the blocked invoices in the list using the following filters:     ‘Blocked Due to Variances‘, ‘Manual Payment Block‘ and ‘Stochastically Blocked‘.
  • In Automatic option, system checks each of the blocking reason to evaluate if they are still valid. If a blocking reason is invalid, the system deletes it.

“Release Blocked Invoices” can only remove payment block that are set at the document creation in the SAP Fiori app “Create Supplier Invoice-Advanced” or “Create Supplier Invoice”. These documents create an entry in the SAP backend table RBKP_BLOCKED. Only payment block of the invoices with an entry in the RBKP_BLOCKED table can be removed using the SAP Fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”.

Now, we shall see how to use this SAP Fiori app:

Let us consider that a purchase order is created to procure a material and the goods receipt has been posted. However, there are still open items so you would like to block the automatic payment process.

The automatic payment can be blocked for a supplier invoice using a payment block.

The below steps explain how the payment block is added in the supplier invoice:

First, navigate to the SAP Fiori app “Create Supplier Invoice” and create a supplier invoice for a purchase order. In the supplier invoice, go to “Payment” tab and select the payment block as “Blocked for payment(A)”.

Save the document and supplier invoice gets created with the payment status as “Blocked for Payment”.

Now, we shall see how to release the above supplier invoice for posting using the SAP Fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”.

Go to the SAP Fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”.

In the SAP Fiori app you will see the screen where you need to enter following values:

  • Invoice document with the supplier invoice number,
  • Fiscal year
  • Select the processing as “Release Manually
  • Select the blocking procedure as “Manual Payment Block” and click Execute.

You will be navigated to the next screen where the blocked invoices are listed.

Click “Release Invoice” to release the invoice block.

Once the block is released Status is shown in the color green.

Click save changes and the message “invoices released” is displayed. You will not find the released invoice document here.


For those invoices where the payment block is set in the FI, they will not have an entry in RBKP_BLOCKED table. So, for those invoices, the invoice block will not be removed using the fiori app “Release Blocked Invoices”. In this case, if you try to remove the block using the app “Release Blocked Invoices”, as there is no entry in table RBKP_BLOCKED, the message “There are no blocked invoices that match your selection” is displayed which is a standard behavior.

The payment block which is set in FI is also displayed in the MM document. As these blocks are set in the FI, they can only be removed in the FI. Once the block is released in FI, it also the releases the payment block in MM document.


By now you would have understood the functionality of the app “Release Blocked Invoices” and also the criteria to remove the payment block using this app from the supplier invoices.

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