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SAP® Warehouse Insights 2108 Overview

SAP Warehouse Insights 2108 has just been released. You can find the detailed overview of the latest version of SAP Warehouse Insights by accessing the following link to our “SAP Warehouse Insights Overview – 2108 Release Edition” presentation.

In the following article, we will focus on the new innovations of this release by highlighting the new features and enhancements.

IoT Integration and Resource Indoor Positioning

This release is one of our most comprehensive and innovative releases since the initial release of SAP Warehouse Insights. We would like to begin with one existing topic, IoT Integration. You can now integrate SAP Warehouse Insights with an IoT service to receive real-time information about resources in you warehouse.

There are currently two IoT integration scenarios:

  1. Integration with SAP IoT
  2. Integration with IoT Platform from Alibaba Cloud

To make full use of the IoT integration, you will have to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Have set up an instance of an IoT service.
  2. Have made the recommended settings for the integration with SAP IoT or IoT Platform from Alibaba Cloud.
  3. Have set up destinations in SAP Business Technology Platform to connect to an IoT service.

Based on the IoT integration, the following new features are available now in the “Resource Indoor Positioning” App:

  1. Visualize the real-time location of resources.
  2. Monitor the status of resources.
  3. Show geofences on the visual layout and receive geofence alerts.

With warehouse visualization of resource indoor positioning, you can greatly increase your insights, such as:

  • Visualize resource movements on the warehouse floor in real time
  • Report warnings such as overspeed, and stationary resources
  • Define geofenced zones and monitor the entering/leaving activities
  • Get historical warning report for past 24 hours
  • Integrate with SAP EWM systems (EWM in S/4HANA 2021 and above) to read resource execution information


Fiori APP: Resource Indoor Positioning

For more information, go to the “How-To Guides” section on

New Home Screen and Apps

SAP Warehouse Insights now features an enhanced Home screen navigation with two new apps:

  • Configure Your Solution
  • Resource Indoor Positioning

The “Configure Your Solution” app is the new single point of entry for business configuration experts to SAP Warehouse Insights. Existing apps for configuration, such as “Manage Warehouses” and “Upload Warehouse Data”, were moved to the new app “Configure Your Solution”. These apps were restructured as configuration steps. “Configure Your Solution” now offers 9 configuration steps to help business configuration experts set up warehouses and related processes.


Fiori APP: Configure Your Solution

The “Resource Indoor Positioning” app enables you to monitor the real-time location of resources in the warehouse, which we have introduced before.

Queue Priority – Define Optimization Settings

In this release, we also have done some enhancements to one of our key features of SAP Warehouse Insights – “Optimization”.

You can now set a queue priority in the “Resource Assignment” step of the optimization settings. The steps are the same for off-line and live optimization.


Configuration Step – Define Optimization Settings

Your queue priority will be visible in the “Resource Assignments” section and will impact the optimization according to your settings.


“Resource Assignments” section

Queue priority impacts optimization in the following way:

  • The queue priority is set per resource assignment.
  • It is implemented as a hard constraint.
  • During planning, the warehouse orders from queues with a higher priority will be planned before the ones with a lower priority.
  • Even if there is a warehouse order with an impending latest start date or shorter empty travel distance, it will be planned after the orders with higher priority.

If you want to go into more details on the innovations mentioned above, or go through the features and updates that were only briefly mentioned, we recommend to read our our “SAP Warehouse Insights Overview – 2108 Release Edition” presentation.

With this release we continue the strong growth of SAP Warehouse Insights, and we have more exciting developments on the way. To stay tuned for those, or if you would like to know more about what SAP Warehouse Insights has to offer, please visit our help portal and Video Library.

SAP Help Portal – SAP Warehouse Insights

SAP Warehouse Insights Video Library

Video Library


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      Author's profile photo Hendrik Schulte-Bahrenberg
      Hendrik Schulte-Bahrenberg

      Thanks for the update Gheorghe! Exciting stuff especially considering where this could end up in 5-10 years from now.

      Do you know whether things like real-time tracking of location/speed/idle-time of manually operated resources would actually be allowed in countries like Germany? Just curious as I know there are also legel constraints with some of the Labor Management features.



      Author's profile photo Santhosh Kumar Rajendran
      Santhosh Kumar Rajendran

      Hello Gheorghe Ceres,

      Thanks for the overview. It is really helpful. I would like to know whether do we have trial version of Warehouse Insights to access. Thanks in advance!


      Santhosh Kumar R

      Author's profile photo Gheorghe Ceres
      Gheorghe Ceres
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Santhosh Kumar Rajendran,

      Unfortunately, SAP is not offering anymore a trial version for Warehouse Insights since October 2021.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Douglas Shane Trammel
      Douglas Shane Trammel

      Is SAP WI still an active product. I don't find much about it via Google or in PartnerEdge.


      Author's profile photo Juergen Pitz
      Juergen Pitz


      but you can find information on The right page is

      Unfortunately this does not really show a release, like for other products. But the "Whatss New" page shows features which are available since May this year.