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Author's profile photo Gang Wu

How to install SAP GUI for Java and Eclipse ADT on M1 Macbook

Recently I tried install SAP GUI for Java 7.7 into my M1 Mackbook Air. I’d like to share the steps.


Standard JDK doesn’t support M1 chip yet. We need find other ways for java JDK

1. Open JDK :

2. SAPMachine:

I have installed both JDK, and both of them are working to install SAP GUI and Eclipse. You may choose one of the JDK to go ahead, simplest way is with OpenJDK.

Install Open JDK

for my testing the latest version of Open JDK can be used for SAP GUI client, suggest to install from Homebrew:

$ brew install openjdk

After installation, check java and java home

$ /usr/libexec/java_home -V
$ java --version

You will find the arm64 version Open JDK17 has been installed

Install SAPMachine (alternative)

download SAPMachine from, choose the MacOS aarch64 version SAP Machine 17 to download

After download, you can open the file and copy the content to local folder,  for example : /opt/jdk , structure like below:

Next , edit .zshrc file and add java home and path for SAPMachine

$ open ~/.zshrc

Append below information to the open file

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk/sapmachine-jdk-17.jdk/Contents/Home
export PATH="/opt/jdk/sapmachine-jdk-17.jdk/Contents/Home/bin:$PATH"

Now check the java version , it come to SAPMachine now:

Note : you can also use Homebrew to install SAPMachine as well. but I noticed the homebrew installed version is for X64 instead of AArch64

SAP GUI for Java

In early version of SAP GUI for Java, we need install Open JFX to support the user interface of SAP GUI installation.  which means you need set the Module path of JFX at the  Installation Option step. I understand in the late version of SAP GUI for Java 7.5 and the new 7.7, SAP Machine and JFX are embedded in the installation files, you don’t need install Open JFX now.

So it’s a out of box installation and you just follow the installation guide step by step:


Navigate to the installation file path and run java command:

$ java -jar PlatinGUI-MacOSX-7.70rev1.jar

Note:  I noticed the dmg file under installation path cannot be used , it might because of the M1 Chip difference with Intel Chip.

You will see the installation guide screen and go ahead

you can leave it no change in this screen or choose your own location

Ideally you could see success screen below:


Find SAP Icon from Apple Launchpad, and double click

Create a new connection,  configure from Advanced tab , and put the connection string like below:

replace host name/IP and systemName with your system value.

please ref this good article for connection string detail:

SAP GUI For Java Connection Strings

Now you can login to enjoy your SAP GUI for java

Eclipse and ADT plugin


Eclipse supportes the M1 chip now, you may download the latest version (2021-09) from official website.

I would suggest to install through homebrew:

$ brew install --cask eclipse-java

After installation , you can find it from Apple Launchpad and run from there:

Note: Eclipse use it’s own JRE to start the IDE. You can also point to other JDK to start Eclipse by changing the info.plist file , uncomment the -vm parameter.

Go into the eclipse, follow the steps on to install ADT tools

After install ADT successfully, you can create a new ABAP project by choosing the SAP instance which configured in SAP GUI for Java

Follow the steps to create the ABAP Project, you are OK to use Eclipse ADT to connect to SAP instance.


Run SAP GUI for Java and Eclipse ADT is more and more easy nowadays on Apple Laptop. Basically it is out-of-box installation and you will feel almost no difference than on Windows.

Hope you enjoy your SAP journey on Apple M1 laptop !



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      Author's profile photo Faqhruel Test
      Faqhruel Test

      Hi GangWu,

      i have an SAP installed on my MBA M1 but i cant do the connection to my company Server.

      Please help:

      system ID : PRD

      group server : Public

      messege server :

      Author's profile photo Gang Wu
      Gang Wu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi , would you like to try this string? maybe you need check your port number to replace 3602 below




      Author's profile photo Per Åge Themte
      Per Åge Themte

      Gang Wu ! Thanks for this guide! I've just unpacked my brand new MBP and have installed Eclipse 2021-11 and SAP GUI 7.70. I downloaded JDK17 from Java.

