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SAP Mobile Start app for retail store managers


SAP Mobile Start app offers retail store managers a new native user experience.  

Retail companies are balancing disruption and continuity. Today, intelligent retail companies are challenged between disrupting the industry and serving the consumer in new ways, while at the same time running a profitable business and satisfying emerging consumer demands.  

Successful retail store strategies include being customer centric by using strategic use of integrated information and automated processes, saving the segment of one by providing a contextual and friendly customer experience, having an accurate inventory, redefining stores by equipping store managers and associates with real-time product and inventory information to help them to server shoppers better. Happy and productive store managers and associates are a key for achieving these objectives.  

The role of a retail store manager is to run a store successfully – to work on the shop floor and be in constant contact with customers and store associates. The manager is responsible for ensuring that the store associate gives great customer service as well as for monitoring the financial performance of the store. 

Maximizing productivity is not easy for retail store managers, because they must achieve high sales targets with store employees that might be inexperienced, part-time, or seasonal.  To manage all of this, the right tools are required.  

Today, the fastest-growing and most sustainable retailers are those driven by data. A trending objective for modern retail companies is to help store managers become smarter and more productive by providing them with access to real-time information and the ability to turn information into action quickly wherever they are.  

Introducing SAP Mobile Start app

The recently launched SAP Mobile Start app is the new native entry point to SAP Intelligent Enterprise on mobile. The app is integrated with SAP S/4HANA and other solutions that are part of SAP’s strategy for SAP Intelligent Enterprise and leverages SAP Business Technology Platform. It provides the user with enhanced mobile access to Intelligent Enterprise, its applications (native or Web), Web content, data, and news feeds to quickly address business issues. 

Users can benefit from persona-tailored content, which can be easier to consume and optimized for mobile situations. SAP Mobile Start can be set up and configured to user needs by IT administrators. It allows users to stay up to date on mobile devices and act immediately in critical business situations. The app offers integration with business applications, enabling higher productivity, and is a key asset to help ensure business continuity directly from mobile devices. 

Key capabilities of SAP Mobile Start includes: 

  • Single entry point to SAP Intelligent Enterprise through a native mobile app 
  • Flexible integration with native mobile device capabilities such as widgets, notifications, spotlight search, and more 
  • Support for persona-based content by leveraging the SAP Launchpad service  

Improving the Mobile Experience for Retail Store Managers 

Daily key objectives for managers include achieving and maintaining store performance and stock KPIs while being present and working on the sales floor and in the back office, as well as making sure customers and employees are satisfied. As such, managers monitor real-time stock levels and accuracy as well as store performance, and they view notifications and delegate tasks to employees. It is important to receive alerts and notifications in cases that require attention. Solutions to easily check inventory and capture data inside the store help managers work effectively.   

Having a mobile solution is essential. SAP Mobile Start app provides retail store managers with a central entry point for existing apps and information needed to manage day-to-day store operations and transactions, helping managers to improve productivity, customer service, merchandising, and sales. 

Screenshots of SAP Mobile Start app for Store managers:

Integration of SAP Task Center 

With Task Center integration in SAP Mobile Start the user will have access to all workflow tasks in one screen. Tasks can be processed with just one click and now the user no longer need to install numerous Inboxes from various applications. This will reduce the time spent by approvers and improve the approval time for critical items. By providing a dedicated screen to access the tasks and notifications, the user has one place to easily process all their “to-do”s.

My colleague Ivan Chaushev describes all details regarding SAP Task Center in his blog post.

Learn More 

We have included a configuration file below with some of the most relevant applications for a Retail Store Manager mobile persona that can be used as a reference to tailor content based on the end-user needs:

For more information about the SAP Mobile Start app, check out the SAP MobileExperiencecommunity page. Or, please see the ebook.

Downloading the App 

You can download SAP Mobile Start free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and test out the features using the integrated offline demo.

We look forward to your comments. Stay up to date with latest news and post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Experience community page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Want to be notified? Check your profile settings to ensure you have your notifications activated.”


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      Joel John

      Hi Alireza Ghasemi ,

      Can SAP Mobile Start access the native laser scanners on barcode scanners? such as devices from Zebra?

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