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SAP Concur Centralised Document Compliance Framework

SAP Concur customers across the globe is going paperless, whilst keeping adherence to local requirements and regulations. In this blog, I would like to touch upon SAP Concur receipt localisation support in for Spain,France and Japan.

SAP Concur is moving towards building a modern and highly scalable centralised architecture for document compliance compared to existing solution fragmented across various services/components inside  SAP Concur core solutions. The new solution would build a seamless consistent architecture for digital compliance in the long run for different countries with better performance and a more resilient system.

The overall compliance process can be summarised as below

  • Use SAP Concur Web UI or ExpenseIt App to scan the paper receipt
  • Validate digitised receipts before sending for compliance check.
  • Certify it with authorised third party provider (country specific)
  • Persist the Legally compliant certified receipt

It can be summarised as below: (Fig 1)


End to end flow

Receipt Ingestion Service – The receipt ingestion service will serve as the primary ingestion point for all receipts flowing into SAP Concur. Users like SAP Concur Web, Mobile, Email and Third party will send receipts through receipt-ingestion API.

Receipt Orchestrator  – Receipt Orchestrator is the core event driven framework, that will orchestrate the workflow of a receipt through various enrichments that happen on a receipt. Enrichments include but not limited to Validation, Tokenisation and Compliance checks.

The above figure 2 illustrates the end-to-end use case of the Centralised Document Compliance Framework

Document Compliance service – This service will be responsible for polling the message and process that message. It will do basic set of validation. In case validation fails, it will put back to dead letter queue and will notify receipt-orchestrator. Otherwise it will put in country specific queue.

Country specific SQS – Country specific AWS SQS will receives message and trigger lambdas. Message queues can significantly simplify coding of decoupled applications, while improving performance, reliability and scalability.

Country specific Lambda functions – AWS lambda functions are used to make the 3rd party call (Spain, France, Japan) to government authorised digital signing services. Benefit of using lambda in our architecture described as below

  • AWS Lambda automatically runs your code without requiring you to provision or manage servers. Just write the code and upload it into lambda.
  • AWS Lambda automatically scales your application by running code in response to each trigger.
  • We pay only for the compute time we consume.

The Centralised Document Compliance Framework helps SAP Concur customers to have streamlined receipt processing workflows with extensibility to future Document Compliance needs with minimum impact to the user experience that currently support document compliance features. On the other hand, it is also extensible for SAP Concur Invoice compliance customer use cases.

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