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Compensation Executive Review – Filter Enhancements

SAP SuccessFactors has some exciting new features during the H1 2021 release, including new functionality to enhance the Executive Review. New filtering options give greater flexibility when configuring each template, allowing users to create and customise the filters to any field in the worksheets. 


What is Executive Review?

The Executive Review within the Compensation module provides a high-level view for the senior leadership teams, enabling better planning and management of compensation across the organisation. This report allows the user to see the overall, rolled up, compensation plan for their teams, along with the ability to drill directly to the plan.

The difference between being in the approval route and having access to executive review is that all the employees from multiple forms are listed on one page. The user with executive review permission does not necessarily have to be included in the form’s route map to see the data.

Who are the users of Executive Review?

Anyone can be granted access through the Role-Based Permissions found in the Admin Center. A user can be granted edit or view-only permissions.

Typically, we expect the following to be granted executive review:

  • Senior level management. This group wanted to see the entire organisation in a single screen. Executive review allows them to filter by different segments of the employee population. They can also see budgets and totals for the whole organisation, rather than just one manager’s form
  • Human Resources. Like the Senior Leadership, they can quickly view the entire organisation at a glance. Regional HR representatives will need visibility into their employee population
  • Compensation Administrators. Comp Admins review with Executive Review because they get visibility into the compensation cycle without having to track and approve hundreds of forms. They can sort by flagged entries (or exceptions) to see breaches in company policies. Admins can export data from executive review, check that managers stay within guidelines, and quickly see what data is in the system.

What are the new filtering options available?

Executive Review gave the ability to filter, sort, view, and export data by any demographic field.

(Standard Executive Review filtering)


With the new enhancement on the Executive Review users are now able maximise their productivity with:

  • Filters based on standard or custom reportable columns
  • Filters on comp-ratio and range penetration
  • Filters on Compensation planners
  • Filters based on entry in comments fields
  • Filters based on promotions

With these enhancements we are now able to create filters on our businesses top performers, highest and lowest comp-ratio earners or a combination of any matrix within the worksheets.

The population filter has also had an overhaul with the inclusion of both the Second and Team Manager hierarchies alongside the individual employees and other standard population filters.


(Advance Executive Review filtering)


Ready to enable this feature?

Ensure the correct users have access to the Executive Review feature via the Role-Based Permissions feature in the Admin Center.

Enable the Advanced Executive Filters in Company Settings from the Action for All Plans tab.

(Feature enabled through the check box option)


Considerations and limitations

You can only use one filter at a time; however, each filter can be built to meet specific needs.

Once a filter is applied it will remain on the sheet until removed, once a user has left the sheet it will not be dropped! Remember to remove your filters once applied!

Custom filters are created for each specific template by the end users, they aren’t transferable.

Blog Summary

Enabling the Advance Executive Filters gives users complete flexibility to sort data by any field within the worksheets to meet the needs of the business, and potentially giving more time back to the users for other tasks!

Further Reading

Please use the comments section for any thoughts and feedback. For more blogs in the Total Reward space follow the tag on my profile! More blog’s can also be found within the community.

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      Author's profile photo Loanne Fabic
      Loanne Fabic

      Hi John,

      Really great post. It is a great help to us. But I have one question for this... The tick box 'Only show users with recommendation outside of guidelines/salary range' how this filter works? Im exploring the enhanced filter for executive and when I ticked the box nothing comes out. Thank you!




      Author's profile photo John King
      John King
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for the feedback! For your example I would suggest looking into the following to find the root cause;

      • Do the guidelines within your template have a forced hard limit? i.e there is no power to break the guidelines, if so then the system wouldn't allow worksheets to be saved outside of the guidelines?
      • How are your salary ranges configured, typically we may see an 80-120% spread and anyone outside of this would match this filter option.

      Once you have defined the above, extract the data with no filters and carry out some analysis within Excel to see if any employees are in breach of the rules. If there are none then the filter is working correct, if you find examples that should have populated further discovery will be required.

      Hope this helps!

      I would also consider putting this question to the community! Many brains make light work!

      Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec
      Xavier Le Garrec

      Updating as this was enhanced in 1H 2022 :

      Author's profile photo Aspassia Kampyli
      Aspassia Kampyli

      Hi John,

      Really great post. It is a great help to us. But I have one question for this...The compensation manager is changing through the position and this results the employee to be displayed in the correct compensation form but not in the executive review because the new comp manager sees the specific employee in executive review. How i can freeze the employees on executive review on comp manager view from the route.

      Thank u.


      Author's profile photo laura gyselbrecht
      laura gyselbrecht

      Hi John,

      You are mentioning that the filters are sticky. Does it mean it's sticky based on the logged on user?

      I have a customer who's planning to use the pervious filter options (before this enhancement) because they don't want to burden the excom team with creating filters. If the compensation admin could set up some fixed filters, that would help them. However, if they are sticky per user, this is not the solution.



      Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec
      Xavier Le Garrec

      Hi laura gyselbrecht 

      Yes it is sticky based on the logged on user.

      Also, Filter Sharing should be coming in 2H 2022.


      Author's profile photo laura gyselbrecht
      laura gyselbrecht

      Thanks for your feedback! Looking forward to this enhancement.

      Author's profile photo Xavier Le Garrec
      Xavier Le Garrec

      Hi John,

      adding a link to this blog which shows a workaround for something a lot of clients ask for :

      All the best


      Author's profile photo Ritanshi Bansal
      Ritanshi Bansal

      HI John/Xavier


      Under Define Population filter , we have HR Report and Adhoc Report. What is the purpose for that , Can you pl clarify





      Xavier Le Garrec