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5 Key strategies to transform web visitors into loyal customers

Customer experience is at the heart of a successful business. According to research, 86% of buyers are likely to pay more to your brand great customer or buying experience, the importance of improving customer experience has increased more than ever, especially for an eCommerce brand because, for a person shopping online, the next option is only one simple search away.

Positive customer experience helps you turn your web visitors into not only customers but loyal brand ambassadors, who drive brand awareness on your behalf and contribute to your growth through word-of-mouth marketing.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a platform that helps you curate an eCommerce customer experience that produces loyal customers.

In this article, you will find out about SAP Commerce Cloud and how it helps businesses convert passive leads into brand ambassadors.

What is SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud, previously known as SAP Hybris, is an eCommerce solution for B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses.

Commerce Cloud, hosted entirely as a cloud platform, is packed with numerous features that enable you to create a seamless shopping experience and deliver exactly what your customers expect from you. Not only that, but this tool also empowers brick-and-mortar store owners to scale online and participate in the digital economy.

Let’s discuss a case study of SAP Commerce Cloud for Flexi a retail shoe brand that revamp its sales and uplift its business after the pandemic struck.

Flexi turned to SAP Commerce Cloud after it had to close most of its stores during the pandemic. The intuitive platform allowed the shoe retailer to strengthen its online presence, leading to 2x higher conversions and 15x greater monthly sales.

Let’s go ahead and see how Commerce Cloud can help you acquire more loyal customers by optimizing your customer experience.

How SAP Commerce Cloud elevates website visitor to brand ambassador journey?

Customer experience is formed by various interactions that occur between your brand and the consumer throughout their journey. And a drop in the quality of even one of these interactions can ruin the entire experience and drive the customer away.

Not only that, but a customer shares a negative shopping experience with 16 other people. That means, with one bad experience, you do not only lose one good lead but may also miss out on the opportunity of attracting 16 new people.

SAP Commerce Cloud helps you shape your customer experience by optimizing interactions throughout the customer journey, from product selection to fulfilment.

Here are 5 top features of Commerce Cloud that make it the go-to tool for converting web visitors into loyal customers.

1. Omnichannel Storefront

73% of consumers interact with a brand across various touch points throughout their buying journey (omnichannel interactions). And it has become critical for the brand to offer a seamless and consistent experience across all marketing channels.

SAP Commerce Cloud creates an intuitive omnichannel storefront that offers a consistent and personalized shopping experience across various channels, including mobile, tablet, and laptop.

Being a B2B and B2C platform, it offers personalized discounts and recommendations for your B2C customers. While, for the B2B customers, it has intelligent pricing options, with modules for quote generation.

Consistency across all the sales channels and personalized touchpoints with Commerce Cloud can contribute immensely to converting a lead into a loyal customer.

2. Product content management

When it comes to eCommerce, your product information is the equivalent of an in-store salesperson. Therefore, its performance can have a direct impact on your sales.

SAP Commerce Cloud offers a centralized product content management system that enables you to create a digital experience that enhances customer experience, reflecting increased sales and customer loyalty.

With this platform, you can easily generate product catalogs, add, edit, and publish product listings in bulk, and include images and videos in the product descriptions. Since only 16% of people read a product description word to word, including videos improves engagement and is said to increase the likelihood of purchase by 64-85%.

Additionally, Commerce Cloud allows you to create product descriptions in multiple languages, so you can cater to a broader audience and communicate with them in the language they prefer. And nothing enhances customer experience more than talking to them in their own language.

79% of consumers believe user-generated content (UGC) influences their buying decisions. Why? Because people trust their peers more than you. SAP Commerce Cloud allows you to win customers’ trust and create windows for increased engagement by offering modules for UGC.

With all your product information stored in a single, centralized repository, the SAP Commerce Cloud product content management module enables you to serve your customers with the efficiency and personalization they expect from you and win them as brand ambassadors.

3. Customer experience management

With the rise of personalization, people now expect you to adapt to their needs. In fact, 66% of customers expect you to do it. And if you fall short on personalizing the consumer experience, your customers are likely to take their business elsewhere.

Commerce Cloud offers context-driven services that enable you to create deeply personalized customer experiences.

It provides granular insights into customer behavior, actions, interests, and preferences and allows you to segment your users based on this data so you can serve personalized storefronts, recommendations, offers, and remarketing content.

Customer experience directly links with customer loyalty, and we cannot stress it enough. Therefore, if you want your webstore visitors to convert into brand ambassadors, you must start focusing on delivering a personalized customer experience today.

4. Real-time customer support

95% of customers say that their trust in a company makes them more loyal to a brand. And while many factors contribute to trust-building, there’s nothing more influential than prompt and personalized customer support.

Customers now value personalization more than speed when it comes to customer support and are likely to leave if they feel you don’t care about them enough.

For example, a customer reaches out to you inquiring about an upcoming discount. You can take a personalized approach and offer them a discount on what they usually buy from you and gift something they have been eyeing for some time. In this way, with personalized customer support, you can win a brand ambassador and many future referrals in under five minutes.

Commerce Cloud features an Assisted Service Module that enables you to deliver personalized customer support. It presents a complete overview of the customer profile, so you know exactly who you are engaging with, their demographics, interests, and complaints and adapt your support approach accordingly.

5. Convenient order management

Order management encompasses all processes pertaining to received orders and fulfilment. With its order management module, SAP Commerce Cloud automates the entire fulfilment process and enables you to accept orders from multiple channels, streamline them, and fulfill them properly.

Like all other touchpoints, customers expect convenience in order placement and product delivery too. Which is often the last point of interaction, so you don’t want to mess it up. With the Commerce Cloud order management module, you can gain customer satisfaction at this touchpoint as well.

For example, your customers can choose to buy the product online and pick it up from the store or replace a product they purchased online from their nearest store.

This is the kind of convenience that modern consumers do not only prefer but demand from their brands. And with Commerce Cloud, you can meet their demands by offering numerous order fulfilment options.

Commerce Cloud also helps you increase your conversion rates. 39% of shoppers are likely to abandon their carts if the delivery takes longer than a week. Commerce cloud minimizes card abandonment and increases customer satisfaction and conversions by streamlining your fulfilment process and enabling you to deliver quickly.


Good customer experience translates into the conversion of a website visitor into a loyal customer or brand advocate. These loyal customers then drive brand awareness on your behalf and trigger business growth.

SAP Commerce Cloud is one platform known to help you improve customer experience across all touchpoints along the journey that frame the said experience.

However, while it is crucial to finetune the pre-purchase customer experience, you cannot forget about the post-purchase experience because that influences the customers’ opinion too.

Make sure to focus on product and after-sales support quality as well to win brand ambassadors and not just one-time customers.

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