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The SAP Cloud SDK integrates with the SAP API Business Hub

Since the very first release of the SAP Cloud SDK in 2018, we have been relentlessly adding convenient features and, what’s more important, typed client libraries for multiple SAP services to radically simplify their consumption and development effort for you – our customers.

Guess what? We have just made it so much better!

We are excited to announce that the SAP Cloud SDK integrates with the SAP API Business Hub to make client library discovery simpler than ever! Starting from September 2021 you can get the latest typed client libraries by the SDK directly from landing pages of your favorite services on the SAP API Business Hub.

Can’t believe it?

Let’s take it for a ride and see how much simpler you can find a typed client library for your desired service with this new feature.

  • Go to the SAP API Business Hub
  • Pick a product like S/4HANA, BTP, or another SAP product
  • Click on the “API” tab
  • Select the API type between “ODATA V2”, “ODATA V4”, or “REST”
  • Choose a service and go to the “SAP Cloud SDK” tab
  • Here you go! Select between “Java” or “JavaScript” and follow the step-by-step guide to get your client library ready.
  • Use provided code samples to quickly get to the first successful API call with your new client library.

The end result should look like this. We hope this step-by-step click-through animation makes it even easier for you to navigate through this new user experience. Click on the gif to enlarge!

The story behind the “Why?”

We started with releasing typed client libraries for OData services covering flagship SAP products like SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud and providing our code generators for Java and JavaScript to enable consumption of other OData-based services.

After releasing support for Open API in 2020, we went on and released front-runner typed client libraries for SAP Workflow and SAP Business Rules services. As before Open API code generators for Java and JavaScript were publicly released.

From that point on we started receiving multiple questions about how to match the specifications published on the SAP API Business Hub to the pregenerated client libraries released by the SAP Cloud SDK.

There were many more:

Is it available in package repositories like Maven Central or npm. How do I know if a manual client library generation will succeed? Was it tested end-to-end? What are the simple steps to get to a successful API call? Do you support SAP Success Factors? SAP Concur? …

Customer feedback sessions clearly showed that the integration between the SAP API Business Hub and the SAP Cloud SDK will make a huge difference by letting customers quickly connect the dots between valuable SAP services and their consumption with the typed client libraries by the SAP Cloud SDK.

How do I know what SAP services are compatible with the SAP Cloud SDK?

Answering this question became more and more difficult considering the growing number of typed client libraries released and tested by the SDK teams.

Now we got you covered! To find if the SDK supports a certain service check the status in the top right corner of the dedicated “SAP Cloud SDK” tab.

Pregenerated typed client libraries

As seen in the green status bar on the image below you can get a pregenerated typed client library certified by the SDK. Use the “Pregenerated Client Library” tab to install it by simply adding a dependency to your project in a platform-native way.

Generate a typed client library yourself

For some services, the SDK does not yet release a certified pregenerated client library to package repositories. No need to worry! Just generate a typed client library yourself following the simple steps provided.

Be sure we are working on testing, certifying, and releasing more client libraries for your convenience.

You simply don’t have a problem matching SAP services to the client libraries by the SDK anymore thanks to this integration.

How to make the first API call?

Great, I have the typed client library! What’s my next step? Making the first successful API call to the underlying service of course. But what dependencies should I import into my minimal application? It would be nice to have a quick example to learn from! Do you have one?

We certainly do! For most of the services, we generate a minimal viable application to get you started in minutes. It also gives you a glimpse into the fluent API provided by the SDK. Where generating a code snippet specific for a service is not possible you will get a generic example of how things would usually look like. This helps a lot to kick off your development and reduce the learning curve.

Where do I learn more and get help?

On the “SAP Cloud SDK” tab, we provide a set of contextual links helping to answer almost any questions you might have after discovering the typed client libraries by the SDK. They will lead you directly to the materials related to your programming language and are always up to date with the latest development of the SAP Cloud SDK.


Nothing is perfect. That’s why we are happy to hear from you if you need support or have feedback. The last link in the “Helpful Links” menu is exactly for that!

What’s next?

This is just the first step to help you find the typed client libraries by the SAP Cloud SDK at the same place where you’re looking for the SAP services for your integration, application, or extension. Your convenience and simplicity of service consumption are the main driving forces behind this endeavor.

We hope this new comfortable way to discover the SDK will save you a lot of time and drive business value.

Please, share your feedback after giving this new experience a try!


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      Brendan Farthing


      And very nice blog, Artem Kovalov, thanks for all the details!