      The issue I'm facing is that eclipse starts and I can download all SAP tools, but I get this error now:

      ABAP communication layer is not configured properly. Consult the installation guide or download page for further details.
      JCo initialization failed with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sapjco3 in java.library.path: /Users/perage/Library/Java/Extensions:/Library/Java/Extensions:/Network/Library/Java/Extensions:/System/Library/Java/Extensions:/usr/lib/java:.

      Any tips?

      Author's profile photo Gang Wu
      Gang Wu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi  JDK17 from JAVA/Oracle is not supported. please use open JDK or SAP Machine instead.

      Author's profile photo Gang Wu
      Gang Wu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi JDK from Oracle Java is not supported. (JCO is not a part of Standard JDK now). please use Open JDK or SAP Machine instead.

      Author's profile photo Maarten den Hartog
      Maarten den Hartog

      Hi Gang Wu,

      Thanks for your guide. My Gui is working fine! but I have the exact same error as described above in Eclipse about JCO. I tried both with openjdk and sapmachine but it still gives this error. I even tried to download SAP JCO from SAP but there is only one available from intel. Do you have any other suggestions?


      Update: I found out its because of ARM eclipse 2021-12. That gives the error (There is no sap JCO on ARM yet). If you install eclipse 2021-09 (or 2021-12 X64 version), it works like a charm.

      Author's profile photo Amba Bisht
      Amba Bisht

      Hi Gang Wu,


      Thanks for this detailed steps. I am getting below error while installing SAP G

      Failed to install native resource : Darwin-localstart.jar


      The command I run  java -jar PlatinGUI770_3-80004695.jar as I see this jar file in my local for SAPGUI.

      Please assist.

      Author's profile photo Gang Wu
      Gang Wu
      Blog Post Author

      hi , please make sure you got the correct MACOS version of Jar file.  I used to fail to install because I used the old Macos version or Linux version Jar.

      Author's profile photo Amba Bisht
      Amba Bisht

      Hi Gang Wu,


      I was able to install SAP GUI successfully, but I am not able to add any server in it, in windows it gives all the available servers with searched name (like AB1) and we can choose the desired one or can add manually if we have host and instance details. That is missing in mac.

      Do you have any idea how to fix it.


      Amba Bisht.

      Author's profile photo Min-Chian Liu
      Min-Chian Liu

      I'm getting the following error:

      Release 753
      Component SNC (Secure Network Communication), version 6
      rc = -1, module /net/, line 462
      Detail dlopen("sncgss.dyld") FAILED
      "dlopen(sncgss.dyld, 0x0001): tried: 'sncgss.dyld' (relative path not allowed in hardened program), '/usr/lib/sncgss.dyld' (no such file)" (errno=2,No such file or directory)
      System Call dlopen

      Can you please let me know where I can get the 'sncgss.dyld' file?

      Author's profile photo Peter Asigbetse
      Peter Asigbetse

      Thanks for the guide Gang Wu I installed SAP Machine (sapmachine-jdk-17.0.1.jdk) and Eclipse 2021-12, edited the info.plist:


      but get this error when starting eclipse. I can't find any sapjco file anywhere on my machine. Any ideas?

      ABAP communication layer is not configured properly. Consult the installation guide or download page for further details.

      JCo initialization failed with java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no sapjco3 in java.library.path: /Users/xxx/Library/Java/Extensions:/Library/Java/Extensions:/Network/Library/Java/Extensions:/System/Library/Java/Extensions:/usr/lib/java:.


      Author's profile photo Peter Asigbetse
      Peter Asigbetse

      As mentioned by Maarten den Hartog the issue was using the latest eclipse 2021-12 which does not work. This was resolved with 2021-09 though only the x86_64 version is available but it works!

      Update: Since the initial install of ADT 2021-09 I've updated through eclipse and now I'm on 2021-12 and all still working.

      Author's profile photo Sauranil Dey
      Sauranil Dey

      Hi Gang Wu,

      Thank you for the blog. It was very helpful while setting up SAP GUI and Eclipse on Mac.



