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You Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee, Right? How are You Making Your Partner Expertise Shine?

Drinking that perfect cup of coffee works wonders to start your day. Just like you can always avoid bad coffee with so many great choices out there, your partner company can put a shine on its brand by making your partner expertise stand out like a great cup of brew.

In my last blog, I recently wrote about the latest updates to the SAP Recognized Expertise designation, and explained that next year SAP will introduce a new partner competency framework.

Since that blog, to help partners transition to the new competency structure, we are taking an expresso approach called Project Fast Track that assists partners, who may qualify for a designation, to get one. I’ll talk about that effort in a short bit. For now, let’s talk coffee.

Black Coffee, No Sugar.

I’m a dark roast coffee lover. I drink it black, no sugar. I do love a good French dark roast or a pitch-black Sumatra or a heavenly Kona and so many others. While I love my dark roasts, I found that I had a huge sensitivity to the coffee’s acidity. Luckily, I now drink a certified organic Honduran dark roast without any acidity issues.

The coffee I drink is tasty, pesticide free and it’s grown and harvested in small batches by women in Honduras seeking economic independence to support their families. And, best yet it’s delivered in vacuum sealed bags.

I don’t know how you make your cup of café, but I don’t have any fancy coffee makers nor any elaborate percolation set-ups that would give baristas coffee-envy.

I use my simple AeroPress that I always take camping. I love the ritual of making coffee. I take out enough beans for a cup or two and put them in my coffee mill and grind them by hand.

Once done, I drop the grinds into my coffee tube, pour filtered hot water and give it a few gently swishes with the black T-bar shaped stirrer making sure that the “creama” that surfaces is blended. Then, I press down the plunger and the coffee empties into a Mason jar. When I hear the final “psssshhh” sound, I know all the grinds have been pressed and its coffee time.

Go Espresso Style with Project Fast Track

As you know, customers and prospects are highly selective just as you may be in the way you shop for your favorite cup of Java. And, in the highly competitive marketplace with customers seeking digital transformation solutions for their non-digital challenges, showing your expertise and specialization can help you gain a prospective customer’s interest, trust and confidence that you can get the job done.

SAP Recognized Expertise is a logo and text-based designation that is awarded to partners within the SAP PartnerEdge program. This designation helps customers and prospects understand a partner’s specialization and depth of experience and expertise in implementing in a chosen SAP industry, or cross industry solution. Partners can choose a designation to differentiate their unique specialization in more than 30 SAP solutions that include SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One, and 20 industries.


Example of an SAP Recognized Expertise designation for SAP S/4 HANA

To help partners obtain their SAP Recognized Expertise designation, the partner team has launched
Project Fast Track. This initiative identifies partners who may not be aware that they qualify for an SAP Recognized Expertise. Working with SAP’s Partner Business Managers or Partner Experience Managers, partners are helped through the process of gaining the right designation based on entering the correct data on cloud projects completed in the past 24-months, and the number of consultants, into the respective systems to get the right credit.

Keep Your Data Updated

If you haven’t updated your completed cloud projects and other related data, or don’t know how to update that data in the respective systems, reach out to your SAP contact. Remember that partner companies that qualify for the designation will be well-positioned to make the transition to the new partner competency framework in 2022.

Just know that ensuring that your partner data is always updated, works in your favor and that an SAP Recognized Expertise designation can help your company’s expertise shine. And, whichever way you enjoy your coffee, whether you dress it up, take it straight or go espresso, it’s like a drop of heaven in a cup.

How do you enjoy your perfect cup of coffee?

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