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Cloud Computing from SAP and other Hyperscalers

The Term “Cloud Computing” exists in IT Industry as early as 1996. The acceleration of the Technology growth has made the realization of cloud computing possible to the highest extend in a shortest time frame. Today the cloud-native and distributed systems have become inherent part of our life. The shopping experience from Amazon or the binge-watching on Netflix wouldn’t have been possible without cloud computing. With this accelerated technology growth, the notion of competition has become a relationship of past and the state of ally among the Infrastructure and Software manufactures has become a norm with the only notion of providing superior customer experience to all.

SAP being a global company, our customers have a demand to offer their solutions to their global customers with different legal regulations across the globe. So, relying on a single hyperscaler may not be possible as some regions doesn’t have a preferred vendor coverage. To solve this challenge, SAP had embraced Hyperscalers with the Multi-Cloud strategy to offer our customers the flexibility of Infrastructure of their choice and offer our cloud solutions in all possible regions across the globe. Now our Customers and Partners have the full advantage to mix and match the different hyperscaler services of their choice alongside the unified, business-centric, and open Business Technology Platform Services (BTP).

What is Business Technology Platform?
SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a unified, open and business-centric platform that runs on all these cloud infrastructures and brings together intelligent enterprise applications with database and data management, analytics, integration, and extension capabilities into one platform for both cloud and hybrid environments, including hundreds of pre-built integrations for SAP and third-party applications.

The final decision on the choice of region, hyperscaler, service, etc. should be primarily based on the business demand, regulation requirements and TCO considerations. However, with this blog post, I would like to emphasize the availability of equivalent, innovative, and best of breed offerings from SAP BTP and related SAP Cloud Solution. This list is certainly not complete as there are numerous PaaS capabilities that exists on BTP and on the mentioned cloud platforms. I am only trying to scratch the surface to stimulate your curiosity.

This blog post is a humble attempt to share the knowledge on SAP’s cloud capabilities of BTP and other cloud service offerings in parallel to the Hyperscaler’s equivalent to act only as a starting point of reference (mind map) for someone who wants to build their know-how on SAP Cloud services given their past Hyperscaler background. This blog post is not intended for any kind of comparison and cannot be made liable for the equivalence that is drawn between different hyperscaler offerings and to that of SAP. The contents of this blog post should not be used as a base for making any legal or contractual decision. Here “equivalent” only means closely related in my personal view and not SAP’s official position. There is no guarantee on the full feature scope or one to one replacement. For details of the exact feature, refer to the Feature Scope Description of individual services and talk to your Account Executive or Customer Engagement Executive before making any purchase decision.

Cloud Computing








Compute Virtual Machine Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Azure Virtual Machines Google Compute Engine
Container Service Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Azure Kubernetes Service Google Kubernetes Engine SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime
project “Gardener”
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) Azure Container Service Google Cloud Run SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime
Serverless (Function as a Service) Lambda Azure Functions Google Cloud Functions SAP BTP, Kyma Runtime “Serverless”
Scalability Auto Scaling Group (ASG) Azure Autoscale Compute Engine Autoscaler Application Autoscaler
Storage Object-Store Simple Storage Service (S3) Azure Blob Storage Google Cloud Storage Object Store on SAP BTP
File-Store Elastic File Storage (EFS) Azure File Storage Google Filestore
Block/Disk-Store Elastic Block Store (EBS) Azure Disk Storage Google Persistent Disk
In-Memory ElastiCache Azure Cache for Redis Google Memorystore Redis on SAP BTP, hyperscaler option
Physical Containers Snowball Azure Databox Transfer Appliance
Snowball Edge
Snowmobile Azure Databox Heavy
Cold Storage S3 Glacier Azure Archive Storage
Networking Virtual Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network (vNet) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Firewall Security Groups VPC Service Controls
Gateway NAT Instance
NAT Gateway
Load Balancer Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Azure Load Balancer Cloud Load Balancer
CDN CloudFront Azure CDN Cloud CDN
DNS Routing Route53 Azure DNS Cloud DNS SAP Custom Domain Service
Traffic Director
Security Access Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory Identity and Access Management (IAM) Authorization and Trust Management Service
Cognito Cloud Identity SAP Cloud Identity Services –