      Author's profile photo Vasudevan Rajagopalan
      Vasudevan Rajagopalan

      Hi Gang Wu,

      I have the newest Macbook Pro M1 machine. I was able to download the SAP GUI 7.7 Rev 4 from SAP and install the GUI. However, I am missing the multi select and F4 search options when I have to run custom programs or search custom tables. Am I missing something? When I right click inside this area, it comes with page setup and print options which tells me that this is flat page view.


      Search screen

      Author's profile photo Fulvio Brambilla
      Fulvio Brambilla

      Hi! Thanks for the detailed steps!

      I installed eclipse for Apple Silicon but I can't connect to SAP because of the missing of sapjco3.jar for apple M1 platform. There are some hope to have this file for M1? 🙂 thanks!

      Author's profile photo Sachin Navada
      Sachin Navada

      Hello Gang,

      Thanks for the blog. It is indeed very helpful for MacBook M1 users. I managed to install open JDK file and link it to SAP machine. I am stuck with the step SAP GUI WITH JAVA and I am unable to proceed further. Can you please help me ?

      1.How and where can I find SAP GUI V7.70 ? I know with S-User ID it is possible to download from SAP portal but I am not allowed to use my company provided S- user id. Is there any way to get this file ?

      2.In the installation step of SAP GUI FOR JAVA, where should the .jar file be located? Is it not required to specify complete path of the .jar file in Java command ?

      3. Do you think SAP GUI V7.50 can be installed on M1 Pro MacBook ?

      Looking forward for your response. Thank you in advance !



      Author's profile photo Chinmaya Jena
      Chinmaya Jena



      Thanks I have installed GUI7.7 in mac big sur M1 air laptop.  I could not install 2021-09 installer normally as terminal says its completed but nothing happened after that. i don't have brew in this laptop. please reply.

      Author's profile photo SaiNithesh Gajula
      SaiNithesh Gajula

      Hi Gang Wu

      Thanks for your blog. It is really helpful. I can able to install Eclipse and SAP GUI for Java as well.

      I am facing below error when I open eclipse ofter installing ABAP ADT tools. Please help me in fixing this issue. Also attached jdk version screenshot as well. Do let me know if you need more details

      System - Macbook Pro M1 chip,

      OS - MacOS Monterey




      Sai Nithesh

      Author's profile photo Vincenzo Cappelluti
      Vincenzo Cappelluti

      I have that problem too on my macbook air M1. Did you find any solution for that?

      Author's profile photo SaiNithesh Gajula
      SaiNithesh Gajula

      Hi Vincenzo Cappelluti,

      It is working for me now. I dont know how, but I have installed latest eclipse once again and installed ADT plugins. it started working.

      Author's profile photo Gleb Kuzmin
      Gleb Kuzmin

      I wish SAP will make a proper GUI for Mac one day. However I am not holding my breath. GUI for Java is very limited and crippled product. It might run some simple transactions but it is completely useless if you work with BW for example - once you run any "complex" tcodes like RSA1 it just suggesting you to use windows client instead right in the error message.

      Author's profile photo Emilio Kafie
      Emilio Kafie

      Great article, it worked 100%,



      Author's profile photo Amarjeet Kumar
      Amarjeet Kumar

      Hi Gang Wu ,

      I am facing a strange issue.

      I installed SAP GUI 770 on my MBA M1. I am able to login to my SAP system. But the problem is if I stay idle on any screen for for 4-5 seconds, it crashes and close the session with message "Connection closed".

      I have attached the error message screenshot for reference.


      Connection closed issue on MBA M1

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Author's profile photo Rajan Thomas
      Rajan Thomas

      Worked Perfectly




      Author's profile photo Clement Abraham Sidomulyo
      Clement Abraham Sidomulyo

      Dear Mr Gang Wu,


      I am currently using mbp with M1 chip, but facing some problem when use SAP BW in SAP GUI, which I can't open transformation regarding this warning/ error :


      Do you have a solution for this issue? Thanks,,,

      Author's profile photo Vincenzo Cappelluti
      Vincenzo Cappelluti

      Transformations, process chains and queries still don't work properly on dec 2022 🙁

      Author's profile photo Roland Kramer
      Roland Kramer

      Hello Gang Wu, Amarjeet Kumar, SaiNithesh Gajula,

      Nice overview of the possibilities on the M1 based MacBook (AIR)

      In the meantime the SAP Java GUI 7.80 for ARM is out which support the native usage of the Apple M1 Chip.
      While the Java GUI comes with an in-build Version of the SapMachine, it is suitable as you say to install the brew packet installer, as it is supporting the SapMachine Installation natively as well.

