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Datapoint commenting in SAP Analytics Cloud

Datapoint comment on table cell within story based on acquired model in SAP analytics cloud

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can add comments on the table cell within story. In order to add comment, right click on the selected cell and then select add comment. These comments are associated with the models, which means, if the same model used in different story and has same table cell available then the comment will appear in those stories as well. You can view comment in the comment popup or in table column

Fundamentally, table cell represent a coordinate which get formed based on the dimensions/measures selected in the row, column and filters. Same cell can represent different aggregated value and this can happen for example when filter is applied or there is different data access control on the dimension member for different users.


Datapoint comment behaviour with Filter

In this example, I have a data for California state which consist of 4 cities which are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, I am adding comment on quantity sold for California (which is aggregated value for the four cities)

This comment will be visible to user as long as they are seeing same table cell value (coordinates formed by all combinations). if I filter the dimension member of California to have 3 cities say Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose (fig 2) then the previously added comments will not be available as the table cell aggregation would change

I can apply filter on another dimension say product (Fig 3) then also the aggregation would change for the cell and the comment made earlier will not be visible


In all three fig 1, fig 2 and fig 3, we see different aggregation and the cell represent like below which makes them unique datapoints

Fig 1: Quantity sold in California for all product (where California consist of all four states)

Fig 2: Quantity sold in California for all product (where California consist of three states)

Fig 3: Quantity sold in California for product alcohol and carbonated drink (where California consist of all four states)

Datapoint comment behaviour with Data access control

On the similar line to filter, In data access control example (not the story/page filter), if we have two users John and Gary and for the state Nevada john has access to all four cities “ Carson city, Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson” however Gary has access to only two cities “ Las Vegas and Reno”.  In this example comment added by

  • John on Nevada will not be visible to Gary as the aggregation is different for both users when they see quantity sold for Nevada respectively in the table cell
  • Gary will not be visible by default to John however if John does further filter at story level to view only Las Vegas & Reno city within the Nevada then the comment added by Gary will be visible to John as aggregation become same for john as it was for Gary

Datapoint comment behaviour with multiple hierarchy

In model there possibility to have multiple hierarchy for the a dimension and there is possibility that two nodes can have same leaf node, for example in below table there is two hierarchy for overall drinks which are “Product type” and “Product Color”

In the below example Juice constitute of five drinks and same five drinks also available in product color hierarchy.

Datapoint comment behaviour privileges

In SAP Analytics cloud, you can control comment privileges at different level such as Role, Model and Story, for user to work on the datapoint comment within the story based on specific model they need to have respective commenting privileges at all the level and privileges denied at any level will ensure user will not be able to perform respective commenting operation.

Datapoint Comment accessible across stories

I have created a table based on model 1 where I can see table cell representing quantity sold for California and in another story having same data cell representing same value then the comment made on the cell will be visible in both story


Comment on a table with different visible dimensions but representing same datapoint

In the below list of table there are different representation within table (visible dimensions in the table) but they represent same datapoint so same comment would be visible in all three tables

  • Table 1:  California Gross Margin for product Juice
  • Table 2: Juice Gross Margin for Product location California
  • Table 3: Gross Margin for Juice for Location California and product Juice

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      Axel Radack

      @SAP  is datapoint commenting planned for live models? Haven't seen anything on road maps yet ...


      @Customers/Partners  - if you need commenting on live models please vote for below improvement requests

      Datapoint commenting for BW Live models


      Commenting Widget support for HANA Live


      Best regards,