Database RDS Aurora
MySQL Azure Database for MySQL Cloud SQL for MySQL
MariaDB Azure Database for MariaDB
PostgreSQL Azure Database for PSQL Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL PostgreSQL on SAP BTP, hyperscaler option
Microsoft SQL Server Azure SQL Database Cloud SQL for SQL Server SAP HANA Service for SAP BTP
Cloud Spanner
Analytics Redshift Azure Synapse Analytics Google BigQuery SAP Analytics Cloud
Quickshift Microsoft Power BI Google Looker
Big Data Azure Data Lake BigQuery Serverless DW SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
NoSQL DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Table Storage Cloud Bigtable (key/value)
Firestore (document)
In-Memory Memorystore In-Memory SAP HANA Cloud
Application Integration Queue Simple Queue Service (SQS) Azure Queue Storage Google Pub/Sub
Event Bus EventBridge Azure Service Bus Google Eventarc SAP Event Mesh
Notification Simple Notification Service (SNS) Azure Notifications Hub Google Pub/Sub SAP Alert Notification Service for SAP BTP
Streaming Kinesis Azure Stream Analytics
Development Tools Editor Cloud9 Azure VS Code Google Cloud Shell online code editor SAP Business Application Studio
Cloud code / Cloud Code for IntelliJ
SDK AWS Software Developmnt Kit (SDK) Azure SDK Google Cloud SDK SAP Cloud SDK
CLI AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) Azure CLI Google Cloud SDK SAP BTP Command Line Interface
Azure Powershell
AWS CloudShell Azure CloudShell
SAP BTP Cockpit Terminal
Platform as a Service (PaaS) Elastic BeanStalk Azure App Services Google App Engine SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry Runtime
AWS Amplify Firebase
Gateway API Gateway Azure API Apps Cloud Endpoints API Gateway SAP API Management
Azure API Management Apigee API Platform/Management
CI/CD AWS CodePipeline Azure Pipelines Cloud Build SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery
Container/Artifact Registry
Automation Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
CloudFormation Azure Deployment Manager Cloud Deployment Manager
Hybrid Storage Gateway
AWS Direct Connect Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Interconnect SAP Connectivity Service
Portal AWS Console Azure Portal Google Cloud Console SAP BTP Cockpit
Services Monitoring CloudWatch Azure Monitor Logs Cloud Monitoring SAP Monitoring Service for SAP BTP
Cloud Logging SAP Appication Logging Service for SAP BTP
AWS X-Ray Cloud Trace Dynatrace Agent Activation for SAP BTP
Governance CloudTrail Audit Logs in Azure Active Directory Cloud Audit Logs SAP Audit Log Service
Batch Operations AWS Batch Azure Batch Cloud Scheduler SAP Job Scheduling Service
Workflow AWS Simple Workflow Service (SWF) Azure Logic Apps Workflows SAP Workflow Management
Cloud Tasks
Low-Code-No-Code (LCNC) SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
Amazon Honeycode Microsoft Power Apps on Azure Google AppSheet SAP AppGyver
SAP Rapid Application Development by Mendix
IoT AWS IoT Core Azure IoT Hub Cloud IoT SAP Internet of Things
SAP Edge Services
Cross/Multi-Cloud Azure Arc Anthos
AI/ML Platform Amazon Machine Learning Azure Machine Learning Vertex AI SAP Data Intelligence
Amazon SageMaker Azure AI Infrastructure TensorFlow SAP AI Business Services
Amazon Lex QnAMaker DialogFlow SAP Conversational AI
Many More

P.S. Do you find something that I had misunderstood or mapped here wrongly by mistake, please let me know. I will correct and update this blog post. Happy to learn from your expertise.

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