      SapMachine and SAP HANA Studio

      The SAP Java GUI (7.80) is a bit tricky to configure, if you don't have a XML Landscape File by hand. After consulting the online help, I was able to add System via Advanced => Expert Mode => conn string as follows:

      M = message server
      S = port of the message Server
      G = Logon Group

      unfortunally, I'm not succeeding with the current SAP HANA Studio (2.3.70) or the Eclipse Version 2022-06. I'm using the current Beta of macOS Venture 13.0 (22A5331f). the Program is installed, but the Menu is not accessible ...
      (screens are in German, but "self speaking ...)

      • IMC_STUDIO2_264_0-80000322.SAR
      • eclipse-inst-jre-mac64.dmg

      It is related to the latest Update of the macOS Version 13 (Ventura) –


      Best Regards Roland





      Author's profile photo Gang Wu
      Gang Wu
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Roland, well noted. It's good to see SAP GUI better support M1 chips.



      Author's profile photo Houc GHELLA
      Houc GHELLA



      I follow all the steps it works good but when i launch SAP GUI 7.50rev1

      I have this message can't launch didn't found the JRE/JDK/version 1.8* (64bit)

      I didn't put Java under OPT... is there a specific hirarchy/files system to respect ? besides that i dont see the problem !!!

      I'm already on : 1.8 jre

      You'll find below JRE check and installation log 

      Thank's in advance



      Last login: Thu Mar  2 00:54:27 on ttys000

      /Users/xxxxx/.zshrc:4: unmatched "

      xxxxxxx@MacBook-Pro-xxxxx ~ % /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java -version

      java version "1.8.0_361"

      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_361-b09)

      Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.361-b09, mixed mode)

      Installation out put

      Last login: Thu Mar  2 00:50:04 on ttys000

      xxxxx@MacBook-Pro-dexxxxxJAVA % java -jar PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR 

      02.03. 00:56:51.127: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.127: Remove SAP GUI for Java 7.50 rev 1

      02.03. 00:56:51.127: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.333: Deinstallation has finished.

      02.03. 00:56:51.333: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.333: The installation of has been removed successfully.

      02.03. 00:56:51.333: Please also find the installation log file here:/Users/xxxx/Library/Logs/sapgui.log"

      02.03. 00:56:51.335: ------------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.336: System Information

      02.03. 00:56:51.336: ------------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Date: 02.03. 00:56:51.342

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: System Details

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Java VM: SAP SE Version 11.0.18+10-LTS-sapmachine

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Bit Mode: 64

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: OS: Mac OS X(x86_64) Version 11.7.2

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Java Directory: /Library/sapmachine-jre-11.0.18.jre/Contents/Home

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Home Directory: /Users/xxxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Current Directory: /Users/xxxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Locale: français (France)

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Default Character Encoding: UTF8

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Product Details

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SAP GUI for Java 7.50 rev 1

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: 2017-10-12 08:13:34 +0200

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: mo-f75228bd7, 750_REL, 1794621

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: (Version ID A075000040100)

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Java system properties

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: System properties [java.util.Properties@30920636]: 

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: awt.toolkit: sun.lwawt.macosx.LWCToolkit

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: file.encoding: UTF-8

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: file.separator: /

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: ftp.nonProxyHosts: local|*.local|169.254/16|*.169.254/16

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: gopherProxySet: false

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: http.nonProxyHosts: local|*.local|169.254/16|*.169.254/16

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.awt.graphicsenv: sun.awt.CGraphicsEnvironment

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.awt.printerjob: sun.lwawt.macosx.CPrinterJob

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.class.path: PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.class.version: 55.0

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.home: /Library/sapmachine-jre-11.0.18.jre/Contents/Home

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: /var/folders/d3/_j3sgg0x7m1fjz916pz8xb_00000gn/T/

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.library.path: /Users/xxxxx/Library/Java/Extensions:/Library/Java/Extensions:/Network/Library/Java/Extensions:/System/Library/Java/Extensions:/usr/lib/java:.

