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Author's profile photo Wolfgang Röckelein

How to get hits on the search from current (2020) ABAP-NetWeaver-S/4HANA releases


When one searches for special things from the ABAP Netweaver Stack like RZ11 parameters and types eg “max_amc_receiver_entries” into the search box on you get only results from 2017. But this parameter was available before 2017 and is still available in current versions!

Temporary Solution

When you are specifically looking for search hits in a concrete ABAP/NetWeaver version, use the following version specific landing pages or

and type in your search term on those pages, then you will get results!

But there are still some inconsistencies:

  • The URL of these landing pages are inconsistent (but the search on these pages works, if you construct similar URLs, the either do not work (like which points into the void) or do not give sufficient search results
  • Some of pages have “undefined” as the title displayed in the browser tab
  • Searching on gives hits for the 2020 release
  • Choosing a version on the page most times does not lead to pages which give sufficient search results
  • Klicking on the link “Product: ABAP_PLATFORM_2020″ in the search results leads into the void

Final Solution

SAP should make sure the search on works and gives the expected hits, that the link provided in the search results works, that the product restriction for search results works and that pages have titles.


27.09.2021: Added some more version links

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      Author's profile photo Gregor Wolf
      Gregor Wolf

      Hi Wolfgang,

      thank you for making SAP aware of this issue. I also have the feeling that the Google Index for the sites is showing the same behaviour. A Search with the SAP Community Custom Search for gateway notification log brings up very old hits. Using as you've suggested brings much better results. But I hope SAP finds a way to improve their own search and also the results in Google.


      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger

      Hi Wolfgang,


      I really would vote this up ten times in a row. To be clear, I really thought it might be me not able to find the correct spelling / searchterms what lead to the strange behaviour. After reading the blog I recognized that I'm not the only one and it need to be improved by SAP itself.


      Author's profile photo Holger Schäfer
      Holger Schäfer

      Hi Wolfgang,

      thank you for pointing this out!

      In one of my last tweets i also asked for infos concerning S/4HANA FSP02 changes concerning ABAP RAP, because SAP help lacks concerning this info (still ending with FSP01).

      I am a little bit lost in the SAP info jungle, especially that after marketing product rebrandings  a lot of links a pointing to nirvana.

      Concerning SAP, even google will no more be your friend, because is is getting harder and harder to find the relevant information on your fingertips.

      Would be great to get heard and be more up-to-date.

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Johann Fößleitner
      Johann Fößleitner

      Hi Wolfgang,

      I have similar problems again and again. Thank you for showing the temp. Solution - that helps.

      But I hope, that SAP will take on the topic and improve/fix their own search results.

      lg Föß

      Author's profile photo Sebastian Sobierajski
      Sebastian Sobierajski

      Hi Wolfgang,

      unfortunately I have to agree with you! SAP-HELP is just very poorly sorted.
      Lately I had to experience the search for the Attachment API (APIs for Product Lifecycle Management).
      Under 2020 I can find everything

      but if I switch to 1909 I can't find anything anymore.

      The impression arises that this API will only be available from 2020! But this is wrong, the attachment service has been available since 1809!
      You shouldn't tell anyone about the competition!
      It's really sad that you get so handicapped at work.
      That borders on sabotage.

      Dear SAP makes sure that this tool will help us in the future!

      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo Jan-Frederik Köster
      Jan-Frederik Köster

      Hi Wolfgang,


      thank you for this issue report! I also think that this should be improved by SAP.


      Best regards