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Author's profile photo Appala Naidu Uppada

SAP Integration Suite – How to seamlessly upgrade your tenant to a higher service plan


SAP Integration Suite offers multiple service plans catering to different needs of our customers.

With October 2021 release, we will be providing the much sought after feature to seamlessly #upgrade an existing Integration Suite tenant to a higher service plan. Customers can now easily upgrade their current plan from a lower edition to a higher edition. For example, you can upgrade to standard edition (or) premium edition from basic edition, and be able to consume the features like B2B Integration and Low-code API on your existing tenant. Also note that the upgrade would not cause any downtime for the existing tenant.

In this blog, I will summarize the process required to upgrade the  service plan.


You have:

  • Active Integration Suite tenant.
  • Procured additional entitlements required to upgrade the tenant.

Upgradation Procedure

If you are planning to upgrade a basic_edition Integration Suite tenant to a standard_edition, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Verify, Configure and Assign the Higher Service Plan Entitlement to the Subaccount

Global Account Admin can verify the entitlements in Global Account > Entitlements > Service Assignments to ensure the availability of the service plans before you upgrade.

The below screenshot shows the entitlements screen for basic_edition and standard_edition.


Global Account – Entitlements – Service Assignments


Global Account Admin needs to assign the standard_edition service plan to the subaccount wherever the basic_edition service plan has been already subscribed.

To assign the service plan you need to navigate to Global Account > Entitlements > Entity Assignments and configure entitlements as shown below:


a. Entity Assignments – Go


b. Configure Entitlements


c. Assign Service Plan


d. Save


Once the assignment is successful on your subaccount, you should see the screen below:


e. Entity Assignments

Step 2:  Upgrading the Service Plan

Navigate to Subaccount > Services > Instances and Subscriptions > Update and perform the steps as shown below:


a. Update


Select standard_edition from the dropdown in the pop-up dialog and choose Update Subscription.


b. Update Subscription

REMEMBER: This action cannot be reverted.


Once the upgrade is successful, you can notice the plan change as shown here:


c. Plan Update – Success

Step 3:  Activating Additional Capabilities

You can activate the new capabilities offered in the higher plan by navigating to Go to Application > Manage Capabilities > Add Capabilities as shown below:


a. Go To Application


b. Manage Capabilities


c. Add Capabilities

Congratulations !!

Now you have successfully upgraded your Integration Suite tenant in a seamless manner.

Supported Service Plans

  Payment Model  Source Service Plan  Target Service Plan
  Subscription  basic_edition   standard_edition
  Subscription  basic_edition   premium_edition
  Subscription  standard_edition   premium_edition
  Subscription  successfactors_edition   standard_edition
  Subscription  successfactors_edition   premium_edition
  CPEA / PAYG  free   enterprise_agreement
  Hybrid  basic_edition   enterprise_agreement
  Hybrid  successfactors_edition   enterprise_agreement
  Hybrid  standard_edition   enterprise_agreement
  Hybrid  enterprise_agreement   standard_edition
  Hybrid  enterprise_agreement   premium_edition
  Hybrid  free   standard_edition
  Hybrid  free   premium_edition


Additional Resources:

Integration Suite Tenant Provisioning :




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      Author's profile photo Manjunath GUDISI
      Manjunath GUDISI

      Thank you Appala Naidu Uppada In above table, you mentioned the payment model is only “subscription model”. So thought of asking this question, does it also apply CPEA and PAYG commercial models as well.

      Author's profile photo Appala Naidu Uppada
      Appala Naidu Uppada
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Manjunath,

      In CPEA/PAYG, today there is no need for upgrade as we offer only one plan that consists all available capabilities.

      Hope this answers your query.



      Author's profile photo Murali Shanmugham
      Murali Shanmugham

      Hi Appala Naidu Uppada

      Thanks for this update. Good to see SuccessFactors edition also included in this.This will enable customers to start small and gradually upgrade to higher service plans without any disruption.
      Author's profile photo ABHIJEET GURUNATH CHINCHANIKAR

      Thanks Appala Naidu Uppada for the update. Would there be any downtime for someone who is using their existing lower edition for current business?

      Author's profile photo Appala Naidu Uppada
      Appala Naidu Uppada
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Abhijeet,

      The upgrade is completely seamless without any downtime.



      Author's profile photo Beat Bucher
      Beat Bucher

      Hi Appala, do we have to consider special points if the initial Basic Edition was purchased via SAP Store and the Standard Edition will be sold via direct subscription contract at renewal time of store order? I therefore ask because sometimes "strange" (unforeseeable) things happen because of different processes re. store orders and direct sales... Do have any experiences and/or hints? ZHX and BR, Beat.

      Author's profile photo Appala Naidu Uppada
      Appala Naidu Uppada
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Beat,

      It does not matter w.r.t mode of purchase. Only pre-requisite is to have the entitlements of both basic and standard edition assigned to the same Global Account.



      Author's profile photo Fabio Vieira
      Fabio Vieira

      Hi Appala Naidu Uppada and SAP community....

      Is it possible to also downgrade to the basic edition from a instance running the basic edition ?

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Sven Huberti
      Sven Huberti

      Hello Fabio,

      I guess there is a typo in your question, which maybe should read "downgrade to the basic edition from a [...] standard edition".

      You can only move towards higher plans of the integration suite as stated in the note 2903776:

      "SAP Integration Suite offers seamless service plan upgrade from an existing lower plan to a higher plan."


      Author's profile photo Nick Yang
      Nick Yang

      Hi Appala Naidu Uppada ,


      Thanks for this post and SAP note 2903776 brought me to this blog.

      I wonder how successfactors_edition in Neo environment can be upgraded to standard or premium edition? Will the subaccount remain in the Neo environment after upgrade?