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SAP BTP ABAP Environment – Release 2108

Another full quarter of the year 2021 has passed and this means it is already time for a new SAP BTP ABAP Environment release upgrade. As always, to make things a bit easier to digest, please enjoy this little summary of newest capabilities as part of this release.

Please also refer to our official release notes page for full details.

Key User Extensibility for Multitenancy

The ABAP environment multitenancy now supports Key User Extensibility, which marks a major milestone in the way how SaaS providers can flexibly serve extensibility needs of different consumers. This includes configuration of predefined custom fields as well as registration and implementation of own BAdIs via respective apps in the SAP Fiori Launchpad of the ABAP environment system. More details can be found here.

ABAP SQL Service

For use cases where data must be consumed by external clients, the new SQL service binding type can now be used to expose CDS view entities as read-only to ODBC-based SQL clients. In addition, the ODBC driver can be leveraged to consume these exposed entities from the ABAP client side. Please refer to the blog post for more information.

Enhancements of XCO Library

The XCO Library now supports a variety of new features. This includes programmatic reading of function modules via the XCO Read APIs, changing methods, parameters and exceptions as part of PATCH operations for interfaces as well as global temporary table support by the XCO Generation and Read APIs. Additionally, transformations were integrated into the XCO ABAP Repository Query APIs and the XCO I18N module now supports translations for application log and business configuration objects.

ABAP Development Tools

  • Support of Pretty Printer formatting for functional method calls (details)
  • Support for displaying descriptions for available ATC check variants in the content assist
  • Support for displaying documentation of BAdI definitions in the Enhancement Spot Editor (details)
  • Support of a version list for form-based objects in the History view
  • Support of sharing links for ABAP Traces (details)

ABAP Language

  • Support for new methods to trigger currency conversions via an API call in class “CL_EXCHANGE_RATES
  • Support for new class CL_ABAP_RANGE that provides constants for ranges sign and options as well as methods to transform generic tables to and from different formats

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

  • Support for actions that are executed during save-sequence only via syntax “[static] save action actionName [ parameter parType ] [ result card resType ];
  • Support for semantic versioning of OData V2 services with minor and patch versions (details)
  • Support for automatic adding of unit and currency types to service metadata of OData V2 services (details)
  • Support for fail causes (disabled, readonly and dependency) in response parameter failed of RAP handler methods (details)
  • Support for reuse data elements as part of administrative fields in applications (details)
  • Support of idempotent behavior for OData V4 services to guarantee that synchronous messages are delivered exactly once
  • Support for Cleanup after ROLLBACK/COMMIT ENTITIES statement for instance access (details)
  • Support for additional implementation in draft actions to extend the RAP draft lifecycle (details)
  • Support for syntax “authorization: update” in behavior definitions to delegate authorization checks to the update operation (details)
  • Support for call of the implementation for authorization and feature control in RAP handler methods during modify operations with unmanaged business objects (details)


  • Support for monitoring of ABAP environment via SAP Cloud ALM service including Real User & Performance Monitoring, Health Monitoring and Integration & Exception Monitoring (details)
  • Support for capturing ABAP statistics records with the new Capture Request Statistics app (details)
  • Support for analysis of ABAP statistics records in the Technical Monitoring Cockpit (details)
  • Support for listing sessions that hold locks associated to the user via the SAP Fiori Launchpad (details)

Business Configuration

  • Support for registration of business configuration RAP BOs with enabled multi-inline-edit capabilities via new parameter “iv_skip_root_entity_list_rep” (details)
  • Support for upload of configuration tables that include currency conversions via the Upload Business Configurations app (details)
  • Support for additional UI configuration of list report and object pages via parameter “app_configuration” (details)
  • Support for language-dependent names and descriptions in the Maintain Business Configurations list report (details)

Continuous Integration & Delivery

  • Availability of a REST service to execute ABAP Unit tests
  • Availability of an ATC Exemptions view in ADT together with an option to recheck objects as well as to navigate faster to exemptions in the ATC Problems view (available on request)

Custom Code Migration

  • Support for analysis of the coupling of custom code with the SAP standard application via the Custom Code Migration app

Integration & Security

  • Support for new BAdI BADI_IAM_BUSINESS_USER which enables registration for changes to business users


  • Support for specification of system names/IDs as part of SaaS solution configuration (details)
  • Support for configuration of maximum number of tenants in a multitenant system (details)

Finally, a new tutorial on how to install Eclipse has been released and the Factory Calendar tutorial has been updated to reflect new features (e.g. multi-inline-editing) of the ABAP environment 2108 release.

Stay tuned for future updates as part of our next release (2111) on November 13th – 14th. Further information about the release schedule can be found here.

Take care!

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      Author's profile photo Santhosh Kumar Cheekoti
      Santhosh Kumar Cheekoti


      For ABAP SQL service, Do we have libraries that can used by different clients like Node.JS, JAVA etc..?

      Author's profile photo Florian Wahl
      Florian Wahl
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Santhosh,

      currently there is no JDBC driver available for this use case. We will discuss this option, but there are no concrete plans to offer it yet. You can find more info about the procedure for ABAP clients in this SAP note.



      Author's profile photo Fouad Sebbane
      Fouad Sebbane

      Hi Florian,

      The summary is very helpful, many thanks!

      Is the following constraint of the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model fixed with the 2108 release?
      - You cannot use ABAP Dictionary structures as action parameters for import or export.