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Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van

EWM – Vendor Returns Process – Returns Delivery Vs Returns PO

SAP offers 2 different processes of Vendor Returns: returns with Returns Delivery Ref to Inbound Delivery and returns with Returns PO. So what is the difference? In this blogs I will compare this 2 processes with EWM steps.

My Testing is based on Embedded EWM – S/4HANA 1909.


Compare Vendor Return Process with Returns Delivery Ref to Inbound and Returns PO

  • Overall Process with EWM steps

  • Comparation





General Customizing

  • Set up confirmation Control Key

IMG: MM > Purchasing > Confirmations > Set Up Confirmation Control

Assign 0004 as Quantity Difference Profile

IMG: MM > Purchasing > Confirmations > Set Up Quantity Difference Profiles (GR Automotive)

IMG: MM > Purchasing > Confirmations > Define Internal Confirmation Categories

  • Shipping point determination

IMG: Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination > Assign Shipping Points

  • Define shipping data (For Returns PO)

IMG: Material Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up Stock Transport Order -> Define Shipping Data for Plants

Need to create a BP as Customer for Plants and assign BP here.

  • Check “Delivery Split” in delivery Type

IMG: Logistics Execution > Shipping > Deliveries > Define Delivery Types

  • Delivery Item Type Determination

IMG: Logistics Execution > Shipping > Deliveries > Define Item Category Determination in Deliveries

EWM Customizing

  • Mapping Delivery Type and Item Type S/4HANA & EWM

  • Determine WPT for Return Doc Type

  • Define Storage search sequence

Note: Assign GR Interims Storage Type 9010 to search sequence of Return Delivery

  • Determine Storage Type search sequence


Master data

When using Returns PO, Vendor master data and Material Master data need some additional data as below.

  • Vendor Master data:

For using Return Delivery, in Role Vendor, mark Vendor as Return Supplier.

For using Returns PO, maintain Customer roles for & Distribution Channel. Assign Delivery Plant as plant where you returns stock.

  • Material Master data:

For using Returns PO, maintain Sales View for material.



Vendor Returns – Using Returns Delivery Ref to Inbound Delivery

Step 1: Create Return Delivery Ref to Inbound


Before this step, a Inbound Delivery is created and GR is posted.

Stock is still in GR-ZONE, mean if you already putaway stock and confirmed putaway WT, you need manually transfer stock to GR Zone.

Step 2: Create Picking WT and Confirm WT


Note: Stock is taken from GR-ZONE to GI-ZONE

Step 3: Post GI 


Post GI after picking is completed.

Note: Stock Type is Q3 (or F1)

Material Document with Mvt 122 is created in S/4HANA


Vendor Returns – Using Returns PO

Step 1: Create Retuns PO

Tcode: ME21N

Select PO type – PO Return and mark Item as Return Item


Step 2: Create Outbound Delivery

Tcode: VL10B

Step 3: Create Picking WT and Confirm WT


Step 4: Post GI 


Post GI after picking is complete.

Note: Stock type is Q4 (or F2)

Material document is created with Mvt 161


Important note!!!

If you want to return stock rather than your original GR stock type, you must set up Stock Determination for other Stock type.

Example: GR with inbound delivery, stock type Q3. But you want to return stock with stock type Q4 or F2, it’s possible.

IMG: EWM >  Cross process Setting > Stock Determination
Create a Stock Determination Group and Assign Stock Determination.

You can create many stock Determination to picking more than 1 stock type for return.

Next step to assign Stock Determination Group to your Product Master.



— End —


In which case will you use Returns Delivery Ref to Inbound or Returns PO? Feel free to question/comment on my Topics.



Van Dang



Returns PO

Returns Delivery


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      Author's profile photo DARSHAN DESAI

      Hello  Dang,

      Really detailed Information, thanks for sharing it ,I will try from my side and check if any queries.

      Best Regards

      Darshan Desai

      Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van
      Dang Bao Van
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Desai.

      Author's profile photo Phi Duy Dang
      Phi Duy Dang

      Well done Vân. Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van
      Dang Bao Van
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Phi!

      Author's profile photo amarjeet kumar
      amarjeet kumar

      Hello Van,


      Can you tell me what settings we need to do extra to call the Remote logon so that i can call the VL60 Screen.




      Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van
      Dang Bao Van
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kumar,

      I don't do any extra setting to call VL60. If you follow steps that I described you should see VL60 screen.

      Or else, if you face any error, you can send me.



      Author's profile photo Pedro Abip
      Pedro Abip

      Thank you for sharing.

      I performed the configuration according to the script and it worked on the first attempt.



