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SAP Data Intelligence Featured Contributors Challenge 2021 – Ready, set, engage!

SAP Data Intelligence has been in the market for almost 4 years and the number of experts in the product has grown exponentially.

To further boost the active participation in the SAP Data Intelligence Q&A area, we are launching this challenge which will run from September 1st until December 31st 2021.

We want to encourage everyone of you to actively answer questions posted in your Q&A area, for the benefit of all community members seeking help by the community.


How will it work?

Very simple! We will award wonderful prizes if you become a Featured Contributor on the SAP Data Intelligence community topic page in the months of September, October, November and December 2021!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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Any prize is extended to you under the condition that your acceptance does not violate any applicable laws or policies within your organization. If you are unsure whether your acceptance may violate any such laws or policies, we strongly encourage you to seek advice from your ethics or compliance official.

There will be a maximum of 10 prizes per month, which adds up to a maximum of 40 prizes during the 4 months of the Challenge. Each participant will be awarded only one prize during the Challenge. Prizes will be a gift selection not to exceed 50 euro in value, or a prize of similar value. Prizes must be accepted as awarded, with no substitutions of any kind, except by SAP, which reserves the right to substitute the prize (or portion thereof) with one of comparable or greater value, at its sole discretion.

It is mandatory to have a public profile with a profile picture included to be eligible for winning the challenge. If you win, we will announce your name in a future blog post. Therefore, please ensure that you activate your email notification settings for “Content I was mentioned in” in your profile accordingly under

After you are listed as a winner, you need to reach out to within 15 days and confirm that you accept the prize. Additionally, respond with a comment “email sent to SAP Data Intelligence mailbox” below the winner’s announcement blog post. If you fail to do so, SAP can elect not to award that prize.


How can YOU become a Featured Contributor?

You can get started by following the tag SAP Data Intelligence and visiting your SAP Data Intelligence community topic page where you can find blog posts, helpful resources, important links and what other community members post. This is also where top 5 contributors will be featured every other week.

You have a lot of opportunities to contribute to the SAP Data Intelligence community. Whether it is commenting or answering on questions to help clarify or solve open questions by others, blogging about your expertise or sharing your feedback by commenting other people’s blog posts. Even showing some “love” to your community by upvoting good questions and answers or liking good blog posts is a great and easy way to bring yourself in. As you can see, there are many ways to take part of your community. Please note, that by doing all this, it does not guarantee that you will be amongst featured contributors automatically. You are competing against other contributors. The rolling top 5 contributors are featured on the SAP Data Intelligence community topic page.

We want to leave a thank you note for our recent Featured Contributors, who are currently highlighted on the SAP Data Intelligence community topic page. We hope to continue to see your names during our contest!  We recommend following their profiles to stay up-to-date with their engagement.

Andreas Forster
Frank Schuler
Lohit Kumar
Michael Eaton
Yuliya Reich

Thank you for your effort and your valued contributions! We highly appreciate it.


Another way to boost your contribution is to complete following missions – The Swift Solver I, II and III!

You are awarded below showcased badges if you’re the quickest and first to answer a question (within a time frame of 5 hours). It is important to set your notifications correctly here, as you will be informed immediately when a new question has been asked in the community. Take a look here and learn how to set up your notifications.

More details on the prerequisites in order to earn badge, can be found in this blog post.

Anyone can earn the Swift Solver because we have three levels and all of them are reachable.

(Swift Solver I, II and III Badges)


Let the fun begin and enjoy!


Best Regards,

Eduardo and the SAP Data Intelligence PM team

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      Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
      Lena Stodal

      Really cool initiative! Go Go Go future Featured Contributors! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Yuliya Reich
      Yuliya Reich

      I'm proud to be a part of our community 🙂

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for all your help, Yuliya. Much appreciated.

      Author's profile photo Indu Khurana
      Indu Khurana

      I am not proud to confess that I have mostly approached community to find an answer but I think now, I will come forward to give an answer wherever I can.

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for sharing and for all your help, Indu.

      Author's profile photo Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Eduardo Schmidt Haussen
      Blog Post Author

      Andy Yin Happy to see your name was included in the latest update of the Featured Contributors list of last Wednesday - this still refers to August, but this is the way to go! Thanks for your help! The next update of the Featured Contributors list will be with September data, thus valid for our Featured Contributors Challenge 2021.

      Author's profile photo Frank Schuler
      Frank Schuler

      Good initiative and glad having been able to contribute.

      Also email sent to SAP Data Intelligence mailbox

      Author's profile photo Indu Khurana
      Indu Khurana

      SAP Community is the lifeline for all the SAP exponents. 🙂 I am glad to be part of this community.

      Besides, Email sent to SAP Data Intelligence mailbox”