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: OpenJDK Runtime Environment

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.runtime.version: 11.0.18+10-LTS-sapmachine

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Java Platform API Specification

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.specification.vendor: Oracle Corporation

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.specification.version: 11

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vendor.url.bug:

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vendor.url:

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vendor.version: SapMachine

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vendor: SAP SE

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: 2023-01-17

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.version: 11.0.18

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vm.compressedOopsMode: Zero based

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: mixed mode

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Java Virtual Machine Specification

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vm.specification.vendor: Oracle Corporation

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vm.specification.version: 11

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vm.vendor: SAP SE

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: java.vm.version: 11.0.18+10-LTS-sapmachine

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: jdk.debug: release

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: line.separator: 

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: os.arch: x86_64

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Mac OS X

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: os.version: 11.7.2

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: path.separator: :

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: socksNonProxyHosts: local|*.local|169.254/16|*.169.254/16

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: 64

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.awt.enableExtraMouseButtons: true

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.boot.library.path: /Library/sapmachine-jre-11.0.18.jre/Contents/Home/lib

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.cpu.endian: little

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.cpu.isalist: 

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.font.fontmanager: sun.font.CFontManager

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: UnicodeBig

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SUN_STANDARD

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.jnu.encoding: UTF-8

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: HotSpot 64-Bit Tiered Compilers

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: sun.os.patch.level: unknown

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: FR

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: user.dir: /Users/xxxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: user.home: /Users/xxxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: user.language: fr

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: xxxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: user.timezone: Europe/Paris

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: Environment Variables

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: PATH = /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: __CFBundleIdentifier =

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SHELL = /bin/zsh

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: TERM_PROGRAM = Apple_Terminal

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: JAVA_HOME = /Library/sapmachine-jre-11.0.18.jre/Contents/Home

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: OLDPWD = /Users/xxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SECURITYSESSIONID = 18bb4

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: TERM = xterm-256color

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: USER = xxxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: LANG = fr_FR.UTF-8

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: LaunchInstanceID = 46220FA4-FD78-48E7-A1DB-F066805A789A

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: TMPDIR = /var/folders/d3/_j3sgg0x7m1fjz916pz8xb_00000gn/T/

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SSH_AUTH_SOCK = /private/tmp/

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: XPC_FLAGS = 0x0

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: TERM_SESSION_ID = 8CC264FC-4016-4B3A-B32C-A4C11B48E3FB

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: JAVA_MAIN_CLASS_67096 =

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: __CF_USER_TEXT_ENCODING = 0x1F5:0x0:0x1

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: LOGNAME =xxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: PWD = /Users/xxxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION = 440

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: XPC_SERVICE_NAME = 0

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: SHLVL = 1

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: HOME = /Users/xxxx

      02.03. 00:56:51.363: _ = /usr/bin/java

      02.03. 00:56:51.364: ------------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: JNLP File Summary

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: URI             : null

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Codebase        : jar:file:/Users/xxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR!/

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource Summary

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: Darwin-gmux.jar, MACOSX, Native, Optional

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: Darwin-graphics.jar, MACOSX, Native, Optional

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: Darwin-localstart.jar, MACOSX, Native

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: Darwin64-lib.jar, MACOSX, Native

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: GuiStartS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: JNetBeanS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: MacOSX-Connect64.jar, MACOSX, Native

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: Manual.jar, Native

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: SapCacerts.jar, Native

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: externalCommunicationS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: iCubeS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: pdfViewerS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: plafbaseS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platinMacOSXS.jar, MACOSX

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platincore9S.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platincoreS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platinlangS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platinr3S.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platinsecS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: platinwdpS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapCalendarS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapChartS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapComboBoxS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapContextMenuS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapGridS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapHtmlCoreS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapHtmlS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapImageS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapInputFieldS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapJnetS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapPdfViewerS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapTextEditS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapToolBarS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: sapTreeS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.365: Resource: templates.jar, Native, Optional