      Pedro Abip.

      Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van
      Dang Bao Van
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pedro,

      I am grad it's helpful for you.


      Author's profile photo Sandeep Gopinath
      Sandeep Gopinath

      Hi Dang,


      I have followed the steps while going for return to vendor facing error as Unknown error has occurred in target system (XXXXXX) hence Vl60 screen is not populating.

      What may be missing kindly advise.


      Second case

      I tried manually Vl60 created DN and ODO created with st type as F1 but stock in 9010 is Q3 did stock determination inbound value is F1 and permitted Q3.Unable to pick the source bin though strategy maintained as explained in blog.



      Author's profile photo Rafal Barczyk
      Rafal Barczyk

      Hi Sandeep,

      for the first case we have had the same issue when we were using tcode /SCWM/MON but within the tcode /SCWM/PRDI we have no longer this error.

      We have issus later within VL60, it seem to be not userfriendly as it shows a lot of HU's from different inb. deliveries where is not easy to find proper inb. delivery and also for unknown reason for some deliv. items some icons are not active what means for for most items we can't make return to the vendor.We are testing this.

      Author's profile photo Dang Bao Van
      Dang Bao Van
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sandeep,

      I don't use VL60 to create Return delivery but directly from /SCWM/PRDI. You can try this way.

      Author's profile photo Mustafa Karakus
      Mustafa Karakus

      Great sharing, thank you Van.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Thanks a lot for the article.


      One question please did you notice that when we call the return delivery creation function the user change to CPIC_User and remains connected.


      This is a security and authorization problem if you already face it can you please share how you solved the issue ?


      Thanks in advance!

      Author's profile photo Rahul Ghanekar
      Rahul Ghanekar



      One question please did you notice that when we call the return delivery creation function the user change to CPIC_User and remains connected and user can open new session create/release POs and some other transactions as well which should not be the case as this is a bug in standard SAP process, is there any solution for the same ?

      Author's profile photo HP HelpDesk
      HP HelpDesk

      Can you throw some light on the EWM intercompany returns scenario too?

      I'm stuck in the GRN against the return PO line via 161 movement type for updating the stock in transit.

      If I create a delivery in VL10D transaction, how @ return delivery to PGR the stock from in transit to actual supplying plant (intercompany vendor)?

      Author's profile photo Donny Noya
      Donny Noya

      Hi Dang Bao van,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Following your explanation above, i have been encountering issue that i can resolve it myself, i think this is related to GR automotive in VL60

      i am working in 1909 S4 HANA embedded EWM, when i try to return to vendor through /SCWM/PRDI, it redirects to VL60 screen and this error comes up:





      i try to assign profile for GR automotive in tcode OBOR1 & BOCR1, it can only direct you to tcode VL60 but it says function not supported here



      What could be the issue here?


      Author's profile photo Geoffrey Flawinne
      Geoffrey Flawinne

      Hello Donny,


      I have the same issue here...
      "This function is not supported".

      Once we trigger the return process from EWM, the transaction VL60 is opened as expected.

      But there is the same error as yours.

      If we trigger the process directly from VL60, there is the same message but the system let us press the button "return quantity".

      But once we post, nothing happens...


      Thanks for letting us know if you found a solution 😉



      Author's profile photo Donny Noya
      Donny Noya

      Hi Geoffrey,


      I have found the solution, it was because profiles for VL60 is not completely set up.

      in order to use VL60, complete the config in SPRO->Logistics Execution->Goods Receipt Automotive->profiles->profile modules (define all function, object, selection, column, filter, and configuration manually, after that assign it to profile in tcode OBOR1)

      define all function for profiles and assign it to user ID in tcode BORC1 (assign defined function for profiles in tcode OBOR1)


      Author's profile photo Maitray vaidya
      Maitray vaidya


      Can you please let me know if you can acheive forpartial quantity.

      For example i have many lineitem in an delivery, will i able to do it for only few line items ?

      Author's profile photo VinodKumar Puligorla
      VinodKumar Puligorla

      Superb Dang..Thanks for sharing!!

      Author's profile photo Yangyang Yin
      Yangyang Yin

      Hello Van:

      Our STO business scenario is to automatically generate an ID after the OD posting is completed, and the receiving factory will complete the receiving and shelving based on the ID. I followed the test scenario 1 of the article to make a return, and the OD of the return was posted, but no corresponding ID was generated. What is the reason for this.


      Looking forward to your reply.



      Author's profile photo Nadine Kittl
      Nadine Kittl

      is this process also possible in decentralized ewm? i tried to set the settings.. but also receive message with unknown error