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User Experience (UX) sessions at SAP TechEd 2021

Once again, SAP TechEd is virtual in 2021 (November 16-18). This means more people can attend without incurring the time and expense associated with traveling to a physical event. As always, we will have sessions that discuss our innovations in user experience (UX) solutions. The schedule includes lectures, hands-on workshops, and a new, engaging format called Channel 1. UX sessions for 2021 will focus on SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, implementing SAP Fiori in SAP S/4HANA, accessibility, mobile development, SAP Business Technology Platform, and AI.

Check back on this post as we get closer to SAP TechEd, as I will update the items below with links to their respective entries in the session catalog when that information becomes available.


UX Lectures at SAP TechEd 2021 (30 minutes)

Date / Time / Session ID Track /
Sub-Track /
Title and Abstract SAP Speaker(s)

Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience /

SAP Fiori elements

How to build low maintenance SAP Fiori apps faster than ever

Using the template-based approach in SAP Fiori elements makes building SAPUI5 apps faster and easier than ever. SAP Fiori tools improve developer efficiency and reduce the cost of maintaining your apps. In this lecture, we will show how you can benefit from using the same approach and tools we use to build apps for SAP S/4HANA.

Stefanie Hager

Peter Spielvogel



Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience /


How to efficiently implement the Fiori UX for S/4HANA

Understand the user experience strategy of SAP S/4HANA and learn about processes and latest tools for an efficient implementation of the SAP Fiori UX. The session will cover scoping of relevant Fiori apps, rapid activation and management of SAP Fiori launchpad content (incl. Spaces and Pages).


Sven Krueppel-Berndt

Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience /


Empowering designers to incorporate Accessibility right in the design phase

How to include Accessibility in the Design so everyone can understand? Designers need supporting tools and strategies to confidently deliver inclusive products. SAP now offers designers a self-pacing training series, a booklet for designers with SAP Accessibility Standards, persona lenses and a new Figma SAP Accessibility Assets Library for annotation in a unified library to inform screen reading (headings, invisible labels) and keyboard navigation. Enhance prototypes with accessibility by SAP!

Irla Bocianoski Rebelo

Stefan Schnabel



Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience /

AI in UX

How to put Artificial Intelligence into your User Experience

How does AI enhanced software help our users? How can you use the SAP User Experience AI design patterns to benefit most from these new technologies?

The talk provides a comprehensive overview on the current available AI UX patterns and demonstrates the beneficial role of considering UX from the beginning during AI Scenario creation and optimization.

Thomas Reiss

Joachim Sander


Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience /

Mobile Design

Experience SAP Fiori for iOS & Android and the new SAP Mobile Start App

Learn about the latest design evolution of the SAP Fiori design languages for iOS & Android. Get introduced to user centered native SAP mobile Apps like SAP Mobile Start. See how you can get started building your own native mobile applications along the needs of your end-users.

Emil Voutta

Christian Scheirmann


Application Development & Integration /

establish an engaging user experience across different channels /


Boost employee productivity with a modern central access to your Business Apps and Processes


Providing a central, integrated, and intelligent digital workplace experience for your employee, customers and suppliers is a strategic component to ensure business success. Join this session to learn about SAP’s portfolio for digital experience services, and how SAP Business Technology Platform supports you enabling a central access to your business applications.

Aviad Rivlin

Thomas Hensel



Hands-on Workshops at SAP TechEd 2021 (2 hours)

Date / Time / Session ID Track /
Sub-Track /
Title and Abstract Speaker(s)

Integrated Intelligent Suite /

seamless user experience

SAP Fiori elements / tools

Accelerate the Development of SAP Fiori Apps Using SAP Fiori Elements

Create a list report / object page app using SAP Fiori elements for OData V4 and CAP (Cloud Application Programming model). Extend it using the flexible programming model and SAP Fiori elements building blocks to further improve development efficiency. You will also use the new code completion and guided development functionality in SAP Fiori tools to simplify how you add annotations to personalize the appearance of your app.

Stefan Engelhardt

Stefanie Hager

Christian Kolbowski



Application Development & Integration /

establish an engaging user experience across different channels /



Scaling application development leveraging SAPUI5

Learn how to build a freestyle app in the cloud using SAPUI5 following our latest recommendations and best practices. Build an app quickly and efficiently with SAP Business Application Studio and evolved UI5 Tooling. Understand how to develop your app according to the latest technology guidelines.

Martin Haeuser

Janik Koeppel



Channel 1

Date / Time / Session ID Track /
Sub-Track /
Title and Abstract Speaker(s)
  SAP Fiori elements U.S. Department of the Interior simplifies managing its real estate portfolio with SAP Fiori elements and SAP Screen Personas

Vijay Jala, Richard Drake,

U.S. Department of the Interior


“See” you at SAP TechEd.


Learn more at


On behalf of the SAP UX Engineering product team, Peter Spielvogel.

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      Author's profile photo Cristiano Marques
      Cristiano Marques

      great sessions for UX Enthusiasts! I will be there!