      02.03. 00:56:51.373: Loading resources from jar:file:/Users/xxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR!/

      02.03. 00:56:51.380:    Load native optional resource : Darwin-gmux.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.382:       no external package for optional resource : /Users/xxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/Darwin-gmux.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.383:       load optional resource failed: JAR entry Darwin-gmux.jar not found in /Users/xxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR

      02.03. 00:56:51.385:    Load native optional resource : Darwin-graphics.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.386:       no external package for optional resource : /Users/xxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/Darwin-graphics.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.386:       load optional resource failed: JAR entry Darwin-graphics.jar not found in /Users/xxxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR

      02.03. 00:56:51.387:    Load native resource : Darwin-localstart.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.410:    Unpack native resource: /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.50rev1/GuiUpdate/Download/SAPGUI

      02.03. 00:56:51.465:    Load native resource : Darwin64-lib.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.582:    Unpack native resource: /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.50rev1/GuiUpdate/Download/SAPGUI

      02.03. 00:56:51.867:    Load resource : GuiStartS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.883:    Load resource : JNetBeanS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.995:    Load native resource : MacOSX-Connect64.jar

      02.03. 00:56:51.997:    Unpack native resource: /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.50rev1/GuiUpdate/Download/SAPGUI

      02.03. 00:56:52.003:    Load native resource : Manual.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.014:    Unpack native resource: /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.50rev1/GuiUpdate/Download/SAPGUI

      02.03. 00:56:52.096:    Load native resource : SapCacerts.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.099:    Unpack native resource: /Applications/SAP Clients/SAPGUI 7.50rev1/GuiUpdate/Download/SAPGUI

      02.03. 00:56:52.103:    Load resource : externalCommunicationS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.107:    Load resource : iCubeS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.139:    Load resource : pdfViewerS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.230:    Load resource : plafbaseS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.258:    Load resource : platinMacOSXS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.263:    Load resource : platincore9S.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.267:    Load resource : platincoreS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.424:    Load resource : platinlangS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.442:    Load resource : platinr3S.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.555:    Load resource : platinsecS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.575:    Load resource : platinwdpS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.635:    Load resource : sapCalendarS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.648:    Load resource : sapChartS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.653:    Load resource : sapComboBoxS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.657:    Load resource : sapContextMenuS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.662:    Load resource : sapGridS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.681:    Load resource : sapHtmlCoreS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.689:    Load resource : sapHtmlS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.696:    Load resource : sapImageS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.700:    Load resource : sapInputFieldS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.705:    Load resource : sapJnetS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.710:    Load resource : sapPdfViewerS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.714:    Load resource : sapTextEditS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.725:    Load resource : sapToolBarS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.732:    Load resource : sapTreeS.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.746:    Load native optional resource : templates.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.748:       no external package for optional resource : /Users/xxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/templates.jar

      02.03. 00:56:52.749:       load optional resource failed: JAR entry templates.jar not found in /Users/xxx/Desktop/BD_NW_7.0_Presentation_7.50_Comp._2/PRES2/GUI/JAVA/PlatinGUI750MacOSX_1.JAR

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: ===========================================================

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: Installation of SAP GUI for Java 7.50 rev 1

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: Installation has finished.

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: -----------------------------------------------------------

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: The installation of the SAP GUI for Java has completed successfully.

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: Please find the installation log file here: "/Users/xxx/Library/Logs/sapgui.log"

      02.03. 00:56:54.410: ============================================================


      Thank's in advance for help

      Author's profile photo Philip Sommer
      Philip Sommer

      Hey Gang Wu

      thanks for you blog - it was very helpful and I was able to install my SAP Gui and Eclipse on Mac M2.
      I followed your instructions and was successful with Open-JDK with brew (installed version 20.-latest). SAP-Machine (17.x and 20.x) did not work out for me.

      Anyway I was able to install SAP GUI 7.8 without any circumstances.

      Best regards,