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Recent Innovations in the SAP HANA Database Explorer (Q3 2021)

The SAP HANA database explorer provides a web-based tool to browse and query your SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA database and data lake.  This past quarter has seen many new features added.  Features can appear in the SAP HANA database explorer as often as every two weeks which is different from SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA database, which introduces new features on a quarterly release cycle as described in Releases and Upgrades in SAP HANA Cloud.  To see a complete list of recent new features for the SAP HANA database explorer, use the What’s New link from the SAP HANA database explorer.

Whats New link from the database explorer

This opens to What’s New in SAP HANA Cloud with a filter applied to the Category field.

  • Visual Clues for Production Databases
    There are now visual clues alerting you to be careful about executing statements that could impact performance when working with databases that are marked as production databases.
  • View SQL Warnings
    When the SAP HANA database returns a warning as part of executing a statement, the warning now appears in the SQL Console.SQL%20Warning
  • Support for Google Cloud Storage in the Import and Export Wizards
    As of SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA database version QRC 3, 2021, you can use the import and export wizards with data stored on Google Cloud Storage.
  • Import Data Wizard Enhancements
    When importing an Apache Parquet file, or a CSV file that has a header row, the import wizard now displays the column names found in the file during the table mapping step.
    When importing from a cloud storage provider, you can now opt to create an error log file in the event that errors occur.
    When importing a local file, you can now opt to trim whitespace and specify the field delimiter.
  • New Options When Downloading or Copying Results from the SQL Console
    When downloading or copying results from the SQL Console, you can now opt to specify the field delimiter and enclosure, and whether to include the column names as a header row.
  • Ability to View Proxy and Virtual Tables (SQL on Files)
    You can now view the proxy and virtual tables that are used to enable queries on files stored as part of SQL on Files.
    SQL%20on%20Files%20virtual%20table%20editorMore details on SQL on Files can be found at What is SQL on Files.
  • Graph Viewer Now Supports Algorithms and Composite Keys
    You can now use the shortest path algorithm to show an optimal route between vertices.
    You can also use the neighborhood algorithm to show only the vertices that are connected to a specified vertex.
    You can now view graph workspaces consisting of edge and vertex tables with composite keys in the graph viewer.

For step-by-step instructions demonstrating many of the features of the SAP HANA database explorer, see the tutorial group Get Started with the SAP HANA Database Explorer.

You may also be interested in viewing 2021-Q3 Key Innovations in SAP HANA Cloud Central and SAP HANA Cockpit and What’s New in SAP HANA Cloud – September 2021.

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      Author's profile photo Bodhisattwa Pal
      Bodhisattwa Pal

      As per my understanding we have a Microservice SAP HANA Database in SAP BTP in SAP Cloud Foundry environment. . But I have a misconception or conception that whatever data that persists in this SAP HANA Database layer can by CAP program (developed via node.js) .As shown in the blog

      My question is the database table created in SAP HANA Database layer is available for use in SAP ABAP (Steampunk/RAP --On BTP ) . As in can we write select statement on that table on Behavior definition .